Qualifier Results & Teams | Frankfurt Fall Major 2015

The Frankfurt Fall Major 2015 teams are now complete. There were a few surprises during each of the regional qualifiers but there were also some of the old reliable teams that have gotten a slot in the open qualifiers. The European qualifiers has shown some of the more entertaining games during the qualifiers. The epic comeback of Alliance against Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of the games to watch in the European qualifiers. A major upset in the South East Asian qualifiers was Fnatic bowing down to Mineski. Fnatic will still be going to the Frankfurt Major due to the fact that there were two slots for each of the regions, but they will have to work very hard in order to prove themselves. The American qualifiers were also full of surprises as a Peruvian team managed to qualify for the Frankfurt Major. Unknown.Xiu defeated aui_2000's new team, Digital Chaos, to snatch a spot in the Frankfurt Major. The Chinese qualifiers were not as rife with upsets as the favorites just tore through the competition.

The Frankfurt Fall Major 2015 qualified teams per region:

European Qualifiers:

alliance dota2 team logoAlliance: This team turned out to be a big surprise for everyone during the European Qualifier. In fact, most people expected them to drop out soon together with Na’Vi. However, this Sweden lineup gave us probably the most entertaining games during the Qualifiers. AdmiralBulldog played out of his mind and was responsible for one of the biggest comebacks in the last months against NiP. Nevertheless, this wasn’t achieved only by Bulldog; the whole team seemed really confident and they didn’t surrender even in the darkest hours. They are now looking like a real threat for the Major.

monkey business dota2 team logoMonkey Business: This new team, which is formed by veterans like BigDaddy and the young pubstar Miracle, looked like the strongest during the Qualifier; they are now considered one of the best teams from Europe. This squad, which is also formed by former HoN players like MoonMeander and Fly, has a really strong game and they seem to fit very well with each other. They’re another really strong team going to Frankfurt. This was the hardest Qualifier and they dominated it from the beginning without dropping a single series.

South East Asian Qualifiers:

mineski dota2 team logoMineski: This team from the Philippines performed pretty well and that’s exactly why they qualified. It was really surprising when they beat Mushi’s team 2-1. This sent the favorite team to another match to fight for the last SEA spot in Frankfurt. These guys have some time playing together already; the offlaner ryOyr is the only new member with only 2 months in the team. They’re one of the underdogs going to the Major and will face a real challenge. Nevertheless, they’ve shown they are one of the best from Southeast Asia.

fnatic dota2 team logoFnatic: This squad was the favorite during the SEA Qualifiers and was expected to win very easily. However, it took them more work than they thought after losing against Mineski. This lineup, which is formed by mixed nationalities –from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Germany-, will go to Frankfurt bearing in mind that they need to play better if they want a good chunk of the 3 million dollar prize.

American Qualifiers:

cloud 9 dota2 team logoCloud 9: With its former captain and founder playing with Secret and the rest of the squad scattered, Cloud 9 had to start from zero. They didn’t get a direct invitation because of this, but they ended up getting a well-deserved spot in the Major. They only lost one series against Elite Wolves, but they won against the other qualified team Unknown.xiu and the favorite Digital Chaos. They now need to prove to the rest of the teams that their name can still be considered among the most relevant competitors.

team unknown dota2 team logoUnknown.xiu: This team has turned into the first Latin American team to participate in a really big Dota 2 tournament. They are also the first ones to qualify in the Regional after coming from the Open Qualifier. These 5 friends subscribed to the tournament and are now going to travel to Frankfurt. They’re going to represent Latin America as a whole and will show to the rest of the teams the play style of an entire continent. There is no prediction possible when it comes to this team, so we will have to watch every game and see what happens.

Chinese Qualifiers:

invictus gaming dota2 team logoInvictus Gaming: The Chinese Qualifiers were really interesting because of the young teams. We must not forget that the last surprise in the Dota 2 competitive scene –CDEC- came from this continent and are really young. There are a lot of new teams that are playing really well in general. This was felt by such an experienced team like IG. They lost against a few new lineups but still managed to qualify. The good thing is that they’re used to play against tier 1 teams, so they will give a fair fight in Frankfurt. Nevertheless, they’re right now under the shadow of squads like CDEC, VG and EHOME.

newbee dota2 team logoNewbee: This also former Ti champion had the best performance during the Chinese Qualifiers. They were able to qualify without worrying and have now put those dark post-TI4 days behind. With their 3 new members –Hao, Xiao2le and chisbug- they are showing that this is a squad that can perform like a tier 1 team. They didn’t lose against the favorite team IG. They are going to the Frankfurt Major to most certainly win some games. Nevertheless, they will need to prove they can play even better if they want to get close to the first place.

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