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PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 PosterI'm sure many of you are familiar with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds‘ (PUBG from now on) amazing rise to success lately. This battle arena game has already broken several records on Steam and it doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon.

Even though Fortnite Battle Royale, a game with a similar concept, is kicking things off in the free to play market section, there is nothing stopping PUBG from becoming the next big thing in the eSports community.

This claim is backed up by several PUBG tournaments lately, the biggest one being at Gamescom where it made its first steps onto the big stage. Now, we've been blessed with an announcement that a huge PUBG tournament will be organized by Intel Extreme Masters. More precisely, PUBG IEM Oakland 2017! Let's see what can we expect from this one!

PUBG Icon PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Tournament Facts

  • Start Date – 18th November 2017
  • End Date – 19th November 2017
  • Number of Teams – 20
  • Location – Oakland, CA, USA
  • Venue – Oracle Arena
  • Total Prize Pool – $200,000
  • Game Mode – Squad FPP

PUBG Icon PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Betting Options and Sites

Top Betting sites for 2017 Pubg IEM Oakland

For those of you want to bet on this tournament, I am happy to notify you there will be plenty of options available. However, there is still a bit of time left until the official start of PUBG IEM Oakland 2017. With that said, you can already find several eSports bookies getting their wagers and odds ready for the upcoming spectacle. The likes of Bet365, Pinnacle and other huge eSports betting websites will create PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 wagers. Knowing their reputation, there will surely be a lot of good odds available.

PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Betting Odds Comparison

With just a few more days to go before the official start of this tournament, it's time to take a closer look at which eSports bookies provide the best odds. So, without any further adue let's kick it off:


Pinnacle is doing its best to keep on the throne of eSports bookies. After receiving several awards in 2016 for being among the best and most innovative eSports betting options, they're keeping their hard work up. For PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 they are presenting a ton of available bets and quite decent odds. The ones you're probably most interested in are the 3 shown below: Winner, Top 3 Finish, and Region of Winner. Here are the odds:

Pinnacle esports betting Logo Pinnacle Sports Pinnacle esports betting LogoPUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Pinnacle WinnerPUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Pinnacle Top 3 FinishPUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Pinnacle Region of Winner>> check current odds at Pinnacle Sports >>

In addition to these 3 types of bets, Pinnacle also allows you to bet on each of 8 game rounds. If you're interested in those bets make sure you drop a look while the odds are still high.


Moving onto Bet-at-home, they're becoming more and more active in recent months. With the sudden rise in PUBG's popularity, it comes as no surprise to see Bet-at-home featuring them on their website. However, they only feature the exact 3 types of bets featured above… but that's to be expected, right?! Here's what you can expect from Bet-at-home:

bet at home logo Bet-at-Home bet at home logoPUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Bet At Home WinnerPUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Bet At Home Top 3

PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 Bet At Home Region of Winner>> check current odds at Bet-at-Home >>

As you can see, the expectations and odds are roughly the same. There are a few oscillations but they are nothing significant. One thing to keep in mind – FaZe Clan has acquired Gorilla Core Team so don't let different names fool you – they are the same team.


Last but not least, we have BetWay. Even though they don't offer special bets like Pinnacle and Bet-at-home, they still provide decent odds for PUBG IEM Oakland 2017 winner bets. Here's what kind of odds you can expect from there:

Betway esports logo BETWAY Betway esports logoPUBG IEM Oakland 2017 BetWay Winner>> check current odds at Betway >>

As you can see, Gorilla Core eSports/FaZe Clan is the main contender for winning PUBG IEM Oakland 2017. All 3 bookies agree with this and are giving them 3.00 odds. Their main competitors will be aAa and TeamLiquid, both of which stand firm at 7.00. We're up for an interesting tournament, there's no doubt about that!


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