IEM SC2 Season IX Katowice 2015 | Starcraft 2

 Starcraft 2 - IEM Season IX Katowice 2015 | SCIIIEM Season IX – World Championship is the last event for this season. It will conclude who is the best among the players who qualified through the Intel Extreme Master Season 9 events and through regional qualifiers. It will be held in Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland. The intense and exciting event will start on March 12 until March 15.

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IEM Season IX Katowice 2015 – Starcraft 2 WC Facts:

  • Date: March 12, 2015 – March 15, 2015
  • Venue: Spodek Arena Katowice, Poland
  • Total Prize Pool: $117,707 and 7,000 WCS Points
  • 16 Players ( 5 Protoss, 7 Terrans, 4 Zergs)

Format SCII Katowice 2015:


  • Eight players from the winners and runner-ups of the four event of Intel Extreme Master Season IX
    • 2 spots each from IEM Shenzhen, IEM Toronto, IEM San Jose, IEM Taipei


  • Eight players from the 3 qualifiers on each different server. Each qualifier is in a single-elimination format
    • 3 spots from the Asian qualifier, 2 spots from the American qualifier, 3 spots from the European qualifier

Main Tournament

  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Matches are best of five
  • Grand finals is best of seven

Prize Pool Distribution Katowice 2015 | Starcraft 2 

The total prize pool is $117,707 and 7,000 WCS Points.

1st Place: $68,707 and 1,500 WCS Points

2nd Place: $15,000 and 800 WCS Points

3rd-4th Place: $7,000 and 550 WCS Points

5th-8th Place: $3,000 and 400 WCS Points

9th-16th Place: $1,000 and 250 WCS Points

Livestream: IEM World Championship 2015 Starcraft 2

All matches of the Starcraft 2 tournament at IEM Katowice are streamed live and for free. You can watch the stream here on this website. Just click play to start the live stream and have fun with the matches of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2015!

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