Roller Champions Preview-High-Paced Gameplay

Roller Champions by Ubisoft could be the next big esports title! The game was to be released in late spring 2022, but the official release date has not been confirmed. Continue reading our in-depth guide to know more about Roller Champions and its potential as an esport!

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What is Roller Champions?

Roller Champions is a roller-skating and ball game that has gained popularity since its free-to-play launch in late 2021. The game features smooth multi-layered movements that you can only learn through practice. It also requires you to maintain control of the ball at super speed to score and earn your team points. The gameplay takes place in an Arena with thousands of fans watching.

Gameplay Explained

Although the gameplay is unique and exciting, many people have compared it to top esports games like Rocket League. However, in one of the recent interviews, its developers were keen to note the main features that set Roller Champions apart. Notably, the game is designed for players who love competitive games. Also, the game is developed to look like a show which is why it takes place in an Arena.

The game is a melting point of different cultures and sports. Conversely, the game includes some basketball moves, handball techniques, and racing: All contributing to gameplay diversity. This game also caters to players who like speed games, arcade games and pinball. All this to say that the Roller Champions is a game of its kind and will have you exploring different gameplay mechanics all under one title.

What is the Objective of the Game?

The Roller Champions is a competitive 3v3 game, and the aim is to grab the ball and keep it in possession of your team, then make a lap counterclockwise to charge the goal. Once it’s set, you can throw in the goal to earn your team one point.

However, if you feel confident and competitive, you can decide to risk and forego the one point and charge the goal a second time. This time when you score, you will earn 3 points. If you decide to go all-in for a third lap, which is quite hard to do, it will earn you five points and your team will be the winner.

Notably, the first team to score the highest points after 7 minutes is termed the winner or the first team to garner all five points within this time frame.

Roller Champions Crossplay

Roller Champions is set to be launched with cross-platform play. Hence you can play it on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

When Will Roller Champions Release?

Roller Champions Release date has been pushed to a later date although most fans were expecting it late spring. It was previously planned to be out in the 2022-23 fiscal year ending March 31, 2022. However, a message posted on the game’s Discord server says the developers need more time.

Before the release of this highly anticipated game, you can stream other interesting esports games such as Rocket League, Street Fighter, and Tekken.

Key Features

Practice and experience are necessary to help you win the game

Unlike other esports games that come with multiple modifications, in Roller Champions, your experience helps you unlock fan tactics to help you stay competitive. Roller Champion is like an actual sport where to enhance your skill; you have to train on it. This means that patience and persistence are necessary.

Fun to play and watch

Roller Champions is not only fun to play but also to watch. The gameplay is interesting, and its fast-paced nature makes it even more appealing. Since different players have varying tactics, you can expect to see varying gaming tactics both from the defense and offense teams. If you are a beginner, the game gives you a fair chance to participate since all the characters are on stakes. Hence, you can easily gain speed like other experienced players.

All players have the same skill-base

All the three teams and characters start with the same skills; thus, they all have similar speeds and strengths. However, the performance of each depends on the gaming style of the player controlling the character. Usually, some players are very good at offence and others at defense. Therefore, in this game, the characters do not really matter; instead, your skills are what determine your competitiveness. With practice, you will develop your own playing style and tricks to give you an upper hand over your competitors

Incredible graphics and visual

The graphics are modern, and the impressive visuals will have you glued to your screen for days on end. The racing is smooth, and with a controller in hand, you will feel the rush of controlling the ball at breakneck speeds.

No need to spend money upgrading your character

As earlier mentioned, the characters have the same skill set, and the ability to be competitive is dependent on you as the player. Thus, you don’t have to buy new upgrades. Instead, you only need to practice and learn new tricks to give a competitive edge.

Pump to increase speed

When going down the track, you can increase your speed by pressing the left button on your controller, and this will help bend your knees ‘pump.’ This is only effective when going down the slope, and you have to be precise on when to release the button to avoid crushing into the walls.

Does it Have the Potential to be One of the Biggest Esports?

Just like other games in the Esports genre such as Rocket League, Roller Champions seems to be headed for the big esports audience. Rocket League began as a competitive game that most players were playing, and it later got recognition on the world stage. While it’s still too early to know for sure, the free-to-play game has already gained a huge following. Therefore, we can expect the game to gain popularity after the official launch.

Why You Should Play Roller Champions?

If you have played Rocket League, you will definitely like Roller Champions. The game is also suitable for new players since everyone has the same characters. Thus, you all start on the same experience level, and you can enhance your skill over time.

Additionally, with Roller Champions, you don’t have to upgrade. Instead, you can learn and craft your own skills and tricks to earn you a competitive edge. Also, you can learn these by watching other seasoned players during gameplay. This will help you understand placement and the game vision and learn how you can implement their moves.

Another incredible aspect of this game is that it requires more than just movement tricks. For example, your patience and ability to work as a team are among the elements that determine your performance.

Roller Champions FAQs

How to download Roller Champions?

After the official release, Roller Champions will be available for download on PC from the Ubisoft website. It will also be available on major gaming platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation.

How to get Roller Champions?

You will be able to play Roller Champions as soon as it’s released. Keep an eye on the Roller Champion’s Twitter page or on Discord.

When will Roller Champions be released?

It was set to be released late this spring, but there is no official date yet and if the rumours are something to go by, it might not be out yet by Spring. However, we are positive that it will be released sometime this year.

Is Roller Champions an esport?

The game is not yet an esport, but most fans believe that it has the potential to be as big as other sports related games which are already available!

Is Roller Champions Free to Play?

Absolutely. It is a free-to-play, skill-based game.

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