Invited Teams | TI 4 (2014)

These 11 teams are invited directly to The International 4 tournament in Seattle (US) :

– Titan may sound like a new team to some of the Dota 2 followers out there and it may also come as a surprise to some that they have been invited. The fact of the matter is. The team Titan may have just come onto the Dota 2 scene last September of 2013 but their players have been playing competitive Dota 2 for ages. They have proven themselves to one of the best teams in South East Asia hence the invitation to the International 2014.


Newbee_logoNewbee – Newbee is another team that is somewhat new on the Dota 2 scene. They were formed just last February during the reshuffle of Chinese teams after the International 2013. Just looking at their current line-up warrants an invitation to the International 2014. It's like reading a list of who's who in the Chinese Dota 2 scene.


Vici_gaming_logoVici Gaming – Vici Gaming is finally in the International, after missing out on an invite last year and losing LGD.Gaming on the qualifiers. They finally made a big enough impression on the Dota 2 scene to get invited to the International 2014. It will be Vici Gamings first time on the International and believe me, they are not going to go down without a fight.


Cloud9_logoCloud9 – The truly international team in the International. Cloud 9's line-up consists of 2 Canadians, A Dutch, a Romanian and finally a Swede for good measure. Some people might argue that they do not have the credentials to have been invited to the International, having just been formed last February. Consistent top finishes in major tournaments have proven Cloud 9 is a force to be reckoned with.


Evil_Genius_logoEvil Geniuses – Better known as EG, the Evil Geniuses professional e-sports team is one of the oldest professional e-sports team in the world. They have been known to have success in just about any e-sport they have teams in. Winning the International would be a great addition to their resume and ever since adding Arteezy, zai and ppd to their line-up they might just have the winning combination.


Team_Empire_logoTeam Empire – Ever since switching to from HoN to Dota 2 back in 2011, Team Empire has seen success in every tournament possible, except for the International. Traditionally, Team Empire has not finished inside the top eight in every the International tournament they have been invited to. They are hoping their luck will change this year with the addition of resolut1on.


Fnatic_logoFnatic – Fnatic has finally broken into the International last year. Surprising everybody by managing to finish inside the top eight. It is no shocker that they are invited again this year. They have one of the most stable line-ups in Dota 2, having been together since 2012, and with the great track record of the Fnatic organization. It will be just be a matter of time before they get the International title.



Team DK – Also known as the Dota Kings. If there is any one team that has built itself to take run for a championship at the International, it is DK. After finishing a disappointing 6th at last years the International tournament. DK recruited two of the best players in the Dota 2 scene. iceiceice from team Zenith, the current 1v1 solo champion and Mushi, another great mid player. DK looks to make a splash in this years the International tournament and a finish other than being champions would be a disappointment.


Natus_vincere_logoNa'Vi – Natus Vincere might just be the most famous Dota 2 team in the world, for a good reason. They have simply been dominating during the International tournaments. Winning the initial iteration in 2011 and placing runners-up in the 2012 and 2013 editions. There is no denying it. No matter how bad Na'VI plays during other tournaments. They always seem to pull out the stops during the International.


– Invictus Gaming is the International tournament 2012 champions. Although not tipped to win the 2012 tournament due to lack of coordination, they managed to come together at the right time and become champions. After a disappointing 2013 the International showing in which they placed 6th. They look to bounce back this year and become the top dogs of Dota 2 once again.


Alliance_logoAlliance – the current the International champion. Alliance has been a little shaky this year. Some people are saying that they have not yet adjusted to the major patches Valve has released and are now looking to get their game back. Nevertheless, with their intact line-up, the Alliance looks to defend their title and be the first back to back champions of the International.

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