Vulcun’s connections with CSGO Jackpot has a twist to it

Vulcun LogoI am sure most of you are aware of the fact that Valve wants to shut down all skin gambling based sites after a public concerns saying they are promoting new ways for children and minors to bet online. With this being said, most of the above stated types of sites have already been shut down because of Valve's decision, which is not surprising considering the influence of one of the biggest names in gaming industry. To view all reliable CS betting sites with a real money betting option for CS:GO click here.

Now this would not be a particulary interesting story if another gaming industry giant – Vulcun did not want to invest in its share of the cake. After several reports depicting conversations in which it can be clearly seen that Vulcun has the desire to purchase several CSGO Skin gambling websites, their CEO made a formal announcement in which he denied the speculations completely. Here is what Ali Moiz, CEO of Vulcun said about the reports: „We explored the idea” with CSGO Shuffle, “but never issued a formal term sheet offer or other written offer.” They denied owning any “stake, major or minor, in any CSGO Skin site of any kind whatsoever.”

This may or may not be true ( we will discuss that later on ) but one thing is for sure – there definitely IS a connection between Vulcun and CSGO Jackpot because last July they formed a strategic partnership. Along the way, something must have went wrong because the founders of CSGO Jackpot left the project after just a couple of months ( after 2 months to be more precise ).

Lots of speculations remain claiming that Vulcun continued to operate CSGO Jackpot after its initial founders have bailed the project, perhaps even to this day. This is very likely to be true ( at least to an extent ) because one staff member of Vulcun stated that he works at CSGO Jackpot as well on their Twitter account. Moiz and the rest of Vulcun representatives did not want to go out in public with their statement after these speculations went public, which makes us wonder if they were lying about their connections with CSGO Skin gambling sites from the very start.

Another big factor in this story are Vulcun’s investors. Confident sources claim that Vulcun has been operating with CSGO Jackpot ever since its founders left it, and that they are operating still today. Truth be told, their investors ( Sequoia Capital – one of the biggest technology orientated venture capitals ) would not approve of their client’s relationship with sites that have been publicly criticized and constantly attacked by the media. All of this led to Vulcun being ordered to sell CSGO Jackpot ( even though they were claiming they are not owning it in the first place haha ) which they apparently did do shortly after the outrage of their investors. Now, the story doesn’t end here – some sources claim that Vulcun is still operating CSGO Jackpot but are hiding it from their investors who must have threatened to cut them short if the situation continues. There were many public demands wanting answers from both Vulcun, CSGO Jackpot and Sequoia Capital representatives but none of them responded and gave his words about this story.

As you can see, there are lots of questions regarding Vulcun’s connections to CSGO Skin gambling, but at this point all of them can be considered pure speculations because we are yet to see some concrete evidence to back these claims up. Nevertheless, Vulcun shut down its site and is starting a partnership with Twitch alerts to further expand their gaming business. This move was considered quite risky at first, but judging by all the fuss that is going on around the company, we are yet to see will the risk pay off or not.

Written by: Christopher

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