Teams and Players – The International 2017 Dota 2

It is that time of the year again and Valve has released their direct invites to The International 2017. Once again, Valve has decided to invite fewer teams directly, giving more slots to teams from the qualifiers. This makes sure that only the best teams attend TI7 and prevents teams being there for their name alone. Of course, the road through the grueling qualifiers is much harder, but every team has a chance to attend TI7. There is only one real surprise with the directly invited teams and that is the Chinese team Newbee. They have very talented players but their recent history only shows wins in smaller tournaments, like the Galaxy Battles. After winning the Kiev Major, OG is another team that received an invite and are now looking to cement their reputation as the most succesful team in Dota 2. has also received an invite after their insane run in the Kiev Major where they were only beat by OG in the grand finals. Evil Geniuses is also a direct invite and always a really strong team in Dota 2. Team Liquid managed to avoid the road through the qualifiers this year and also received a direct invite. The last team invited is Invictus Gaming, who were very dominant in the past. Let's look at the teams in closer detail.

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Invited Teams

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OG RedBull Dota2 Logo Esports

There is not much left to say about OG, their history speaks for itself. With 4 Major wins OG is arguably the most successful team in Dota 2. All they are missing is a win at The International. Their players are often in the talks about who is the best at their respective position, and their teamplay elevates them to a whole new level. Their offlaner s4 is after a learning period (he was a midplayer before) one of the best. He seldom has a bad game and has become a stable pillar for their success. And even if everything goes wrong, OG always has the potential to come back in the late game with well played teamfights. Fly and Jerax are the supports, while Fly is also a very consistent player, Jerax made a name for himself with his playstyle and early game rotations which contribute a lot to the success of OG. N0tail is one of the most intelligent Dota 2 players, his itembuilds are always the right ones depending on the enemy he faces. Ana, OG's midplayer, was often handled as the weak link because he showed a lot of nerves when he came into the scene. But he showed us at the Kiev Major that he is slowly starting to get a grip on this problem.

Biggest success so far: Winner of Frankfurt Major 2015, Manila Major 2016, Boston Major 2016 and Kiev Major 2017.

OG Team Roster:

  • Carry: N0tail
  • Mid: ana
  • Offlane: s4
  • Roamer/Support: JerAx
  • Hard Support: Fly (Captain)

Virtus Pro Team Logo Dota managed to be relevant as a team again in the last few months and are now on a path of domination. Their interesting mix of aggression and insane teamplay makes them one of the most feared teams at the moment. Coached by TI-winner Artstyle they are looking to lift the trophy at The International. Even though they haven't won a major tournament quite yet, their unpredicted and astonishing run through the Kiev Major was only stopped by OG in the grand finals. Their biggest problem there was the reliance on two specific strategies and OG figured out how to counter that. They responded by picking a lot of different heroes in The Summit 7, a smaller tournament leading up to TI7. They have won that tournament. It seems has managed to improve their weakness and it will be exciting to see how they fare in The International 2017.

Biggest success so far: Second in Kiev Major 2017. Team Roster:

  • Carry: RAMZES666
  • Mid: No[o]ne-
  • Offlane: 9pasha
  • Roamer/Support: Lil
  • Hard Support: Solo (Captain)

Evil Geniuses

Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2Almost from the beginning on, Evil Geniuses is the strongest team in North America and one of the strongest teams worldwide. With their dominant win at the Manila Masters they managed to prove their strengths once again. Riding the highs of that success, EG could be the first team to win TI twice. Their success can often be measured with the success of their midplayer SumaiL. If SumaiL has a good game then EG has a good game. Most of their strategies revolve around guaranteeing him an easy matchup and providing support in the lane. This does not mean the rest of EG are bad players however. UNiVeRsE and zai are definitely one of the best on their respective positions. UNiVeRsE is the offlane player and one of the most consistent players ever, there are very few games where he is really shutdown by the enemy team unable to do anything meaningful. Zai is the roaming support, he often manages to secure a huge advantage for SumaiL early in the game. The carryplayer Arteezy, a fan favorite, is another very consistent player but he does not often get the chance to shine with SumaiL in the lineup. The captain and support Cr1t- came from OG and is responsible for the strategies in the game. He has already proven himself under the OG banner und is continuing his prowess in EG.

Biggest success so far: Winner of The International 2015.

Evil Geniuses Team Roster:

  • Carry: Arteezy
  • Mid: SumaiL
  • Offlane:UNiVeRsE
  • Roamer/Support: zai
  • Hard Support: Cr1t- (Captain)

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Logo Dota2Team Liquid has managed to find a really good form in recent history and managed to win the EPICENTER 2017. Their victory was not some random event, for a long time now Team Liquid was handled as one of the most talented teams. It seems they are growing into their reputation now and they could present themselves at their absolute best at TI7. The team surrounding the veteran KuroKy seems very comfortable with this patch. With their mix of experience and individual brilliance they are a hard opponent to face. Team Liquid's midplayer Miracle- is one of those players that can not be counted out, never. It doesn't matter how bad a game is going, Miracle- always seems to have atleast one ace up his sleeve. MATUMBAMAN, the carryplayer, is one of the most mechanically gifted players and he proves that all the time. And with the addition of the roaming support GH, Team Liquid managed to gain a whole host of new strategies revolving around the other 4 members of Team Liquid grouping up and pushing, while GH farms and emerges later as an additional farmed core hero. The offlaner MinD_ContRoL, who can decide games alone on his favorite heroes, and the incredibly experienced KuroKy, who has played on a top level in Dota 2 for a long time, complete the lineup of Team Liquid.

Biggest success so far: Winner of EPICENTER 2017.

Team Liquid Team Roster:

  • Mid:Miracle-
  • Offlane: MinD_ContRoL
  • Roamer/Support: GH
  • Hard Support: KuroKy (Captain)

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming Dota 2 Team LogoInvictus Gaming is back! After a long break where they couldn't quite get into the elite of the Dota 2 scene it seems they are back for good. With their surprisingly dominant win at the DAC 2017 they managed to regain a lot of fans and managed to show Valve that they too deserved a direct invite to TI7. Unfortunately it seems they are not quite as comfortable with the new patch and many strategies of IG have been nerfed. It will be interesting to see if they can manage to get back to their DAC form. If they manage to do so, they are definitely one of the favorites to win The Itnernational 2017. Their carryplayer BurNIng is one of the oldest players and an absolute legend. His transformation from the greedy carry who farms all game to one who participates in the game a lot earlier is a cornerstone of IG's success. He seems to be taking up a central role within the team with his experience. Op, the midplayer, seems to be blankest page of Invictus Gaming, but he also already proved his prowess in teamplay and mechanical skills. Xxs, the offlaner, has played an immense tournament at DAC 2017 and could decide games on his own. Furthermore they have the support duo of BoBoKa and Q. BoBoKa is the roamer and manages to instill great chaos in their opponents. Q, a legend in his own right, is very consistent. The question that remains is, how well will IG be able to figure out the current patch. If they do, they are going to be a very dominant team.

Biggest success so far: Winner of TI2 and DAC 2017.

Invictus Gaming Team Roster:

  • Carry: BurNIng
  • Mid: Op
  • Offlane: Xxs
  • Roamer/Support: BoBoKa
  • Hard Support: Q (Captain)


Newbee Team Logo Dota2

Newbee is the direct invite with the biggest question mark over their heads. There is no question about the talent of this team but they haven't really impressed in any major tournament recently, they only managed to win smaller tournaments like the Galaxy Battles. For Valve the potential of this team seems clear. It will be exciting to see how this variation of Newbee will fare, considering once upon a time and with a different lineup they managed to win TI4. They definitely have the raw talent for it and with the veteran Faith in their roster they could surprise us all and win the whole thing.

Biggest success so far: Winner of TI4.

Newbee Team Roster:

  • Carry: Moogy
  • Mid: Sccc
  • Offlane: kpii
  • Roamer/Support: Kaka
  • Hard Support: Faith (Captain)


Qualifiers Europe West

Qualifiers CIS Region

Qualifiers China

Qualifiers Southeast Asia

Qualifiers North America

Qualifiers South America

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Team Secret

Team Secret Logo Dota 2Team Secret looks to be in a really good form this time of year and it seems they return to old strength. Their new playmaker in YapzOr proves a valuable addition to the team. He filled the often glaring gaps that Team Secret had. After a short period of time he is now an integral part of their team. YapzOr enables his carries by gathering a huge advantage in the early game through clever plays and early rotations. The carry players in mid MidOne and in the safelane MP are able to use these advantages to close out the game. Lead by Puppey, an absolute legend in the Dota 2 scene, who posses a treasure trove of experience and is often able to outdraft their opponents giving Team Secret an advantage before the game even starts. Some might say the offlaner KheZu is the weakest link in the well oiled chain of Team Secret, but he is starting to refute those believes by becoming more familiar with his role in the team and in the game. Team Secret is looking poised to make a really good run in TI7 this year.

Team Secret Team Roster:

  • Carry: MP
  • Mid: MidOne
  • Offlane: KheZu
  • Roamer/Support: YapzOr
  • Hard Support: Puppey (Captain)


HellRaisers Dota 2 Team LogoHellRaisers (formely Planet Dog) is the surprise team of the European TI7 qualifiers. They have formed just for this event and began convincing fans and analysts alike with their incredible performance to their biggest goal: attending The International 2017. Their players are known by people who followed the Dota 2 scene for a long time, but these players have never played on a big stage such as TI. It is going to be incredibly exciting to see them perform against the biggest teams on the biggest stage Dota 2 has to offer which might impact their nerves. Nonetheless, the skill is there to once again surprise in Seattle and get far in the tournament.

Hellraisers Team Roster:

  • Carry: Swiftending
  • Mid: Keyser
  • Offlane: 33
  • Roamer/Support: MiLAN
  • Hard Support: j4 (Captain)

Team Empire

Team Empire Logo Dota2It has been a long while since Team Empire attented a big Valve event. With their additions Chappie and fn and after months of training, they managed to come through the qualifiers successfully and are once again on a big stage, playing infront of thousands and thousands of fans. But a few question marks surround this team, especcially considering the skill of the other TI7 attending teams. So they find themselves as underdogs, but this role could play into their hands and they might be able to surprise their opponents. If you look at the history of Valve events, there's always that one underdog who manages to get far in the tournament. With their mechanical skill intact, all that is left to do is keep calm on the big stage.

Team Empire Team Roster:

  • Carry: Chappie
  • Mid: fn
  • Offlane: Ghostik
  • Roamer/Support: RodjER
  • Hard Support: Miposhka (Captain)

Invictus Gaming.Vitality

Invictus Gaming Vitality Dota 2 Team LogoAfter their sister team in Invictus Gaming got invited directly to The International 2017, IG.Vitality will now join them in Seattle after a successful run through the Chinese qualifiers. The young team counts as one with the biggest potentials currently, each and every player has got incredible skill to surprise their opponents. Even though they couldn't quite manage to win a big tournament in recent times they are looking for a chance to make a name for themselves in Seattle.

Invictus Gaming.Vitality Team Roster:

  • Carry: Paparazzi
  • Mid: Sakata
  • Offlane: InJuly (Captain)
  • Roamer/Support: super
  • Hard Support: dogf1ghts

LGD Gaming

LGD Team Logo Dota2A former powerhouse of the Chinese scene, LGD Gaming is poised to make a return at TI7. Once again they return to Seattle, this time with a completely new lineup, and are now looking to put their name on the Dota 2 scene. They didn't quite manage to win a big tournament in recent times, although it has to be said they didnt really participate in many. LGD Gaming is going to be a box full of surprises at TI7, but considering their run through the Chinese qualifiers, which often counts as the hardest qualifiers in Dota because of it is filled with top tier teams. If LGD Gaming manages to return to old form with their new players, they are definitely a team to watch

LGD.Gaming Team Roster:

  • Carry: Ame
  • Mid: Maybe
  • Offlane: eLeVen
  • Roamer/Support: Yao
  • Hard Support: Victoria (Captain)

LGD.Forever Young

LGD Young Forever Team Logo Dota 2Another team from the LGD organisation managed to also qualify: LGD. Forever Young. Their biggest achievement in recent times was the 3rd – 4th place at the EPICENTER 2017. The impression they left behind was a good one as fans could clearly see that with more time and training LFY could become an absolute monster in the Dota 2 scene. They have a legend of Dota in their midplayer Super, who has been active for years. It will be also interesting to see how they manage to fare compared to LGD.Gaming.

LGD.Forever Young Team Roster:

  • Carry: Monet
  • Mid: Super
  • Offlane: Inflame
  • Roamer/Support:Ahfu
  • Hard Support: ddc


Fnatic Team Logo Dota2After a long break Fnatic is also back. And just like many teams before them, they are also sporting a new lineup. Their success at the qualifiers came as a surprise for most, as many expected Team Faceless to go through. Their Midplayer QO and their supportplayer Febby came from MVP.Phoenix, the team from South Korea which managed to show incredible resilience at TI6. It looks like the rut of Fnatic is over and they are looking to enter the circle of the best teams in Dota. And even though Fnatic is a household name for everyone interested in eSports, they have to prove themselves at TI7 once again.

Fnatic Team Roster:

  • Carry: Ahjit
  • Mid: QO
  • Offlane: Ohaiyo
  • Roamer/Support:Febby
  • Hard Support: DJ (Captain)

TNC Gaming

TnC Gaming Team Dota2 LogoTNC Gaming was the surprise team of TI6. In what is now known as the biggest comeback ever in Dota 2 history, TNC Gaming managed to crawl and fight their way back into their game against OG, and against all odds they managed to beat the titans and eliminated OG from The International 2016. The surprise was perfect and many fans were ecstatic about TNC Gaming. In the meantime a lot has happened, but TNC Gaming remains a known name throughout the Dota 2 scene. After a successful qualification, they are now looking to make an even more impressive run through TI7 and are looking to crown themselves the first phillipine TI7 champion.

TNC Gaming Team Roster:

  • Carry: Raven
  • Mid: Kuku
  • Offlane: Sam_h
  • Roamer/Support: Tims
  • Hard Support: 1437 (Captain)


Execration Dota 2 Team LogoExecration is another team from the SEA Region, who came through as the underdogs in their final matches against Clutch Gamers. They have been known in their home region for a time now and are looking now to put their name into the basket of international top teams. Half of the way is already successfully behind them, but now even stronger opponents at TI7 await them. Due to the aggressive playstyle that is common in the SEA Region, they could surprise their opponents.

Execration Team Roster:

  • Carry: Nando
  • Mid: CartMaN
  • Offlane: Bimbo
  • Roamer/Support: RR
  • Hard Support: Kim0 (Captain)

Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team LogoDigital Chaos managed to play in the grand finale of TI6. And even though they lost to the dominant Wings Gaming, such an achievement can not be understated. This year and with a completely new lineup consisting of North American players and players from the SEA Region they are looking for a repeat spot in the grand finale of TI7. And with them looking incredibly strong, this might not be that far fetched. Their players are all very skilled and the patch seems to suit them as well.

Digital Chaos Team Roster:

  • Carry: mason
  • Mid: Abed
  • Offlane: Forev
  • Roamer/Support: BuLba (Captain)
  • Hard Support: DuBU


Cloud9 Team Logo dota2Update 07/21: Team NP is now playing under the Cloud9 Name! Cloud9 too managed to go through the North American qualifiers and are now playing at TI7 in Seattle. The team of Eternal Envy is very exciting to watch, as one can never know what to expect and with no other teams the emotions Joy and Sadness are so closely entwined. With nearly the same lineup as the old fan favorite Cloud9, they decided to make the transformation complete and also sign for Cloud9. Sometimes the fans question the decisions of Cloud9 ingame as they have no apparent advantage and often bring the team even a disadvantage. But in the next moment they do something incredible, leaving their fans in awe. Watching Cloud9 is always exciting because as the story unfolds, there are a lot of twists and turns.

Cloud9 Team Roster:

  • Carry: EternaLEnVy (Captain)
  • Mid: FATA-
  • Offlane: MSS
  • Roamer/Support: Aui_2000
  • Hard Support: pieliedie


Infamous dota2 logoInfamous is a South American team from Peru and they managed to qualifier through the qualifiers for South America. Ever since the Kiev Major, Valve seems to include this underrepresented region in their qualifiers, much to the joy of fans. SG-esports managed to convince a lot of people that teams from SA can play on the highest level. They even won against Team Secret and thus eliminated them from the tournament. This time around, another team from South America managed to qualifier: Infamous. One of the least known teams at TI7, they are looking to give their all as underdogs.

Infamous Team Roster:

  • Carry: Benjaz (Captain)
  • Mid: Timado
  • Offlane: Kingteka
  • Roamer/Support: Matthew
  • Hard Support: Accel


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