GSL Betting: Global Starcraft II League 2021

The Global Starcraft II League (GSL) is a StarCraft-II-Competition, hosted by GomTV and Blizzard Entertainment in South Korea

In the GSL Starcraft 2 players compete against each other in two Leagues (Code-S-Major League und Code-A-Minor League). The GSL matches are streamed live from monday to friday on GomTV.  There is also an english stream for the non korean viewers. The common matches of the GSL take place from monday till wednesday, the matches of the Global StarCraft II Team-League (GSTL) from thursday till friday.

The highlights of the GSL are its frequent tournaments, which we will introduce you below.


2010 Open Seasons

The 2010 Open Seasons was the first GSL-Tournament and consisted of three tournaments with a prize pool of € 380.000 (the biggest to this point in the history of e-sports). Apart from the prize money, the players competed for a spot in the upcoming Code-S and Code-A leagues.


Sponsorship League

The Sponsorship League is a  SC 2 Tournament, which happends several times a year and in which the top gamers of the korean compete against each other.


World Championship

The World Championship is an anual tournament to whom eight players from around the world are invited to battle against the top 8 players from Korea.


Super Tournament

The Super Tournament is an anual tournament where 64 gamers play for a prize pool of € 130.000. The participants are determined by their last years GSL score.


Blizzard Cup

The Top-10-Players of the GSL are qualified  for the Blizzard Cup. In the Blizzard Cup the Player ranked number 10 playes against the player ranked ninethed. The winner of this game then playes against the player ranked number 8 and so on.


Bets on the Global Starcraft II League (GSL)

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