The Defense

Dota 2 The Defense LogoThe Defense is one of the biggest and earliest Dota 2 Online Tournaments. 17 invited and 3 qualified teams compete against each other for a price pool of $ 25.000. It is organizied by
The teams will be shuffled to form 4 groups randomly. The winner of each group will proceed to the winners bracket, while the second and third placed teams will fall into the losers bracket. These games are played as a best of three. The winner of the winners and losers bracket will face each other in a best of five grand finale.

The Defense Season 4 price money:

  • 1.  $ 12.000,-
  • 2.    $ 7.000,-
  • 3.   $ 4.000,-
  • 4.    $ 2.000,-

Betting on Dota 2 “The Defense”
The bookmaker Pinnacle eSports offered normal win bets on Dota 2´s “The Defence” Tournament the last season.

We expect that there will be odds and bets for the 5th Season.

All current odds for The Defense can be found here

VODs of The Defense:

Recaps of the games can be found on

Almost all matches are livestreamed by's own host TobiWanDOTA in english.

Addional infos can be found at the official webpage.

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