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It's been a few years since the big Dota 2 eSports tournaments called The Internationals have broken records for their amounts of prize money and everything look set for this years TI7 to continue that trend. The reason for this is Valve's unique approach. Since 2013 the Dota 2 developer releases an in-game item called the Battle Pass from which 25% of sales go directly into The Internationals prizepool. Not only do the pro players profit from this system with the higher prizepools, also the buyers gain access to various cosmetic items, new features and more. A comprehensive overview of the Dota 2 The International 2017 Battle Pass can be read here.

Final result: The Prize Money of The International 2017 (TI7) in Dota 2 has surpassed TI6 and it is now the highest prize pool of any eSports tournament ever with $24,787,916 in prize money! The winning team will receive over 10 million dollars! the international 2017 dota 2 prizemoney

Dota 2 Icon Prize pool distribution ─ TI7

Position Prize in $ USD Team
Gold Medal Icon 1st $10,803,141 Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid
Silver Medal Icon 2nd $3,928,415 Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee
Bronze Medal Icon 3rd $2,578,022 LGD Young Forever Team Logo Dota 2 LGD Forever Young
Copper Medal Icon 4th $1,718,682 LGD Team Logo Dota2 LGD Gaming
5th-6th $1,104,867 Virtus Pro Team Logo Dota 2
Invictus Gaming Dota 2 Team Logo Invictus Gaming
7th-8th $613,815 Team Empire Logo Dota2 Team Empire
OG RedBull Dota2 Logo Esports OG
9th-12th $368,289 Team Secret Logo Dota 2 Team Secret
Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 Evil Geniuses
TNC Pro Team Dota 2 eSports Logo TNC Pro Team
Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo Digital Chaos
13th-16th $122,763 Execration Dota 2 Team Logo Execration
Cloud9 Team Logo dota2Cloud9
Infamous dota2 logo Infamous
Invictus Gaming Vitality Dota 2 Team Logo iG Vitality
17th-18th $61,381 Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic
HellRaisers Dota 2 Team Logo HellRaisers

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Dota 2 Icon History of Prizepools at TIs

2013 was the first year for the community funded prizepool. Valve always puts up $1,600,000 themselves and with the help of the buyers the prizepool was raised to $2,874,407. At the time it was the highest placed tournament, but nowadays it is not even in the Top 10 of the highest prizes. The following year was the first year where the system really took off and the prizemoney for The International 2014 rose to $10,931,103 and was the first of it's kind to break the ten million dollar hurdle. In 2015 it was yet again another giant leap, raising $18,429,613 for the teams to win. The hugely improved Battle Pass with various new features helped a lot in raising that amount of money. In 2016 the TI6 was the first eSports tournament to surpass the $20 million dollars with $20,770,640. It is going to be exciting to see how much the prizepool rises this year for The International 2017. According to the site TI7 has raised $1,755,943 more than TI6 in the same time span.the international 2017 dota2 prizepool comparison


Dota 2 Icon Comparison with other eSports games

prizepool top tournaments


It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the Dota 2 tournaments have the largest eSports prizepool of all games. Even the Majors, the smaller tournaments by Valve leading up to The International, come with prizemoney of $3,000,000. Only the LoL World Championship 2016 with $5,070,000 can keep up, but for this years LoL World Championship 2017 another huge raise is expected (Details about te 2017 LoL Worlds Prize Pool). According to the Dota 2 tournaments have 9 places in the Top 10. Nonetheless the other games don't have to hide. The SMITE World Championship 2015 with a prizepool of $2,612,259 and the Halo World Championship 2016 with $2,500,000 also have extremely high prizepools. And looking further down the list other tournaments such as the Halo World Championship 2016 with $2,000,000 or the World Electronic Sports Games in CS:GO with $1,500,000 are very lucrative tournaments still. Nonetheless the Dota 2 tournaments are the highest prized ones because the community can contribute a lot and is ready to do so.


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