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The International 5, is just around the corner. Nearly one year has passed since The International 4. The teams seem to have settled and are ready this years Dota 2 highlight: The International 2015 (or short TI5). The qualifiers are already over and only the wild card team are left to compete for the final spots that lead to TI5. ESL one is over and the teams have had their last LAN tournament before the start of the  international and at this moment it seems like ,,Team Secret” are stronger than ever which probably makes them the favourites  on all e-sports betting sites. From what we saw at this last tournament the teams have showed that they are ready for the biggest Dota 2 tournament in 2015 and that they still have some tricks up their sleeves which will probably help them to take the first place and the lion share of $18 million+  in prize money. For more information and updates on the TI5 check below:

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The International 2015 Overview & FACTS

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  • Dates and Schedule:
  • Wildcard tournament: 07/26/2015
  • Group Stage: 07/26/2015 – 07/30/2015
  • Main Event08/03/2015 – 08/08/2015
  • >>> View full TI5 schedule
  • All-Star Match: 08/06/2015
  • Location: Keyarena/Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington | USA
  • Format: 
  • Group Stage (2 Groups) with 8 teams
  • Playoffs (Upper and Lower Bracket)
  • Patch: 6.84c
  • Prize Money: $ 18,352,033
  • Bets and Odds for all Games
  • Hashtag: #TI5

Upcoming Matches | Results and Predictions

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Group Stage Results
>> The International 2015  Group Stage Overview
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Betting Odds for Upcoming Matches

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TI 5 – Teams

Invited Teams (10) | Qualified (4) | Wildcard (2)

16 teams fight in this years International tounament for the victory. 10 of them were invited directly. 4 fought their way through the regional qualifiers in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and China. The 4 runner ups of the regional qualifiers will fight for the last two remaining slots in a Wild Card series directly before the start of the TI5. This is the first Dota 2 The International tournament in which the previous winners were not directly invited (Na'Vi, Alliance).

team secret - TI5 team logo newbee - TI5 team logo VG - TI5 team logo Empire - TI5 team logo navi - TI5 team logo Empire - TI5 team logo EG - TI5 team logo Invictus Gaming - TI5 team logo
Virtus.Pro - TI5 team logo Fnatic - TI5 team logo LGD gaming - TI5 team logo ehom - TI5 team logo complexity - TI5 team logo MVP.Hot6ix - TI5 team logo TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team

Team Secret | Newbee | Vici Gaming | Cloud 9 | Natus Vincere | Team Empire | Evil Geniuses | Invictus Gaming | | Fnatic | LGD Gaming | EHOME | compLexity Gaming | MVP.Hot6ix | CDEC Gaming | MVP Poenix

TI5 WildCard Winner: TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team CDEC Gaming | 2nd: TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix

TI5 prize pool 2015

Prize Pool of The International 2015:

The basic prize pool of the tournament, donated by Valve, was $1,600,000 US Dollar.

In addition 25% of all TI5 Compendium sales are added to the total prize pool which already reached over 14 million US Dollar in total. Currently the total prize pool is $18,252,033 (by 07/08/2015) and continues to rise. (99 days in total since the 2015 compendium was released)

By the 55th day in 2014 the international 4 prize pool was standing at $10,124,692. This shows how much the viewers are wild for TI5. After beating the mark of last year the TI5 is the tournament with the highest prize money in the history of eSports.

The overall split of the prizepool to participants is not known yet.

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TI5 betting & odds

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TI5 Qualifier Summary

This year, this international is unique because for the first time everyone has a chance to compete at the international. Regions are divided: America, Europe, SEA, China and are organized by FaceIt.

–> Detailed informations about the TI5 qualified teams

European qualifiers

Alliance ended up being eliminated in the European qualifiers. Na'Vi, on the other hand, fought their way through to the main event in a magnificent 4 series matchup against ,,Vega Squadron” which ended in Na'Vi's favor 3:1. Na'vi have proved that they are still in the play to compete for the grand prize of the international and have showed that they are thirsty to win another championship, despite all the roster changes Na'Vi is back on the right path.

->More details about the European qualifiers ->

American qualifiers

The american qualifier was full of surprises. Most of the analysts predicted that Mouz will be the first of this qualifier without any real treat but NAR and COL have proved that they are still in the picture and have practically stole the show. Led by simbaaa the old captain of Fnatic, COL made their way into the finals through the upper bracket and won easy against NAR in the finals with final score 3:0. Korok and Ush (players of NAR) were not able to stop the snowballing of COL so they definitely deserved that second place and the chance to play for the wild card since Complexity were outstanding in this series.

->More details about the American qualifiers ->

SEA qualifiers

Well known teams from the SEA in a matchup for who will be the second team to represent their region to the international. Rave as it was expected to win this qualifier pretty easy have had a lot of ups and downs which resulted in only finishing 4th in this qualifiers. On the other hand the two MVP (phoenix and hot6) have showed an impressive plays through the whole qualifier. In the end there can be only one winner and MVP hot6 have outplayed phoenix in the finals with final score of 3:1. Forev has been the clutch player of hot6 for bringing the first spot to his team.

->More details about the SEA qualifiers ->

China qualifiers 

One of the strongest scenes has brought this qualifier again magnificent game through the qualifiers. EHOME led by the old boys Lanm and Rotk have made a run through the whole qualifier practically crushing every team in their way to the 1 spot. On the other hand CDEC had a pretty good run led by agresiff they fought back to EHOME in the finals but not so strong they lost the finals 3:1 being outplayed buy the superb picks of ROTK and LANM it was again showed that the experience is much needed if you want to compete for the biggest tournament and competing for a prize of 15 million dollars. Energy pacemakers have been left out of the picture but this young team showed that they could become one of the strongest teams in their region by pulling out some great plays in all of their matchups throughout the tournament.

->More details about the China qualifiers ->

TI5 TheInternational 2015

The International All-Star match

It's practically a match designed by the community (players that own compendium) featuring two teams. Every owner can choose his or her favorite players to play on this match that is meant to entertain the public. So don't hesitate buy your compendium and watch your favorite players in same team.

Ticket information

Dota 2 returns to KeyArena in Seattle this summer from August 3rd through August 8th.

All tickets will be general admission, which will cost $99 and give you access to all six days of the main event, where the top 16 teams in the world will compete for the Aegis of Champions.


TI5 A forecast

The top 5 picks are (not really in this order):TI5-The International Dota2 2015 Overviepage

Evil Geniuses: With the return of old man Fear to the Dota 2 scene after an injury. It seems that the Evil Geniuses team is finally running on all cylinders. With team captain ppd, regarded as one of the best drafters in the Dota 2 scene today, the Evil Geniuses has gone deep in the tournaments they have gone through and have won a few of them. Including the Asus ROG DreamLeague Season 2 and the World E-Sport Championships 2014. Make no mistake about it, The Evil Geniuses are aiming for the top this coming International 2015

Cloud 9: Cloud 9 is generally considered as one of the most versatile Chinese teams out there. They can draft for a extremely end game centric team or they can pick heroes that can just push you, take towers and before you know it you are defending your tier 4 tower against a mega creep onslaught. It seems like the best decision the Cloud 9 management has made was signing former Speed gaming players pieliedie, EternalEnvy, aui_2000, bone7, and singsing into contracts. Although they have always come as bridesmaids in most of the major contests, there is nothing stopping Cloud 9 into steam rolling other teams come the International 2015.

Vici Gaming: Vici Gaming is out for redemption this coming the International 2015. After having been steamrolled by the champions NewBee in the finals. They are probably itching to get back into the International and giving it another shot. Having changed coaches a few days after the International and picking up new players Black^ and iceiceice soon thereafter. Vici Gaming has been a little unstable this year. They have shown up in tournaments completely unfocused and finished at the bottom half, then there are tournaments that they dominate the other teams completely and rampage towards first place. The only question now would be which Vici Gaming team would show up at the International 2015.

NewBee: You can't talk about potential the International 2015 champions without including the current champs in the picture. Even with the retirement of xiao8 from the competitive Dota 2 scene, NewBee still is a formidable team to compete with. With Rabbit taking over the position of xiao8, NewBee has started slow. But NewBee fans know not to worry about this funk that they have been in, they know that when it counts, NewBee knows how to pull it out of the fire.

Team Secret: If the Eastern teams have the all-star teams of NewBee and DK, the Western team finally has an answer. Enter Team Secret, probably composed of the best talent the West has to offer. They are made-up of players from the Alliance, Na'Vi and Fnatic. The original members were: Puppey, Kuroky, s4, Fly and BigDaddy. The team has taken the Dota 2 scene by storm, in the short time that they have been together they have compiled a respectable record and have won a couple of tournaments that they have been in, and they have got the International 2015 in their sights.

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