Top 5 CS:GO Tournaments with the highest prize money!

CSGO Counter Strike LogoSince the rise of the CS:GO scene, particularly after the arms deal update, the prize pools in tournaments have gone up significantly so as the number of tournaments coming to light. Valve has a fixed prize pool for their tournaments set at $250,000 which is the highest prize pool in CS:GO at the moment. With the growth of esports and Counter-Strike the prize pool amounts will raise for sure.
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The Top 5 CS:GO Tournaments with the highest prize pool

DreamHack Winter 2013 – $250,000

dreamhack-winter-2013-csgoAlmost all of the players you are watching today participated in this tournament. This is also the first and largest prize pool ever in CS:GO history and is sponsored by Valve. This is the time where NiP were the most dominant team in CS:GO while fnatic were dealing with new roster changes. fnatic replaced MODDII for the sole reason of defeating Ninjas in Pyjamas and VeryGames. They had disappointing losses against VeryGames in Ninjas in Pyjamas in their previous meetings. What better way to get revenge than to defeat your rivals in the most significant event in CS:GO current history. fnatic beat NiP in a tough series winning the first major title in a 2-1 victory.

ESL Major Series One: Katowice 2014 – $250,000

esl-major-series-one-katowice-2014-csgoOne of the most shocking majors as yet  NiP fails again to secure their first title. was able to beat NiP 2-0 in the grand finals to take their first major title. This was a shocker since just re-entered the CS:GO scene again with a new roster playing their first event together. The event also broke CS:GO records at the time having 6.2 million viewers. More about the tournament ->

ESL One: Cologne 2014 – $250,000

esl-one-cologne-2014-csgoComing off a record breaking 6.2 million viewers, ESL decided to host another community funded tournament. There was a lot of speculation on how fnatic’s new roster would perform this tournament and they did not disappoint immediately securing a spot in the upper brackets winning the group stages 2-0. Meanwhile, Ninjas in Pyjamas are the favorites again to finally win their first title with their legendary roster that won 87 straight. NiP met with their rivals LDLC in the semifinals and won the thrilling series 2-1. fnatic and NiP would eventually meet in the finals and NiP would claim their first major title winning the series 2-1 against fnatic.

DreamHack Winter 2014 – $250,000

dreamhack-winter-2014-csgoPrior to the event, after a series of poor performances by Team LDLC they announced a new exciting roster change replacing 4 of their places leaving Happy in the team with NBK, SmithZz, shox and kioShiMa. Team LDLC wasn’t suppose to compete in this tournament because they didn’t have a spot in the challengers group. By some stroke of luck, Titan’s KQLY was hit by a VAC ban for cheating and Titan would be disqualified from the tournament paving way for Team LDLC to take their spot. They were put to the test as early as the group stages facing NiP followed by fnatic in the quarterfinals. They were prevailing game after game straight to the finals meeting up with their soon to be rivals and defending champions NiP. They would defeat NiP in a convincing and thrilling fashion winning the series 2-1 in a tight knit match. Read more about the tournament ->

ESL One: Katowice 2015 – $250,000

esl-one-katowice-2015-csgoPrior to the event, EnVyUS took over Team LDLC’s spot by signing their players. Team SoloMid also took over Team Dignitas’ spot by signing their players too. This major marks the first time that NiP would not be considered one of the favorites for the tournament with their poor performance and new roster change. fnatic, coming into this tournament, looked phenomenal winning event after event. They continued their good performance by winning their first 6 maps sweeping everyone and quickly advancing to the grand finals. NiP also continued their streak of now having 5 straight finals appearances in Valve’s major tournaments. The two teams faced each other in the finals and produced one of the most thrilling finals in history having a score line of 16:14 Fnatic, 10:16 NiP and 16:13 Fnatic. More about the CS:GO ESL One Katowice 2015 ->

ESL One: Cologne 2015 – $250,000

esl-one-cologne-2015-csgoFnatic continued their dominant 2015 run all the way to the next major looking like an invincible team. Team EnVyUs also had a recent swap acquiring kennyS and apEX from titan and lost shox and SmithZz in return. They didn’t have that much playing time together coming to this major but the raw talent and firepower was there. fnatic had a nail biter win against VP losing to them in the first game and winning the next game by 16:14 while EnVyUs eliminated the upbeat TSM team to advance to the finals. fnatic and EnVyUs met in the finals and looks to be an exciting series. The first game went into overtime where fnatic rallied to win 4 straight in overtime to take the first game. EnVyUs looked demoralized and showed signs of inexperience in the second game being crushed by fnatic 16:7. fnatic secured their second straight title and 3rd overall title overall. More about the ESL One Cologne 2015 ->

DreamHack Cluj-Napoca – $250,000

dreamhack-cluj-napoca-csgoEnVyUs looks hungry to take their first title as a team showing good form prior to the event while their top rivals looks to be in a major slump. They eliminated fnatic in the quarterfinals and even humiliating them in a 16-2 elimination game. They were met in the semifinals by a sizzling G2.Esports team. They got surprised in the first game losing to G2.Esports and were on the ropes of getting eliminated by G2.Esports in the 2nd game. G2 forced the game into overtime after making a comeback which looks to be the game of the year in the making where the game went into 3 overtimes. EnVyUs managed to take the game 25:21 and gained their momentum and took game 3. They met NaVi in the finals who were on phenomenal form but EnVyUs was able to take map out of NaVi’s map pick and eventually took home the trophy. More about the Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015 ->

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