Trackmania Betting – Where to bet on Trackmania Esports in 2022

Trackmania is an entertaining car racing game that is rapidly gaining popularity as an esport. The new Trackmania Grand League is an esports competition organized around the racing game. In this article, we will discuss Trackmania esports and on which bookies you can bet on the game.

Bookies that might offer Trackmania betting soon

  1. Rivalry
  2. Betway
  3. GG.BET
  5. Pinnacle


Trackmania has been around in various iterations since 2003. It is a simple competitive game that can be played on PC. The game consists of high-speed races on a uniquely shaped-tracks, including tunnels, loops, and jumps. It has an arcade-style gameplay. Originally, players did not compete with other gamers, though a multiplayer option was added as far back as 2006. One of the most unique features of this racing game is that it allows players to create their own tracks.

The most recent version of the game, simply dubbed “Trackmania” was launched in 2020, and it features different modes; including team, chase, time, attack, etc. The typical playing time is around 10 to 15 minutes. Players can compete online and earn in-game coppers, allowing them to customize their cars.

Just like most modern games, the game comes with a three-tier subscription plan, including starter access which is free to play, standard access and club access. Each level allows more customization, including club access, track creation, car customization, etc. And it is being hailed as one of the most promising esports games.

Trackmania Esports: Trackmania Grand League (TMGL)

Trackmania Grand League (TMGL) is an esports league founded by Ubisoft Nadeo; it started in spring 2019 where top players from North America and Europe took part. The prize pool for the TMGL spring 2019 was 20,000 EUR. The first winter season was held in 2020 was hosted online due to the pandemic. It was supposed to be held in Lyon. The Beta season took place in Paris.

With the latest subscription-based iteration of the game, Nadeo introduced Open Grand League in the Winter of 2020. It seems that Nadeo is looking to turn the game into a true esport, that might rival some of the top competitive esports. The esport is most popular in France, where most of the tournaments are held and from where most of the top players hail.

Trackmania Grand League (TMGL) 2022

In the Trackmania Grand League Spring 2022, sixteen players will compete for six weeks to become the winner of the tournament. You can follow the competition via different streams set up by the teams and support your favorite team live on Twitch channel, every Sunday at 8 PM CEST.

Trackmania Esports Top Players: Pac

Pac is one of the best Trackmania players as he won the Community-voted player Award as the best Trackmania player of the year in 2021. Pac was a UK-player with MNM Gaming esports, and resigned in 2022 after his outstanding performance in the game in 2021. The UK-based player won a prize of 4550 EUR after winning the December 2021 TMGL grand finale. He defeated GameWard’s Gwen and BDS’ Affi, who emerged the third and second, respectively. Furthermore, the best Trackmania team of the year was awarded to MNM Gaming, while the MNM shorts was awarded the best movie maker. The competition grand finale attracted over 20,000 viewers watching across different streams.

Apart from the TMGL fall 2021, Pac has participated in World Cup 2016; Gamers Assembly 2021, 2019, 2018; TMGL Beta Season, TMGL Winter 2021, etc.

The Top Trackmania Esports Earners

The current edition of Trackmania was released in 2020, and the prize money awarded from about 271 Tournaments is 195,497.62USD (as of March 2022). Some of the top players include Thomas Cole, Gwendal Duparc, Carl-Antoni Cloutier, Brendan Seve, etc. Below is the table of the Trackmania top five earners:

Name ID Country Team Earnings (USD)
Carl-Antoni Cloudtier Carl Jr Canada Flag Icon Canada Solary 31,293.36
Thomas Cole Pac United Kingdom UK Flag Icon UK MNM Gaming 24,374.77
Gwendal Duparc Gwen France Flag Icon France Gameward 17,643.84
Sebastien Affolter Affi Switzerland Flag Icon Switzerland No Team 7,523.75
Aurelien Bouard AureL France Flag Icon France No Team 7,401.49

(Table updated March 2022)

A Brief History of Trackmania

Trackmania is a racing game developed by Nadeo and Firebrand Games. As mentioned earlier, the game was first released in 2003, and after several iterations (such as Nations, Turbo, United, Build to Race and more) it was relaunched in 2020. From the start, the game did not choose the common trend of a car and a track; instead, players create their own tracks via a process similar to the Excitebike game of 1984. The track building process is also similar to the 1990 game stunts, and 1985 game Racing.

Trackmania Nations was released in January 27, 2006. It is also known as Trackmania Nations ESWC. The game was a part of promotion for the Trackmania and Electronic Sports World Cup. It was a free game with a new environment known as stadium. It comprised 100 single player tracks; and was more advanced earlier versions in terms of gameplay and design. However, one of its attractive features is the leader board where gamers compete for the best points and times.

Trackmania United was announced on June 30, 2006. This one combined all the earlier versions. The game allows players to share custom contents quickly and it supports a central ranking system, thanks to its peer-to-peer networking system. Later on, this version was updated to Trackmania United Forever with four principal features, including Platform, Race, Puzzle, and Stunt. Other versions of the game include Trackmania Nations Forever, Trackmania DS, Trackmania Turbo. Trackmania Build to Race, etc.

In 2013 came TrackMania², a game spread over several seasons, including Canyon, Stadium, Valley, and Lagoon. 2016 saw the launch TrackMania Turbo for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

In 2020, Trackmania came into its own as a modern, subscription-based game, the game features regular updates and seasons, which are be included in the subscription.

How to make a Trackmania Map

One thing that sets Trackmania apart from other racing games, is that you can create your own Trackmania tracks. The Trackmania editor allows you to create and edit maps as much as you please.

First open Map Editor from the game menu. Then choose between basic and advanced mode. Now you can start building your own track in an empty stadium, using blocks which will automatically link up to adjacent blocks.

  • Use the left mouse button to place a block.
  • Use the right mouse button to rotate a block.
  • The mouse wheel will increase or decrease height.
  • Enter will let you open racing mode.
  • Pressing the Alt key will put you in free look mode, where you can use the mouse to zoom, move or look around.

You can test your track and edit it as often as you please.

Trackmania In-game Betting

Trackmania Esports betting is not yet common; however, you can take advantage of some in-game betting using coppers and planets on certain servers. Depending on the admin specifications, you can select up to 20 to 1000 planets/coppers to bet on the game.

In Trackmania, coppers are in-game currency that can be used to get virtually anything, including Skins, Mods, Tracks, 3D, etc. You can earn coppers in various ways, including waiting, clicking tapping trophy icon on the track, etc. Players get about 50 to 80 Copper each day they sign in to Trackmania United. Also, get can also get it free by clicking the trophy icon on your first official time on track. Note that subsequent attempts cost 10 coppers.

Trackmania Betting for Real Money

Trackmania is not as popular as other esports games; hence, you might not find them at many popular esports betting sites yet. However, with the launch of TMGL 2022, we expect that more esports bookies will pick it up. Trackmania betting can be done in three simple steps; first, register and deposit at your favorite esports site. Then, select your player and place your bet. Finally, your winnings will be credited to your account if you win.


Trackmania is an entertaining and promising esport that has caught the attention of several top-ranking bookies. And, it is expected to be available on some leading esports sites soon. We are on the lookout for any bookies that offer bets on Trackmania, and will post them here whenever the game becomes available.

Trackmania Betting FAQs

Is Trackmania an esport?

Trackmania is an exciting esports game that was relaunched in 2020. The most important league is the Trackmania Grand League, with a $22,879.22 total prize pool for 2022.

Can I bet on Trackmania?

So far, we have not found any bookies that offer Trackmania betting. However, if we find any in the future, we will add them to this page. Probably Rivalry, betway, or GG.BET, will likely add the game soon.

How much do Trackmania pros make?

Top Trackmania players earn several thousands of US dollars. As you can see from the table above, Carl Junior earned up to 31,293.36 USD, while Pac and Gwen earned 24,374.77USD and 17,643.84USD, respectively (as of March 2022).

Who are the best Trackmania players?

One of the best Trackmania players is Thomas Cole, who goes by the nickname Pac. The player won community-voted player of the year award in 2021. Based on earnings, other top Trackmania players include Carl-Antoni Cloutier, Gwandal Duparc, and Sabestien Affolter.

Can I bet coppers in Trackmania?

Coppers are game-specific currencies used in Trackmania, players can use it do almost everything in the game, including 3D cars, Mods, Skins, etc. Trackmania betting with coppers or planets is available on some servers.

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