2015 Global Starcraft II League Season 2

Global Starcraft II League Season 2 2015The 2015 Global Starcraft II League Season 2 is now starting. The season 1 concluded with Lee Seung Hyun, a zerg player from KT Rolster and also known as Life, winning against Won Lee Sak, a protoss player from yoe Flash Wolves and also known as PartinG, in a series 4 to 3. In addition, this season will have a Code A qualifiers unlike the previous season.

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2015 Global Starcraft League Season 2 Facts

Date: 4/1/2015 – 6/28/2015

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Total Prize Pool: ₩103,200,000

56 players (21 Protoss, 20 Terran, 15 Zerg)


            Code A

  • Each player from the previous Code S Round of 32, besides the 8 players who advanced to the playoffs, is matched up against a qualified player.
    • The winner of Bo5 advances to Code S Round of 32
    • The losser of Bo5 is eliminated and may qualify through the next season’s qualifiers

            Code S

  • Round of 32 (Dual Tournament format)
    • All games are best-of-three.
    • Eight groups
    • The 4 players of each group are split into two pairs and will play with each other.
    • The winners of each match will both face in the Winner’s match.
      • The winner will be the first in the group and advances to the next stage which is the Round of 16.
    • The losers of the initial matches will face each other in the Loser’s match.
      • The loser will be placed fourth in the group and will fall to the next season Code A Round of 48.
    • The loser of the Winner’s match and the winner of the Loser’s match will face each other in a fifth match.
      • The winner gets second place in the group and advances to the Round of 16.
      • The loser places third in the group and will fall to the next season Code A Round of 48.
  • Round of 16 (Dual Tournament format)
    • Players will choose who will be in their group(also known as the Group Nomination)
    • Four groups
    • All matches are best-of-three.
    • The 4 players of each group in Round of 16 will face off similar to Round of 32.
  • Quarterfinals (Single-elimination playoffs)
    • All 8 players who make it to this round are seeded in next season’s Code S.
    • Quarterfinals: Best-of-five.
    • Semifinals: Best-of-seven.
    • Finals: Best-of-seven.

Prize Pool –  Global Starcraft League Season 2 | 2015

Code S

1st Place: ₩40,000,000 and 2,000 WCS Points

2nd Place: ₩10,000,000 and 1,250 WCS Points

3rd-4th Place: ₩4,000,000 and 900 WCS Points

5th-8th Place: ₩2,500,000 and 600 WCS Points

9th-12th Place: ₩1,500,000 and 400 WCS Points

13th-16th Place: ₩1,500,000 and 300 WCS Points

17th-24th Place: ₩850,000 and 150 WCS Points

25th-32nd Place: ₩850,000 and 100 WCS Points

Code A

1st-24th Place: ₩0 and advances to Code S

25th-48th Place: ₩400,000 and 50 WCS Points

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