G2 eSports vs Fnatic – Match Prediction CS:GO IEM Katowice 2018

CSGO IEM XII World Championship 2018 Katowice LogoThe CS:GO IEM XII World Championship 2018 in Katowice has started out as a wonderful tournament. Even though SCII is still quite popular, today' we will be focusing on bets for the CS:GO tournament, for more general wagering information visit our CS:GO betting site. We already had several outstanding matches as well as blowouts such as the one where FaZe swept the floor with ORDER in a 16-3 matchup on Mirage. There were very tense matches too. For example, we witnessed a 42-round thriller between SK Gaming and Astralis in Map 2 on Mirage. It's a hectic start, no doubt about that… But slowly, we are turning our eyes to Group B Upper Bracket Round 2 matches with Fnatic going against G2 eSports and FaZe Clan against North. The first match will definitely bring forward a couple of screamers thus it's definitely going to be a joy to watch.  So, with all that taken into consideration, here's our insight on G2 eSports vs Fnatic IEM XII World Championship Betting Prediction:

Fnatic fuming with form

Fnatic Academy CSGO Team LogoAs far as last 5 matches between these 2 teams go, Fnatic has won 4 of them. Plus, they have 60% win rate over G2 eSports which might seem like a big deal initially. And it is! Plus, we can't forget about their awesome Round 1 matchup against Heroic which ended up in a 16-3 blowout. Flusha played the key role with 26 kills and led his team to a soothing victory and peace of mind before the next matchup.

G2 eSports had a great match against Virtus.pro

G2 Esports CSGO Team LogoEven though Pasha.biceps was causing all sorts of trouble for G2 eSports, especially early in the game when they went to a solid 7-3 lead. However, shox took charge and ended up with 23/16 score with kennyS following up with 25/16. The turning point was definitely the second half pistol round which went in G2's favor after which they cruised to victory with just 3 resets along the way.

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G2 eSports vs Fnatic IEM XII World Championship Betting Predictions

It's going to be a really tense matchup?

After taking a closer look at both teams, their forms and team morale coming up in today's matchup… it's really hard to give a proper guess. Fnatic players have had an amazing entrance to the tournament and have established themselves as one of the favorites. On the other hand, G2 eSports had more of a tense match against Virtus.pro than we initially predicted. However, they seem to be getting a lot of confidence ahead of this matchup and are going to be tough nuts to crack.

Esports betting websites are heavily in favor of G2 eSports with odds going from 1.30 all the way to 1.50. On the other hand, Fnatic are actually considered underdogs here even though we all know they're capable of doing amazing plays if their opponents underestimate them.

In the end, even though the odds on Fnatic seem to be calling you to bet on them, a safer bet would be on G2 eSports. However, as we previously stated above – Fnatic knows how to surprise even the strongest of teams so if you're looking for a big returner, Fnatic might be the team to bet on.

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