Broadcaster Royale Tournament Overview and Betting Odds

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One of the most anticipated PUBG tournaments of the year, the Broadcaster Royale tournament is crawling ever closer. We’re just a few days away from the start and people are hyped for it. We’ll be seeing plenty of 2-man teams attempting to beat the rest and reach the finals. Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament betting options are also plenty, especially considering there are 80 teams in play. PUBG betting enthusiasts are sure to welcome this opportunity to enjoy some of these odds.

Regarding the tournament itself, there’s not a lot to say. It will open a new chapter in the PUBG book and other players are sure to start joining the fray as time goes by. Until then, we have an interesting and fun tournament on our hands that will be closely watched by thousands. So, what’s there to know about the Broadcaster Royale – find out by reading through the entire article!

PUBG Broadcaster Royale 2018 | Tournament Facts

Who is going to win?

Tournament Format

Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament features an interesting tournament format because of the number of teams. Since, well, you don’t exactly play with more than one person on your time usually (like CS: GO or any of the MOBAs). Basically, the first leg of the tournament is the group stage. There are two groups filled with 40 teams each. We don’t know what teams are in play and in which group they’ll be placed, but that’s soon to be revealed.  Once the group stage is done, we’re on to the grand finals with 40 teams. In other words, the top 20 from each group go through. That’s all there is to it!

Who is going to win?

Broadcaster Royale Betting Odds

Now for the most important thing for all you eSports betting fans out there – Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament betting odds and options. THere's no need to worry about anything, the best eSports bookies have already recognized the looming importance of PUBG as an eSport. With that being said, they are surely going to cover the basic wagers once the tournament starts.

Schedule and Results

Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament is already finished, but I am sure many of you already know this. There was some hectic action going on in both groups and then, in the end, in the grand finals as well. Here are the 5 most successful teams that showed their might and brought home a hefty chunk of the $300,000 total prize pool.

  1. Les Krotins
  2. ASM
  3. 68+1
  4. SKR
  5. ambush

Who is going to win?

Broadcaster Royale Livestream

The Broadcaster Royale wouldn’t be complete without a livestream to follow all the action. As a matter of fact, every competitor in the Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament is required to stream on Twitch during the tournament. If they don't comply with this one simple rule, they would automatically be disqualified. So, with that in mind, if you are looking to enjoy Broadcaster Royale PUBG tournament livestream, pick your favorite team/player and watch the stream on Twitch!

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