Is eSports betting at TonyBet Any Good?

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Esports didn't always have a major impact on gamers’ lives as it does today, but there’s always been admiration for it. As Esports evolved, so too did the environment around it. Esports betting quickly started becoming a thing and it too grew alongside Esports as a whole.

One great example of this growth is TonyBet; an Esports bookie dedicated to creating the best experience possible for betting lovers. Esports betting at TonyBet is sweet; you have everything you need in one place.

If you’re a fan of lol Esports and have been following the competitive scene for some time, this is one of the best places to start your betting hobby! In any case, there’s something special on offer regarding TonyBet:

If you visit the website now, you’ll find that there’s a 100% (Up to 100 Euros) bonus for new Esports players. All you have to do is register at TonyBet, make any deposit with the bonus code ESPORT100 and you’ll get your bonus!

TonyBet is a respected and trusted bookmaker for several reasons – a rich Esports game collection, and plenty of interesting bets. The betting process is simple as well; more on this in a bit.

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You won’t have to worry about licensing issues because there are none. TonyBet is registered in Estonia and follows the Estonian tax laws and laws on gambling. This means that they are allowed to operate on these grounds, which, in the end, means that they’re credible.

What are the Available Games at TonyBet?

TonyBet prides themselves with the selection of available games on the website. Even though the number itself isn't too high, the selection of tournaments is impressive, to say the least. There are two main categories of games:

  • Esports MOBA: Here, you’ll find League of Legends as well as Dota 2. These are the two most popular MOBA games at the moment and their Esports scene is incredible. It only makes sense that a high-quality bookmaker would include them as betting options.
  • Esports FPS: Again, two games in a category. The current most popular multiplayer/competitive FPS is CS:GO. Every larger tournament is filled with spectators and the teams are sharp most of the time. This ensure great action. The second one is Overwatch which is becoming increasingly popular as time goes by.

Currently, there are more than 65 available betting options for the FPS category and 15 for the MOBA’s. This is due to the pre-season in League of Legends and Dota 2 so there’s less to choose from.

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You can be sure that this is what you can expect from TonyBet on a constant basis.

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What are the Available Betting Types at TonyBet?

If you’re interested in placing Esports bets, you’ll mainly have two major options to choose from. In one case, you can select which team will win between the two (the odds are shown to you for each team). This is generally the simplest betting option to place because there’s a rough 50/50 chance for you to win.

Then there’s the outright winner. Most tournaments that feature a knockout stage will get presented to you with an outright winner option.

Sometimes, special bets appear but this all depends on the tournament and the game.

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Interested in CS:GO betting? No problem; just head over to TonyBet!

Does TonyBet Offer Only Esports Bets or Regular Sports as Well?

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Source: DailyStar

Esports betting is still relatively young, and TonyBet, along with other great bookmakers, has started out with regular sports. That is their main focus. However, since Esports is so huge right now, they’ve diverted some resources to create a working Esports betting system. And they succeeded at this task.

Some regular sports are boxing, darts, alpine skiing, Formula 1, baseball, tennis, etc. So there’s a pretty nice collection of sports!


Is it Easy Finding the Available Esports Bets at TonyBet

Not at all! Some bookies don’t pay too much attention to the design of their websites, but TonyBet isn’t a part of that group. The design is simple yet clear. You won’t lose yourself between the pages since everything has its place.

Esports bets can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the sports list (you can select it at the top of the website). There, you’ll find the FPS and MOBA categories we mentioned earlier.

Are TonyBet’s Esports Odds Reliable?

When it comes to betting odds at TonyBet; they’re very good. The bookies take great care in creating the odds so everything is fair. You won’t be ripped off and you might even win a bit more than somewhere else.

The truth is, TonyBet is one of the best bookies when it comes to the available Esports betting odds. If you want a place that you’ll visit regularly so you can place your favorite Esports bets – TonyBet is the place for you!


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What Payment Methods Does TonyBet Allow?

No matter what type of credit card or online wallet you have, TonyBet probably supports it. This is great news for everyone that loves betting because you won’t have to turn around and look elsewhere – a vast number of payment methods are accepted!

Here’s the full list:

  • Skrill – Visa and MasterCard – Neteller – PaySera – PayPal – Euteller – Paysafecard – Visa Qiwi Wallet – GiroPay – ecoPayz – Sofort – Bitcoin

The only method that you can’t use for withdrawal is PayPal. So keep that in mind if you plan on betting at TonyBet.

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How Good is TonyBet’s Customer Support?

The customer support team at TonyBet is astounding. They’re dedicated people who take their jobs seriously. They’re efficient and will try everything to help you solve a potential issue. Whatever the case may be, if you can’t solve it yourself, be sure to contact them.

You can contact them through E-mail or by phone. The customer support team is also available through live chat which is handy if you’re in a hurry!

Final Words

It’s not easy finding an Esports bookmaker that offers great Esports bets. But, once you start with TonyBet, you won’t need another one. Everything surrounding this bookmaker is positive; from the Esports betting system to the customer support.

And, in the end, there’s nothing left to say except – well done TonyBet!

Check it out yourself by visiting the link below:

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