Bet365 is maxing out betting markets for LCS 2017

It’s that time of the year again, guys… The partly new 2017 LCS season starts in just a couple of days, meaning that the spotlights of the entire eSports community are slowly shifting back to League of Legends. After a hectic All-Star weekend in Barcelona, there wasn’t that much going on in the competitive League of Legends scene except for maybe the IEM series. But now, as day 1 of both NA and EU LCS is coming closer and closer, it is time to get a supply of snacks and energy drinks because it’s definitely going to be a proper blast!

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The LCS Spring Split starts with:


NA LCS 2017 LogoNA LCS starts with a clash of legends. TSM goes up against Cloud9 on Friday, January 20th. There’s no doubt we are up for a spectacle with the very first matchup. After the initial buzz settles down, get ready for another bloodbath with Echo Fox and Phoenix1 as the main actors.

Team Logo TSM NA LCS 2017 Team SoloMid vs. Team Logo Cloud9 NA LCS 2017 Cloud9
January 20th, 03:00 PM PST/ 06:00 PM EST/ 24:00 CET
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EU LCS 2017 LogoThe first day of EU LCS is not to be taken for granted either. With the first match featuring Origen who go up against H2K, European viewers are surely going to get entertained when the European league start on Thursday, January 19th. If that’s not enough, the second match is there to settle the score. With Fnatic matching up against G2 eSports, it’s needless to say that explosive action is guaranteed.

Team Logo Origen EU LCS 2017 Origen vs. Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K Gaming
January 19th, 08:00 AM PST/ 11:00 AM EST/ 17:00 CET 

Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017 G2 Esports vs. Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017 Fnatic
January 19th, 11:00 AM PST/ 02:00 PM EST/ 20:00 CE
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Which bet to pick for LCS 2017?

At the time of writing this article, online bookmaker Bet365 is the eSports betting website that provides its users with the biggest variety of bets. This is not surprising at all, especially considering Bet365 is famous for its absurd amount of eSports special bets. Even though the first matches will be played in almost a week from now, Bet365 already has the odds, bets and everything prepared for the spectacle. With that in mind, here’s a screenshot of what you can expect once you go on their website:

LCS Betting Markets Overview

Bet365 Logo2 BET365 Bet365 Logo2
special bets and betting options lcs2017 at bet365
Bet365 Bet Now Banner
check current odds at Bet365 >>

BET365 INFO: Find LCS betting in the menu on the left: E-Sports (LoL – LCS Spring Split)

How do the LCS special bets work?

Now that you can see the full list of available League of Legends LCS bets on Bet 365, let’s take a couple moments to look into some of the most popular ones. As we already mentioned earlier, the folks over at Bet365 really love special bets, which is why they always tend to include a whole bunch of them. With that in mind, let’s see what do they have to offer for their customers’ pleasure and entertainment during the first week of both NA and EU LCS!

Outright winner/regular season winner

These are the standard bets which are often seen at the start of all major tournaments. In the first bet (outright winner) you are supposed to guess which specific team is going to win LCS this split inlcuding the Playoffs. Nothing more, nothing less. Regular season winner bet, on the other hand, is won if you correctly guess which team will be standing in the first place after the end of regular season (not counting the playoffs that come afterward). Read more about the bet on outright LCS winner here.

Team to destroy first tower/inhibitor

These bets are won if you correctly guess which particular team will be the first to destroy one of the 2 buildings in the game as described above. The first tower is usually destroyed within the first 10-15 minutes, while it takes a minimum of 3 towers destroyed to be able to destroy an inhibitor on one of the lanes.

Team to kill the first dragon/baron

These bets are quite similar to the previous ones, except, now the objective is not destroying a building but killing one of 2 bosses in the game. Dragons are killed quite early in the game while baron takes at least 20 minutes in-game to be killed.

Total maps over-under/correct map score

These bets are quite similar given the fact they both rely only on BO3 and BO5 types of matchups. The first bet (over/under total maps) makes you guess how many maps will be played in the matchup. If it’s a BO5 match, there is a total of 3 possibilities – 3,4 or 5 maps. Correct map score, on the other hand, represents a bet in which you have to correctly guess the outcome of a BO3 or BO5 matchup. For example, in a BO3 scenario, the possibilities are as follows: 2:0. 2:1, 1:2, 0:2. As you could’ve guessed for yourself, BO3 has much more possibilities.

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