What to Expect from Promod in 2022?

Today, we’re here to talk about a high-potential first-person shooter that could, if everything goes according to plans, pose as a direct competitor to the main FPS esport titles. Promod is the name, it’s based on the popular Call of Duty mod, and we’re here to see if it can stand up to its expectations!

So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with the best Promod esports betting sites… or, more precisely, the best sites that are likely to have Promod betting odds upon launch:

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What is Promod?

Let’s start off with the basics – what is Promod?

Promod is a tactical first-person shooter, in many ways similar to the likes of VALORANT and CSGO. Heck, even Rainbow Six, for that matter. The game is also played in a 5 vs 5 manner and aims to bring a highly competitive experience for everyone involved.

The gameplay is going to be phenomenal, at least that’s what the closed beta suggests. The game is made by professional FPS game developers, though they do have an unsuccessful esports attempt to their tally already.

Yep, Bulkhead Studios’ Battalion 1944 was a failed FPS esports title that was their first real test in the competitive waters of FPS. But, fingers crossed this experience helped them understand Battalion’s flaws and that they’ll now do a much better job with Promod.

When Will Promod Be Released?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this piece, Promod release date is yet to be announced. The game is still in its closed beta phase, though the gameplay (even right now) looks pretty polished. There’s still a ton of work to be done, don’t get us wrong, but the basis has been nicely set up.

Hopefully, we will get a concrete release date before the end of summer. Also hopefully, the release date will be sometime this fall. However, that’s just speculation at this point.

Promod Betting Expectations

What about Promod betting? Are we going to see concrete betting lines with the first real tournaments? Well, it’s difficult to say anything at this point. The game is still in early beta so there’s no betting action yet.

If there’s one thing we can notice, though, it’s that there’s none of that hype that VALORANT had in its beta. Remember how Twitch pushed the game with sponsored livestreams prior to its release – it was a whole new marketing plan unlike anything else we had seen before.

Expected Betting Options

Still, we’re bound to get Promod betting coverage eventually, be it with or without generous esports bonuses. When we do, we’re likely to get the following betting markets:


Nothing crazy here; just a straightforward match-winner wager. You pick a team you think will win the match – guess correctly and you’ll win the bet.


These bets give an artificial advantage to the underdogs (f.e. +1.5 maps), and artificial disadvantage to the favorites (f.e. -1.5 maps) and you’re supposed to guess the final outcome of the match with the advantage/disadvantage in place.

Rounds/Maps Totals

This is a basic over/under type of bet typically available when betting on FPS games. The bookie gives you an estimated number of rounds or maps and it’s on you to guess if the final count will be lower or higher.

Player vs. Player Kills

These are typically available during the biggest CSGO and VALORANT events, Long story short, the bookmakers give you two players and you’re supposed to pick the one you believe will have more kills at the end of the match… plain and simple!


Let’s not forget about outrights either! Instead of betting on the outcome of a single match, outrights allow you to bet on the outcome of the whole event. The odds are higher, but so is the risk.

Expected Esports Ecosystem

As for the expected esports ecosystem, it’s likely that we’re going to see a completely decentralized approach. Bulkhead is in no position to create a centralized system as that would not only require massive costs on their end, but would also limit the game’s initial potential.

What Makes Promod Different To Other FPS Titles?

From what we’ve seen thus far, the game looks like a mix and mash of Call of Duty, VALORANT and CSGO. It’s just as fast as VALORANT but has CSGO’s realistic approach to models. Promod also has a lot of verticality and narrow chokepoints which will make both VALORANT and CSGO players feel right at home.

The TTK mechanics (time to kill) are short, and there’s a bit of emphasis on the tactical elements, especially in post-plant situations. There are also unique mechanics such as the silent plant, but I’m sure we’re going to see more radical changes before the game’s official release.

Promod Esports and Betting Potential

Even though Promod is not being developed by Ubisoft, Riot Games, or Valve, we can’t deny that it has solid esports potential. Truth be told, it’s difficult for smaller, lesser-known game developers to make competitive esports these days.

Alongside all this, Promod betting potential is there as well. The expectations are high across the board, which could be a double-edged sword in the long run. If the game doesn’t become an instant success, both in terms of gameplay and esports exposure (read competitiveness), then Bulkhead might panic and that could result in another unsuccessful attempt at tackling the likes of popular FPS games like CSGO and Rainbow Six.

Promod FAQs

What is Promod?

Promod is an upcoming first-person shooter developed by Bulkhead, built to be a competitive esports franchise much like CSGO, VALORANT, and Rainbow Six.

Who is Behind Promod?

Promod is developed by Bulkhead, a game development team with plenty of experience in the industry. Unfortunately, though, their previous attempt to create an FPS game fell short with Battalion 1944 failing to reach people’s expectations.

When is Promod Coming Out?

The game is currently in the closed beta phase and we still have no information about the release date. Fingers crossed we’ll get open beta this summer and, hopefully, the official release sometime by the end of the year.

IS Promod Going to Be Popular?

It’s difficult to say right now. There’s potential, that’s for sure, but with direct competitors as strong as CSGO and VALORANT, there’s no way we can predict how and if Promod is going to be popular. Ideally, Promod would have to captivate enough attention from the fanbases of both camps and steal quite a bit of players if it is to reach even the heights of the aforementioned FPS giants.

What are Promod’s Direct Competitors?

As mentioned earlier, Promod’s direct competitors are other FPS esports titles. We’re mainly talking about VALORANT and CSGO, both of which share lots of gameplay similarities to Bulkhead’s game. However, we’re talking about a tactical FPS here which means Rainbow Six players are likely to be interested too.

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