Teams and Players – Dota 2 Kiev Major 2017

In this post we will give you a small overview of the participating teams of the Dota 2 Kiev Major 2017. Since the last major in December 2016 in Boston there have been numerous changes in the lineup of different teams. The rosters will be locked until after the tournament. The Kiev Major is going to be a very exciting tournament, because the questions and stories woven up to this point are very interesting. Is OG going to win another Dota 2 Major again, making it their fourth win over an official Valve event and a feat which no team has done so far? What about the greek team formerly known as Ad Finem, who quit their contract with their sponsors and are now playing under the banner of Mousesports, are they going to surprise us again just like in the Boston Major? And how is the new patch version 7.0x going to affect the teams in it's first big tournament? In addition the Kiev Major is a major indication for Valve on who tho invite to The International 2017.

The 16 participating teams consists of 8 team who were directly invited by Valve due to their results in recent history in competitive Dota 2 and 8 teams who have been successful in the qualifiers.

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Dota 2 IconInvited Teams

Team Random

dota 2 team random icon

Update: The team has left their sponsor Wings Gaming and is now playing under Team Random for the Kiev Major. Team Random is a Chinese team founded in August 2014. They've exploded in popularity after their win at last years The International 2016 and gained fans across the globe. Their play style both in game and in the draft is out of the ordinary, that is why fans love them and other pro-teams fear them. One can never be quite sure what to expect from Team Random. Often they pick heroes they feel like playing rather than those who are strong in the meta at the moment. This leads to other teams not knowing how to react properly to it. Team Random is definitely one of the more exciting teams in the Dota 2 Kiev Major 2017.

Biggest success so far: The International 2016 winner.

Team Random Team Roster:

  • Carry: shadow
  • Mid: bLink
  • Offlane: Faith_bian
  • Roamer/Support: y' (Captain)
  • Hard Support: iceice


OG Team Logo Dota 2Since their breakthrough in the Frankfurt Major at the end of 2015, OG have been a top team and constant contender for winning tournaments. They are the only team so far to have won two Valve Events, except they have gone a step further and won another one. Only in the International 2016 they have had disappointing results. But with a few roster changes and some time they now again count to the favorites to win the Kiev Major 2017. Their mix of veterans of the Dota 2 scene and new players has turned out to be working well so far and their team chemistry is second to none.

Biggest success so far: Winner of Frankfurt Major 2015, Manila Major 2016 and Boston Major 2016

OG Team Roster:

  • Carry: N0tail
  • Mid: ana
  • Offlane: s4
  • Roamer/Support: JerAx
  • Hard Support: Fly (Captain)


The greek team surrounding Madara was formed in 2015 and hasn't experienced roster changes yet. This is quite unusual in the rather volatile world of competitive Dota 2. Their effort and persistence have been rewarded in the Boston Major 2016 where they placed rather surprisingly as second and only losing to OG in the grand finale. They've instantly gained a lot of fans due to their passionate players. Having received their first official direct invite by Valve for the Kiev Major, they are looking to prove themselves now to be more than a one-trick-pony. Shortly before the Kiev Major it was revealed that Ad Finem and their players have parted ways. As of 7. April they are under contract with Mousesports.

Mousesports Team Roster:

  • Carry: Madara
  • Mid: ThuG
  • Offlane: SkyLark
  • Roamer/Support: Maybe Next Time
  • Hard Support: SsaSpartan (Captain)

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Dota2 LogoTeam Liquid is a well known and longstanding eSports organization. The Dota 2 Squad is a favorite to win the Kiev Major 2017. Team Liquid is a very interesting team featuring two of the highest ranked players in Dota 2 in MATUMBAMAN and Miracle-. Those two alone can decide games, given the support from their team. Meaning it is extremely hard for their opponents to shut one of them down, let alone both. They have not won any Valve event to date, but they are looking to change that stat with the Kiev Major.

Team Liquid Team Roster:

  • Mid: Miracle-
  • Offlane: MinD_ContRoL
  • Roamer/Support: GH
  • Hard Support: KuroKy (Captain)

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses Dota 2 Team Logo

Evil Geniuses, or EG for short, is one of the oldest eSports organizations in North America. They are known for having successful players in every game they support. Their Dota 2 Squad is no different. Even if EG is in bad form before a big tournament, somehow they always pull themselves together and end up playing extremely well and placing well. Each player counts as one of the best in their respective roles, this makes it so much harder for any opposing team to shut them down. EG is a fascinating team, often winning games where they are behind by a massive margin and have no business of winning.

Biggest success so far: The International 2015 Winner

Evil Geniuses Team Roster:

  • Carry: Arteezy
  • Mid: Suma1L
  • Offlane: UNiVeRsE
  • Roamer/Support: zai
  • Hard Support: Cr1t- (Captain)


thunderbirds dota 2 logo esportsThunderbirds (formerly known as Digital Chaos) was founded in August 2015 in North America. After a few fruitless months and a few roster changes, they have been playing extremely good dota and have rewarded themselves with a surprising second place at last years The International. With a good finish in the Boston Major, fans have been hailing them as the second successful, long-awaited team from North America. Their strategies often seem to be one step ahead of the competition. Recently they left Digital Chaos as an organization and are now playing under the Thunderbirds banner.

Biggest success so far: Second Place at The International 2016.

Thunderbirds Team Roster:

  • Carry: Resolut1on
  • Mid: w33
  • Offlane: MoonMeander
  • Roamer/Support: MiSeRy (Captain)
  • Hard Support: Saksha


Newbee Dota 2 Logo - DENewbee is a Chinese team founded in 2014. They are known for their mechanical impressive players and for not making many mistakes when adhering to a strategy. This makes them a prime contender for a top spot in the Kiev Major 2017. Even though in recent history, with the exception of the ESL One Genting 2017 where they have placed second, they have not placed well in tournaments. We will have to wait and see how they fare in the Kiev Major, especially with keeping their competition in mind.

Biggest success so far: The International 2014 Winner

Newbee Team Roster:

  • Carry: uuu9
  • Mid: Sccc
  • Offlane: kpii
  • Roamer/Support: Faith (Captain)
  • Hard Support: Kaka

Team VG.J

Team Vici Gaming J Dota 2The Chinese Team is a part of the Vici Gaming organization and was founded in September 2016 in cooperation with the professional basketball player Jeremy Lin (the J in VG.J stands for Jeremy). They combine well known players with a huge host of experience with new players eager to prove themselves. Prior to the Kiev Major they have placed second in the StarLadder StarSeries Season 3 and now count to the top teams in Dota 2.

Team VG.J Team Roster:

  • Carry: Agressif
  • Mid: Freeze
  • Offlane: rOtK (Captain)
  • Roamer/Support: fy
  • Hard Support: Fenrir

Dota 2 Icon Teams who succeeded through the Kiev Major Qualifiers

The spots for the Dota 2 Major in Kiev are distributed in the following way: 2 spots for the region China and SEA, one each for North America, South America, CIS-Region and Europe.

Team Faceless

Team Faceless Logo Dota 2Team Faceless is a Dota 2 Team hailing from SEA, that was founded in September 2016. Even though they have not managed to win a big tournament yet, their potential is undeniable. A strong indicator for their skills is their record of going unbeaten in the qualifiers leading up to the Boston Major 2016, even if their performance in the playoffs were not stellar. Nonetheless, Team Faceless is a team you should keep your eye on, because each of their members is a very skilled Dota 2 player. They need time to gel playing as a team.

Team Faceless Roster:

  • Carry: Black^
  • Mid: Jabz
  • Offlane: iceiceice (Captain)
  • Roamer/Support: xy-
  • Hard Support: NutZ

TNC Pro Team

TNC Pro Team Dota 2 eSports LogoThe second team from SEA is TNC Pro Team. TNC Pro Team is internationally recognized since their stand-out performance in the International 2016, where they qualified and had a very good run in the tournament. Many fans and viewers consider it the biggest upset in the history of the Internationals when they beat favorites OG 2-0 and ended their tournament life. Since then they've not been relevant due to changes and roster swaps, but now they have qualified for the Kiev Major with basically their old lineup. It is going to be very interesting to see how they match up with other teams.

TNC Pro Team Roster:

  • Carry: Raven
  • Mid: Kuku (Captain)
  • Offlane: Sam_H
  • Roamer/Support: Tims
  • Hard Support: ryOyr

iG Vitality

Invictus Gaming Vitality Dota 2 Team LogoiG Vitality is a Chinese Team and part of the Invictus Gaming organization. iG Vitality has had their roster since March 2016. Consisting mostly of new and young players, they are looking to make their mark on the international Dota 2 scene. Unfortunately they have not been convincing in prior tournaments, so now they are looking at the Kiev Major as their break-through event.

iG Vitality Roster:

  • Carry: Paparazi灬
  • Mid: Sakata
  • Offlane: Injuly
  • Roamer/Support: super (Captain)
  • Hard Support: dogf1ghts

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming Dota 2 Team LogoInvictus Gaming is a port of the Invictus Gaming organization too and the second iG team that could qualify. Lead by one of the most experienced and respected players ever, this team has had their roster since September 2016 but couldn't win any major tournaments until now. It is going to be interesting to see them on their first LAN event, especially seeing their younger players handle the pressure of playing on stage. Invictus Gaming is a team to watch since they can give any team a run for their money.

Invictus Gaming Roster:

  • Carry: BurNIng (Captain)
  • Mid: Op
  • Offlane: Xxs
  • Roamer/Support: BoBoKa
  • Hard Support: Q

Team Virtus Pro CSGO Team is a Russian eSports organization. Because of their very aggressive play style they are often one step ahead of their opponents and guarantee fans and viewers alike very exciting matches. Unfortunately they haven't had any major success in Dota 2, even if the organization has a very successful history. After reaching only the 5th to 8th place in the Boston Major, it is going to be interesting to see if they can achieve success with their role as underdogs. Roster:

  • Carry: RAMZES666
  • Mid: No[o]ne
  • Offlane: 9pasha
  • Roamer/Support: Lil
  • Hard Support: Solo (Captain)

Team Secret

Team Secret Logo Dota 2Team Secret is a European team that was formed after the International 2014. Team Secret is a very “streaky” team, that can utterly dominate one tournament and not even qualify for the next one. The frequent changes and roster swaps are not helping either. After the controversies surrounding Team Secret in the beginning of 2016, it seems they have found their form and are able to challenge the top teams in Dota 2.

Team Secret Roster:

  • Carry: MP
  • Mid: MidOne
  • Offlane: Khezu
  • Roamer/Support: Puppey (Captain)
  • Hard Support: pieliedie

SG e-sports

SG e-Sports Dota 2 Team LogoSG e-sports is a Brazilian Dota 2 team. It is their first time in any Valve event, or any international event for that matter.  It is going to be very interesting to see how other teams handle them or how they handle other teams. Their unfamiliarity is their biggest strength because other teams won't know how they play or which strategies they have in their sleeves.

SG e-sports Roster:

  • Carry: hFn
  • Mid: 4dr
  • Offlane: Tavo
  • Roamer/Support: KINGRD (Captain)
  • Hard Support: c4t

Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo Digital Chaos (formerly known as Team Onyx) is one of the youngest teams in the Dota 2 Kiev Major 2017. Founded in the beginning of 2017, they have succeeded through the qualifiers in North America and thus have managed a step, which other teams can only dream about: a spot in a major Valve event. With their mix of veterans of the scenes and young players they could surprise their opponents.

Digital Chaos

  • Carry: mason
  • Mid: Abed
  • Offlane: BuLba (Captain)
  • Roamer/Support: DuBu
  • Hard Support: DeMoN

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