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CSGO FAST Continues With Its Activities

CSGO FASTI'm sure all of you remember those cease and desist letters that Valve was issuing to online skin gambling sites. They issued those letters about a month ago resulting in the closure of all stated sites. All except CSGO FAST which is still up and running as we are writing this article. But how is it able to do so? How did it manage to avoid law regulations and Valve's strict letter statements?

It is actually a combination of jurisdictional avoidance, adopting the real-money online betting model, and leaving the Steam marketplace as a way of facilitating skin transfers. All of this helped CSGO FAST to stay online even after Valve's threats.

Is their site available worldwide?

CSGO FAST HOLAUnfortunately, the answer to this question is a clear and simple – NO! Even though the site will work in most places, US-based citizens are strictly prohibited. Well, that is true only to an extent. It is still fairly easy to access CSGO FAST skin betting if you are based in the US. All you have to do is get yourself a free VPN app / extension that will mask your location and you are all set. It's that simple!In other words, European and Asian players will have no problems with gambling on the site.

Hola is a top notch VPN that can help US based people with this issue. Simply install the extension (it's available for both Google Chrome and Firefox), set your location somewhere outside the US and you are all set. This simple process will allow you to gamble with your skins on the CS:GO betting site.

Deposit options

Surprisingly, their customers now actually have more payment / deposit options than before. They offer WebMoney, Skrill, Alipay, Crit Cards, Bitcoin… and indirectly – skins. Yup, you read that correctly, CSGO FAST still offers skin gambling to its customers. Even though Valve banned online sites from using Steam API for gambling purposes, CSGO FAST managed to bypass this regulation in a brilliant way! They ditched the Steam API model and went for a bit more complicated, but a legal one – direct skin transferring through G2A.

In other words, if you want to gamble with your skins, all you have to do is register for an account on CSGO FAST and interact with skins from one’s G2A skins account. This way, they managed to bypass Valve's regulation, and that is what's keeping them alive and running.

What does this mean for the skin gambling industry?

Well, after a few weeks of this site running with full fledge, one thing is certain – more sites will follow in its footsteps. It is just a matter of time before other big names in the industry adopt the same gambling model. This could even result in Valve sending out another wave of cease and desist letters, this time addressing the issue of skin gambling directly from G2A. In other words, it is basically a cat and mouse tail that could go on forever.

UPDATE – New sites are starting to use this gambling model

From the time of first publishing this article, a couple of other skin betting sites for esports have come back online. CSGO Strong and CSGO Cosmos are the sites in question, and they are using a slightly different model . Instead of using G2A skin accounts, they opted for a third party skin cash-out site called Skntrades. The system is basically the same as with CSGO FAST, just with a different of business partner. Sweet!

Written by: Pavo

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