2015 Starcraft II StarLeague Season 2

Starcraft StarLeague Season 2 2015The 2015 Starcraft II StarLeague Season 2 is one of the two Korean leagues of the 2015 Starcraft II World Championship Series, GOMeXP Global StarCraft II League being the other one. Cho Seong Ju also known as Maru, a terran player who is currently playing for Jin Air Green Wings, recently took the championship for the StarLeague Season 1 defeating Cho Joong Hyuk also known as Dream, a terran player playing for SK Telecom T1, in a series 4 to 1. Also, SBENU will be the sponsor for the next season of StarLeague.

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2015 Starcraft II StarLeague Season 2 Facts

  • Date: 04/02/2015- 06/20/2015
  • Location: Nexon Arena in Seoul, South Korean
  • Total Prize Pool: ₩77,400,000
  • 28 players (12 Protoss, 6 Terran, 10 Zerg)

Format:2015 Starcraft2 StarLeague Season 2


  • 24 players in a single round of 12 Up-and-Down matches
  • 15 players come from the Qualifiers and 9 players are seeded
  • Matches are Best-of-five
    • The winner of the Best-of-5 advance to the Group Stage
    • The loser of the Best-of-5 is eliminated and may qualify through the following season’s qualifiers.

Main Event:

Group Stage:

  • The advancing players will be then divided into four groups with 4 players each, played in double-elimination match.
  • Matches are Best-of-three
  • First and second placers in the group advances to playoffs.


  • 8 players in a single-elimination bracket.
    • Quarterfinals: Best-of-five
    • Semifinals: Best-of-seven
    • Finals:Best-of-seven

Prize Pool Distribution:

Total Prize Pool is ₩77,400,000 and 10,850 WCS Points.

1st Place: ₩40,000,000 and 2,000 WCS Points

2nd Place: ₩10,000,000 and 1,250 WCS Points

3rd-4th Place: ₩4,500,000 and 900 WCS Points

5th-8th Place: ₩2,000,000 and 600 WCS Points

9th-12th Place: ₩1,000,000 and 400 WCS Points

13th-16th Place: ₩1,000,000 and 300 WCS Points

17th-28th Place: ₩200,000 and 50 WCS Points

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