Dubai will host the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018

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The year is coming to an end and with it one of PUBG's biggest eSports tournaments is approaching, yes, you're not wrong, despite the great popularity Fortnite has taken in recent months, PUBG has not died and this tournament is proof of that. Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation join forces to bring PUBG Mobile Star Challenger 2018 to life in Dubai. Of course, you can find all the information relevant to this tournament here, in eSports betting, from betting odds, live streaming and teams. What do you expect? If you are a fan of eSports betting and this is the place for you!

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PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 | Facts

  • Dates: 11.29 – 12.01.2018
  • Tournament Type: Offline
  • Venue: Arena by InterContinental Festival, Dubai
  • Number of teams: 20
  • Number of rounds: 12
  • Game Mode: TPP Squadron
  • Prize pool: $400,000 USD ($600,000 total, including the qualifiers)

Who is going to win?

Tournament Format

The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 will have 12 rounds, where the 20 teams will have to give the best of themselves to be able to add points based on their ranking and position in each round, and in the end, take the much-desired prize. Each participating player will be playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, awarded by the South Korean company for the grand final disputed in Dubai.

Betting odds

At the time of publication of this article there are no betting odds available for the PUBG Star Challenge 2018, but this could change a few hours before the tournament begins, when bookmakers open their markets for all matches in this great event. Once the odds are available, you will be able to find a comparison of odds from various bookmakers and make your decision.

Teams and players

Here you can find out who the teams of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 will be and their respective players. Do you think any team has an advantage in this tournament? If so, demonstrate your knowledge and bet on that team.

Big Russian Bot PUBG Logo Big Russian Bot: Tortee, АраРуSHlT, DGR, Arxy              BRK Gaming PUBG Logo BRK Gaming: Tusi, Cave, ZoDK, Baraka
Bigetron Esports PUBG Logo Bigetron Esports: Luxxy, KinGzz, NaTic, Zuxxy                Cloud9 PUBG Logo Cloud9: Rolex, Karnage, Cotto, SammmL
GG Gamers PUBG LogoGG_Gamers: 7mani, M7KUWAIT, pubgmgcc44, GGx       Douyu GT PUBG Logo Douyu GT: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
EVOS Esports PUBG Logo EVOS Burnout: Bullshark, Jayzii, oX, Earnny                    Douyu LH PUBG Logo Douyu LH: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
Gankstars PUBG Logo Gankstars: Angry, Zootay, Pyrrha, Everfury                      Hairo PUBG Logo Hairo: Hayro, Knreis, DOCH, ErkaN
KR Winner Chicken Dinner PUBG Logo KR Winner Chicken Dinner: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD            RRQ Athena PUBG Logo RRQ Athena: SENIOR, g9, ISONG, D2E
Illuminate Gen.Z PUBG Logo Illuminate Gen.Z: JCZ, EchoGamer, tAZzY, Maroon5     Team Full Send PUBG Logo Team Full Send: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
The Comfortable Penguin PUBG Logo Comfortable Penguin: Liusu, 1762, han, Weirdo17        Team Galaxy PUBG Logo Team Galaxy: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
Team Japan PUBG Logo Team Japan: Rei_ishi, AVG-DOGGY, GGZ-Anatu, PNS-Saltgea
The Terrifying Nightmare PUBG Logo The Terrifying Nightmare: Sakriya Puri, Anand Puri, Mehul Dey, Amit Sharma
Wilrdcard Gaming PUBG Logo Wildcard Gaming: HotJukes, CGUT, Lucifer, Outsider9k

Prize Pool

The grand final of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 tournament will feature $400,000 USD in prizes to be distributed among all participating teams. The teams that make it to the top three places in the event will be awarded $350,000 USD between them. That's a pretty substantial sum, and the entire tournament, including the qualifiers, had a prize pool of $600,000 USD. So, I'm sure all the teams will want to take a slice of the cake, who would want to go home empty-handed?


Luckily for us eSports fans, we'll be able to watch the tournament live on our website via Twitch, just click the play button once the tournament has started. Don't miss the PUBG Mobile Star Challenger 2018 action!

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