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The ESL One Hamburg is happening at the end of Octobre and is one of the first tournaments to happen after the big The International 2017 in Dota 2. After being held in Frankfurt for three years, organizer ESL have decided to move the tournament for the first time to the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. Not much can be said about the participating teams at this point in time, only the number is known: 8 teams will be participating. It is very likely that there will be a few directly invited as well as a qualfication for the tournament. With a prizepool of $250,000 it may not be as big as the largest tournaments have but nonetheless the winner team will take half of that prizemoney home. There will be livestreams, as is customary in Dota 2 tournaments, and the big esport betting sites will release their bets and odds beforehand.

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  • Date: 10/28/ – 10/29/2017
  • Location: Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg, Germany
  • Prizepool: $250,000
  • Teams: 8
  • Organizer: ESL
  • Livestreams availabe

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Not much is known at this point about the format. What we know for sure is there will be online qualifier for the teams and the actual tournament will be played offline in the Barclaycard Arena. We don’t know yet how many teams will be directly invited and how many spots there will be for the teams that have to go through the qualifiers.  8 teams will be participating in the ESL One Hamburg 2017.

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The big sites for betting on esport will of course release their bets and odds before the tournament start. If you have question about how to bet on Dota 2, click here for more information.

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