Learn about Unikrn’s new esports skill betting platform: Umode. Unikrn Umode allows you to bet on yourself using real money on most of the most popular esports titles. This article will tell you how to sign up, as well as give you some useful tips and tricks!


What is Unikrn Umode?

An example of what placing a wager on Umode looks like

Unikrn's newest platform, Umode, was released in March 2020, and provides a new way for you to bet on yourself while playing your favorite esports games.

The service works by allowing you to connect your accounts for your favorite games and then offering betting odds for you to choose from, depending on how well you think you will place.

You will be offered three different betting odds. Generally, they follow the pattern of: average finish, low payout odds, good/great finish, better payout odds,  and winning finish, best payout odds.

Below, we've listed the games that Umode allows you to wager on:

To learn more about the bookmaker in general, check out our Unikrn esports review.

How to Get Started with Umode

To get started playing Umode matches, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

  1. Create an account with Unikrn.
  2. Make an initial deposit to the site.
  3. Find your favourite game from the list of titles offered on Umode.

Connect your account associated with that specific game. Often, you will have to complete a security step to confirm your identity. For League of Legends, you will be asked to change your avatar to match a specific one.

Choose your odds and enter an amount to wager. For some titles, you'll need to have reached a certain level or tier in ranked mode to participate. For League of Legends and TeamFight Tactics, the minimum ranked tier to play Umode is Silver IV.

You're now ready to playing! It is important to begin your game within 20 minutes of accepting the bet, otherwise it will be voided.


How to Earn Money on Umode

The best way to bet on yourself with Umode and make some profit is to take it slow and think of a good approach. It is important to understand that Umode is built from an algorithm that tracks your stats in a game, and adjusts itself accordingly.

This means that the better you get at a game, the smaller your potential payout will be.

While this stance holds in a vacuum (as the player gets better, their competitors stay the same) it does not hold in ranked mode, where winning matches only pits you against better foes.


So, How Do We Beat the System?

Our approach for Umode was to play a game we hadn't played in a while: TeamFight Tactics. About a year ago, we had peaked at Diamond I (92 RP LoL).

This meant that when we came back to the game after some time off, we had slipped down a few divisions, and we were confident we could place well in the lower division we were in.

We played a game at our current rank and placed our wager. We believe this strategy is a good way to make some easy profit on Umode.

Another potential way to earn money on Umode is to reverse boost. Reverse boosting is a well-known concept in the gaming industry, especially for content creators. It refers to the process of playing below your ability level in order to face off against lesser opponents.

Content creators will reverse boost in order to get better gameplays to upload to YouTube. Korean Savage, Swagg, and Huskers have been known to use reverse boosting.

This tactic could also be used to trick the Umode algorithm into thinking you are not as good as you actually are, and to earn real money playing games on Umode.

To get even more useful tips, head over to our esports academy, where you'll be able to learn how to make money by playing games.


Unikrn UMode FAQs

Can another person play in my place during a UMode match?

While no one is technically stopping you from trying, Unikrn has bots tracking each player’s match history, and will ban you if your Umode match history looks suspicious.


Umode is not technically considered betting, so it is available in regions where traditional ways to make money on esports are not allowed. Umode is currently possible for esports betting in India and in Canada. Unfortunately, players from the United Kingdom and Australia are restricted at the moment.

According to VentureBeat, Unikrn Umode is available in 41 states and many European countries. Read Unikrn’s Terms and Conditions to learn more.


Is Umode considered fair and safe for players?

Unikrn is one of the most trusted sports betting sites out there, and being one of their products, Umode is no different.

We tested out Umode for ourselves, following each step as outlined in the section above the last, and received our money very soon after the game had been completed.

Regarding Umode's fairness, that question must be answered with a grain of salt, as all opportunities to make real money esports betting or wagering will slightly favour the house.


How easy is it to bet on yourself using Umode?

It is super easy to get started using Umode. Just follow the directions in the “How to Get Started” section and enjoy playing your favourite games for real money!


Where can I play Umode?

Since Umode is technically not betting, more states and regions have access to the service.


How often can I play Umode?

There is no limit to how many games of Umode you can play!


Is there a limit to how much I can wager on Umode?

Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much you can wager on Umode. This limit depends on many factors, including how much you play and the game you are playing.


What happens if I run into a cheater?

Great question! If you run into a cheater during a Umode match, you can contact their customer service team with evidence showing the player cheated. They will look into the matter and grant a refund if the evidence is clear.


Do other esports betting sites have a service similar to Umode?

No. Currently, none of the other popular esports betting sites have their own version of Umode.

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