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The Summit 2 2014 Dota2After the success of the first The Summit tournament, Beyond the Summit is presenting the second iteration of the event, The Summit 2. Like the previous competition, The Summit 2 will also be aiming to present the lives of the players while they are not playing. The Summit 2 will still be held in the Beyond the Summit house located in Los Angeles. They are also shouldering the travel expenses of all teams that have qualified for the LAN finals.

The Summit 2 has also a slightly different qualifying rounds this time. There will be four teams that will be qualifying through the regional qualifiers, which are: America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. The previous winners of The Summit, Evil Geniuses, have an automatic ticket to the LAN finals and one team, team redemption, which will be invited via votes of those of bought The Summit 2 compendium.

The teams which will be in the LAN finals are:

North American Qualifiers

  • Not Today

Chinese Qualifiers

  • Vici Gaming

European Qualifiers

  • Secret Team

Southeast Asian Qualifiers

  • First Departure

Defending Champions

  • Evil Geniuses

Team Redemption

  • Cloud 9

The format of the LAN finals will be divided into two stages. The first stage will be the group stage, in which the teams will face off in a best of one, single round robin stage. After the smoke clears, the top two teams in the first stage will be seeded directly into the semifinals and the other four will be seeded by their first stage record into the quarter finals.

The second stage will be a best of 5 single elimination event. And the finals will also be a best of 5 game.

The base prize pool is initially set at $100,000.00. It will be increased by 25% of the purchase price of The Summit 2 compendium. As of November 14, the prize pool has increased to $292,861.00. The distribution of the prize pool will be as follows:

1st place: 45%

2nd place: 25%

3rd place: 15%

4th place: 10%

5th place: 2.5%

6th place: 2.5%

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