The International 2018 | Dota 2 – TI8 – Tournament Overview

The International 2018 – TI8 – is now the eighth edition of the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. It is also the final of the long esports season and here the best Dota 2 team of the season will be found. It is the first year in which the Pro Circuit Points (hereinafter referred to as PCP) come into play. These were created after the Dota 2 TI7 in order to give the tournaments throughout the year more impact. In recent years Valve has been responsible for inviting the right teams directly to The International. This year the PCP will decide which teams will receive invitations. It will also be exciting to see how high the prize money will climb this year, after the tournaments have surpassed themselves year after year and belong to the biggest and best paid esports tournaments of all time. Most likely, The International (TI8) 2018 will take place at the same time as TI7, in August. Not too much is known at the moment, but we will update this page with the latest informations.

Dota 2 Icon The International 2018 (TI8) – Facts

  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Patch: TBA
  • Livestream: will be available in different languages
  • Prizepool: $1,600,000 by Valve & sales of the Battle Pass

Dota 2 Icon Prize Pool – TI8

After breaking the record for Esport prize money at each tournament in recent years, it’s really hard to say how high the prize pool will rise this year. Most likely there will be a Battle Pass for the TI8, of which 25% of the proceeds will go directly into the prize pool. Nevertheless, just last year the astronomical sum of $24,787,916 was reached. The winner 2017 Team Liquid won a total of $10,862,683 for first place. The system that the community can help with the prize pool has been in place since 2013, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the system began to take effect and the prize pool rose to over $10 million. Since then, a new record has been set year after year.

Dota 2 Icon Pro Circuit Points – Dota 2 TI8

In July 2017, Valve introduced their new system in July 2017, after having been criticized in recent years for giving away direct invitations. In this new feature, the tournaments are divided into majors and minors and, in addition to the prize money, the teams also win so-called Pro Circuit Points, which in the end decide which teams will receive a direct invitation to the TI8. And while in previous years there were only 3 major tournaments organized by Valve, now several tournaments, not even organized by Valve, are considered major tournaments. This has the added bonus that fans can now enjoy big tournaments on a regular basis. And it is also important for the teams, because now the whole performance counts in the season and the focus is no longer on the last months before The International. Majors have a value of 1500 points, and the minors are worth 300 points. The PCP is distributed to the individual players and only the 3 players within a team with the highest points are counted. This should counteract the changing of teams and players. Probably 8 direct invitations will be issued. This currently results in the following status:

Standing Pro Circuit Points
1. 4947 Virtus Pro Team Logo Dota 2
2. 4260 Team Secret Logo Dota 2 Team Secret
3. 4185 Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid
4. 2160 Vici Gaming Team Logo Dota 2 Vici Gaming
5. 1725 Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee
6. 1109 TI5 navi Natus Vincere
7. 900 Mineski Team Dota 2 Logo Mineski
8. 885 Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 Evil Geniuses

This shows that Virtus. pro, Team Secret and Team Liquid have an excellent chance of receiving a direct invitation for the TI8 due to their point advantage. However, there are still 11250 Pro Circuit Points to be won in the remainder of the season, which means that places 4 to 8 in particular are still open.

Dota 2 Icon The International 2018 – Betting Odds

Of course there will also be esports bets for the Dota 2 TI8. The biggest tournament in the Esport scene will probably not missed by any bookmaker. If the last year and TI7 was a hint, there will be exciting live bets in addition to the already known bets like the overall winners bet. Furthermore, many different Dota 2 bets are likely to be published for the individual games.