How to play DotA 2

Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients. This is a 5v5 battle arena game –also called MOBA- that is all about destroying the enemy’s main building, which is called Ancient. This might sound simple and easy to understand, but there is a lot more complexity to that; each game can last as short as 15 minutes or as long as more than an hour. Playing it requires a lot of practice and skills, as there are many things to worry about while you try to coordinate yourself with other 4 players.

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Dota 2 Map

The game’s map consists of 3 lanes: Top, Mid and Bottom. Each one of these lanes has 3 towers standing for each team. This map is divided in half by a river, which stands right between each team’s first towers. Basically, like this:

Dota 2 Map

Before starting a game, each player needs to pick a hero. There are around 100 heroes with different abilities, roles and play styles. Mastering all of them is just a small part of becoming good at this game. Your team needs to have the right balance of roles and abilities to be able to succeed against your enemy. This is why picking the right hero is crucial to earn you a victory.

DotA 2 Tournament Mode | Draft Game | Captains Mode

If you’re playing a tournament game, each team will pick their heroes and ban others on a turn-based selection phase. This phase is called Drafting Phase and it’s where most games’ outcomes are determined. A bad hero selection will make things really hard for your team. Forcing hero picks, banning the right hero and counter-picking takes a lot of game knowledge. The first requirement for a team to be good is to be good at Drafting. This is the job of the team’s captain.

Dota 2 Captains Mode Draft

The captain will need to do a plan to send different heroes to different lanes. The only way for heroes to get strong is by leveling up and getting gold. If a lot of heroes are on the same lane, they will get less experience to level up because it will be divided between all the present allied heroes. You need to send different heroes to each lane to be able to level them all quickly and destroy the enemy’s Ancient building.

A team will need to have 5 heroes. You can basically have any combination you want, but most of the time teams look like this: one Hard Carry, one Mid Hero, one Offlaner and two Supports. These positions are often labeled position 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

The Hard Carry is usually a really weak hero during the early stage of the game. This hero needs a lot of levels and gold to buy good equipment to become strong. Once he gets stronger, he can potentially kill the entire enemy team alone.

Since the Hard Carry is so weak in the beginning, he needs strong heroes to support him. There will be usually two Support Heroes that will protect him and buy him a lot of time to get gold and experience. These heroes have really strong abilities during the early game to defend the Carry and kill enemies. This is the only way the Carry Hero has to get a lot of experience and gold to become strong.

The Mid Hero is strong in 1v1. He goes to the Mid Lane to fight 1v1 against the enemy Mid Hero. He’s really strong in all stages of the games. He needs to be strong enough to fight 1v1 from level 1 and to scale up and be really strong during the late game to help the carry kill the enemy heroes.

Finally, the Offlaner will usually go alone against 3 other heroes. This 1v3 situation is only possible if the hero has good escape abilities and can resist a lot of damage. This hero won’t get much gold during the game, but he will level up quickly and its abilities are really strong once they are all leveled up.

Once your team is selected, you will need to start getting buildings as soon as you can. In order to destroy the Ancient, one team needs to destroy the other’s towers in at least one lane. Once they get all the towers from one lane, they will be able to enter the enemy base and destroy the Ancient.

Dota 2 tower attack

Although the game comes down to destroying the enemy base, your team needs to get really strong to be able do so. This is done by leveling and farming. You will be able to do this by killing creeps and enemy heroes. By winning fights, you and your team will be able to get towers and slowly crawl your way into the enemy base.

This is really hard to do because Dota 2 is a game based on punishment. Any mistake is hardly punished by giving the other team a lot of gold and experience. This is why each team fight is crucial to the outcome of the game; no matter if you’re really far ahead, one bad team fight can completely turn the table around.

This is what makes this game so interesting and very skill-dependent. Only the best players and teams can have the consistency to do things well for more than 45 minutes. It all comes down to mastering a role –be it Carry, Mid, Offlane or Support- and being really good with a lot of heroes to choose for different situations.

Dota 2 destroyed tower GG

DotA 2 real money bets and odds

As Dota 2 is a very skill and team work game it fits perfect in the young esports betting market. There are nearly every day some DotA 2 betting odds online at one of the major esports betting sites. Betting on Dota2 takes some skill as game matches are not very predictable.

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