Renegades vs mousesports – Quarterfinals Betting Prediction CS: GO Intel Extreme Masters XIII Sydney

Intel Extreme Masters Sydney LogoWhat we can say for the IEM XIII Sydney 2018? Boy, did these two teams have to push their luck and their skills to the absolute limits to reach the quarterfinals? It was painful, it was difficult, but both teams achieved what they probably didn’t expect when they fell to the lower bracket rounds. From Mousesports losing catastrophically to Astralis, to Renegades going through by losing in the 3rd round upper bracket to TyLoothe group stage had it all. Teams that we expected to do better failed immensely and others that were underdogs managed to at least give headaches to some of the better teams. This is all a part of the game and, for some, was heartbreaking. Fortunately for these two teams, that didn’t happen (yet). There can be only one winner from this quarterfinals match so who’s it gonna be?

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IEM XIII Sydney 2018 | Predictions

Renegades vs. mousesports Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals #2: Renegades Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Renegades vs mousesports Mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo

Start time: Friday, May 4, 2018 – 11:00 CEST, 02:00 PT, 05:00 ET

Renegades prepare against a motivated mousesports team

Some would say that Renegades have it easier due to them losing in the 3rd round upper bracket (and thus having better morale than the opposing team), but this fact mustn’t be overestimated. Yes, Renegades have destroyed ORDER and won against FaZe Clan (in which ‘USTILO’ had an incredible 86 kills), but they still have a motivated rival to fight. Renegades, even though winning on Inferno and Train against FaZe, lost against TyLoo on the same maps. Mousesports could possibly exploit this and leave these maps active for the quarterfinals (if Renegade doesn’t remove them first). Let’s see what mousesports is all about in these quarterfinals!

Mousesports plowing through the lower brackets after being defeated by Astralis

After a great first match in round 1 against B.O.O.T, many though their spirits have been shaken following the loss to Astralis. It was kind of expected as Astralis’ goals seem to be set in stone. However, mousesports bounced back and defeated MVP PK and G2 Esports with the same final result – 2:0. They didn’t even go to the third round. Even though ‘STYKO’ and ‘ropz’ only got 29 kills against their match with Astralis, they played better in the following rounds and have helped their team win. What are each team’s chances and is there any clear winner in sight?

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Which team will go through to the semifinals?

I think the winner is quite obvious. Renegades is a great team filled with great players, but they seem to be lacking organization and a star component to push through. They’ve tried and no one can dispute their success, but compared to mousesports in this situation, I don’t think they stand a chance.

Mousesports have come back from the dead and are planning on fighting Astralis yet again, albeit hoping for and working towards a better outcome. They are on fire and will definitely not stop until they achieve what they wanted.

Due to all of this, I give mousesports the advantage and firmly believe they will show their class against Renegades.

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About the Author: Hipster JesusArticle written by Hipster Jesus, eSports enthusiast and an active member of the CS: GO community. In his free time, he likes to rush B on competitive servers and scream “CYKA BLYAT”.

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