CSGO ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge Tournament Overview and Betting Odds

CSGO ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge LogoWith ECS Season 4 Finals coming to the business end of the competition, a good portion of eSports fans is turning their heads towards other big CS:GO tournaments. Unfortunately, ECS Season 4 Finals are marking the end of FPS action for 2017 so we will have to look to the next one to find interesting matches.

Luckily though, we won't have to look far away since ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge is just around the corner. Even though there are no top teams competing in this CSGO tournament, it's still worth watching as it is the first real tournament of the year and definitely has a fair share of charm to its name. So, without any further adue let's see the main facts regarding it:

CSGO ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge Tournament Facts

  • Tournament Type: offline
  • Teams: 8
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Total Prize Pool: $50,000USD
  • Start/End date: 4th Jan 2018/8th Jan 2018

 CSGO ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge Betting Odds and Sites

I am sure most of you already know the most popular eSports bookmakers out there, but for the sake of keeping this article as informative as possible, here's a quick rundown for you:

CSGO ESEA Season 26 Global Challenge Betting Odds Comparison

Here you can see the full comparison of the odds available for this CSGO tournament. They are not sorted in any particular order but will still serve you quite well for the purpose of comparing which of these eSports betting websites has the best odds for the matches you wish to bet on.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, there are no betting options for this tournament available at any of the bookies mentioned below. Don't worry though, as soon as they become available we will make sure this article is updated with the latest ones. Cheers!


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