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With the DreamHack Winter 2017 for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the second major Esport tournament organized by DreamHack for PUBG is now here. Some time ago nobody would have thought about the success of the Shooter hit. But the game was able to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Last Man Standing games and is now one of the most played titles ever. In view of this triumph, Esport is not long in coming and seems to have exploded recently. And PUBG has also embraced the Esport betting scene. After the successful debut at the DreamHack Summer 2017, fans can now look forward to a new offshoot of the tournament series: DreamHack Winter 2017. The exciting thing is that the participation is open to every fan and it is not a tournament in the classical sense where only well-known names will play. At this tournament you can register as a 2-man team in advance and then play against many different teams on the DreamHack. This results in a Leaderboard distributed over the games, of which 48 teams still start into the decisive phase at the end. Finally, the winner will be found there.

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  • Date: 12/01/2017 – 12/04/2017
  • Location: Jönköping, Sweden, Europe
  • Prize Pool: 2 computers with the latest technical equipment.
  • Teams: atleast 48
  • Organizer: DreamHack
  • Betting Odds available
  • Livestream available

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As already mentioned, the DreamHack Winter 2017 is free for all players of PlayerUnkown's Battleground. This means that a tournament awaits us which is very different from classic esport tournaments. While you are used to the fact that only the elite teams and their players are allowed to participate, here everyone can participate, provided you register as a 2-man team in advance. As a result, countless teams will be taking part in the DreamHack Winter and we can expect non-stop PUBG action the first 2 days. The tournament is played in the First Person Perspective. Each victory and each defeat will determine the position of the teams in an overarching leaderboard from which the 48 best teams will start into the hot phase of the tournament. This means that the winner goes on to the next round, while the loser will unfortunately be eliminated from the tournament until there is only one team left in the end, which will then be allowed to call itself the champions of the DreamHack 2017 Winter. The prize that will be awarded to the winners are two computers with all the latest technical equipment.

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So far, there are no Esport bets for the DreamHack winter, it is also questionable if there will be odds for the first part of the tournament, because of the mass of teams that will be competing, it's probably quite difficult to find fair bets for PUBG here. Nevertheless, there will probably be bets for the decisive second part of the DreamHack, when the finalists are determined.

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