ELEAGUE Premier 2018 | Match Recaps and Betting Predictions

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One of the biggest events in CS: GO competitive season is already in full fledge! All 4 opening matches in both groups have been played and it's safe to say we have one pretty big surprise – FaZe lost in a proper 2-1 thriller against mousesports and will now have to face against Fnatic in the elimination matchup. The situation in group A went according to plans – Team Liquid and Astralis came out on top and will battle it out in the Winners' match. For everyone interested in seeing more about ELEAGUE Premier 2018 betting odds make sure you read our dedicated article. On the other hand, if you're more interested in ELEAGUE Premier 2018 CS:GO predictions, then keep on scrolling below. You will find eSports betting predictions on Winners' and Decider matches as well as both semifinals and the grand final. We're up for quite a few screamers, I can already tell… so let's jump straight to it, shall we!?

Who is going to win?

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Group Stage Standings

1. Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Astralis 2 – 0
2. Team Liquid Team Logo Counter Strike Global Offensive Team Liquid 1 – 1
3. MIBR Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo MIBR 1 – 1
4. Cloud9 Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Cloud9 0 – 2
1. Natus Vincere Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo NaVi 2 – 0
2. mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo mousesports 1 – 1
3. Fnatic Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Fnatic 1 – 1
4. FaZe Clan Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo FaZe Clan 0 – 1

Match-winner Betting Odds for ELEAGUE Premier 2018 

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ELEAGUE Premier 2018 CS:GO Predictions

Group A

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Winners' Match  | Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Astralis vs Team Liquid Team Liquid Team Logo Counter Strike Global Offensive

Astralis vs Cloud9 – Key Match Recap

Even though Astralis had somewhat of a rough start on Inferno where they went on a 2-5 result early on; they managed to pull off 1-0 in the series after a 24-round thriller. Yup – skadoodle managed to knife device and take down dupreeh with his trusty AWP to secure the tie break at 15-15. In the end, though, C9 lost the map with the key player on Astralis' side being device. He managed to accumulate 65 kills across 2 maps and pulled a couple of class-A showdowns. He led his team to a cozy 2-0 victory with Overpass going easily in their favor. The final score was 16-9 with no real threat coming from Cloud9 as the match moved to its final stage.

Team Liquid vs MIBR – Key Match Recap

Team Liquid strolled through their opening Group A match against MIBR with quite the style. nitr0, Twistzz and the crew were just too powerful for MIBR to handle and the first map was over before it practically even began. Each clutch went in favor of Team Liquid and MIBR looked as if they were not really interested, especially after going down 14-8 at the midway through the second half. Cache, on the other hand, was a bit more of a nerve wrecker with MIBR taking the lead after the first half. However, NAF and Twistzz started pulling their share straight off the pistol round, securing the win with an easy 9-1 score in the second half.


ELEAGUE Premier 2018 CS:GO predictions always have several really tough nuts to crack… and this one was no exception. Call me crazy but I'll probably bet my money on Team Liquid as far as this matchup is concerned. They looked relaxed and played like a team throughout the MIBR match which is why I believe they can do it again. On the other hand, Astralis had an effective win against Cloud9 but relied heavily on device. He was an absolute monster but I doubt he'll be able to perform at the same level 2 matches in a row. If dupreeh, gla1ve and others don't start pulling their strings early on in the match against Team Liquid, I don't think they'll have huge chances of going directly through to the playoffs.

Decider Match | Team Liquid Team Logo Counter Strike Global Offensive Team Liquid vs MIBR MIBR Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo

Team Liquid vs Astralis – Key Match Recap

Considering the fact these 2 teams faced off in the opening match of Group A (and there's more information about that a few paragraphs above), there's no real reason to go too much in-depth. However, the second match of Team Liquid, the one against Astralis, has a few juicy twists in the story. As you all know, Astralis went 7-0 early on in the first half but nitr0 and NAF weren't having any of it; managing to go to halftime with 8-7 lead. They lost the second pistol round too and almost made a comeback again after losing the first 6 rounds in the second half… but their luck went the other way… Their calls were bad, their shots went missing and their score was dropping like it's hot (pun intended)… Needless to say, this heavily affected their team morale on Mirage which finished with an easy Astralis win 16-7.

MIBR vs Cloud9 – Key Match Recap

Cloud9 were always the favorites against MIBR on Inferno and it's safe to say they were well aware of it. That's why they picked it straight off the bat… but, boy oh boy, did they regret it later on. 16-5 was a proper blowout in which 4 out of 5 MIBR players had over 20 kills. Stewie2K was all over the place in the second pistol round (quad) but it all started on the pistol round in which fallen tapped down a triple. Cache was a pretty similar story too with MIBR getting 7 match rounds but failing to secure the W. RUSH and autimatic were driving them crazy with smart plays and effective bombsite peeks. Unfortunately for them, fer showed off his class (well deserving the MVP title for the series) and sent the North American team home with a 19-16 blast.


This is, undoubtedly, going to be a difficult match for both teams. Even though MIBR lost 2-0 in the opening match against Team Liquid, after a brave victory against Cloud9 their confidence levels must be through the flippin' roof. On the other hand, Team Liquid had a proper heartbreak on the first map against Astralis which seemed to heavily affect them later on map 2. If this lethargy carries on to their match against MIBR, I'm afraid they'll pack have to pack their bags and go home with FaZe, Cloud9, and others. Yes, I give a slight advantage to MIBR even though most of you won't agree with me.

Who is going to win?

Group B

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Winners' Match  | Natus Vincere Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo NaVi vs mousesports mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo

NaVi vs Fnatic – Key Match Recap

NaVi vs Fnatic was a generally solid matchup in which neither team gave their 100%… or at least that's how it seemed. After both teams lost their map picks (Mirage and Inferno) the match was set for a tie before the third and final map – Train. Fnatic went ahead in the early stages but was introduced to JW's might in the final round of the first half where he pulled of a triple kill after an impressive flank. Unfortunately for Fnatic, that was it as far as their potentially game-changing plays were concerned. NaVi cemented their lead and went on to take the win in their opening match with an easy 8-1 in the second half of Train on the T side.

mouz vs FaZe – Key Match Recap

If you haven't seen this match last night, then I can assure you – you've missed out on a lot of great plays! NiKo's crazy headshots late on in the first round secured his team's lead on mouz's train map pick. However, it backlashed heavily on their cache map pick where they failed to obtain proper mid control in both halves. They had a handful of extremely cheeky kills but, unfortunately for them, it wasn't enough to close off the encounter with a 2-0 win. Mouz took the momentum and surprised everyone playing a nearly perfect match on Mirage and taking the big W in the opening match… well against the odds.


mousesports surely did surprise all of us with a fantastic display in the opening match against FaZe. They are going up against NaVi now, a team which didn't look pitch perfect in their matchup against Fnatic. Sure, they took the big W but it wasn't as convincing as I expected. Still, on paper, they are the better team in this matchup so it's really difficult to predict the final outcome. If you ask me, the best way to bet on this match would be Over 2.5 maps. This one is going to that 3rd and final map for sure, which is why my ELEAGUE Premier 2018 CS:GO predictions for this match is – Total Maps Over 2.5!

Who is going to win?

Decider Match | mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo mousesports vs Fnatic Fnatic Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo

mouz vs NaVi – Key Match Recap

As some of you probably already know, both of these teams played against Navi, and both of them (dare I say unsurprisingly) lost. However, there was more to the defeat than the defeat itself. You see, both of them managed to secure the third map with smart plays, great teamwork, and superb marksmanship. Remember oskar's amazing snipes Inferno which helped mouz take the lead in the series. Unfortunately, the biggest problem of his team couldn't go unnoticed in the 2nd and 3rd map – rotations. They played too slow and just couldn't catch up on the quick pace of NaVi players. If they do the same thing against Fnatic (who have shown us they can play at such a level in their matchup vs FaZe), KRIMZ and JW will definitely punish them hard.

Fnatic vs FaZe – Key Match Recap

This is, by far, the craziest (and I mean this in the best possible way) match I've seen in quite awhile! It all started on the good old Dust 2 which has finally gotten a proper comeback to the professional CS: GO scene… and with style, shall I say!? It was a clutch after a clutch, crazy play after a crazy play… and knowing the capacity of top fraggers in each team, it was a real skill-galore on display. Fnatic managed to steal the first map on overtime after barely even making their way to it. Mirage was a lackluster of emotions. Fnatic had 4 match points and allowed NiKo and GuardiaN to approach to 15-14. The last round though, even with a semi buy, Fnatic managed to secure the W and eliminate one of the favorites to win the tournament. Best of all, they looked comfortable while doing so. Can they repeat the same against mouz?


Once again, who would've thought this will be the team lineup for group B decider match – mousesports vs fnatic. Both of these teams have defeated FaZe Clan (the fan favorites in this group) so that should be a starting point of this prediction. mousesports had a much tougher match in which their top fraggers barely managed to pull the big W off in the end. On the other hand, Fnatic looked much more confident and didn't look a bit worried, not even when FaZe (all thanks to NiKo and GuardiaN) managed to pull 15-14 on Mirage. That's exactly why I believe Fnatic players have what it takes to go through to the semifinals of ELEAGUE Premier 2018, even though they are being labeled as underdogs. So far in this tournament, there have been plenty of big surprises, and I don't see a reason why it won't happen again in this match!

Who is going to win?

ELEAGUE Premier 2018 | Betting Options

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