CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Semifinals | NaVi vs Team Liquid Prediction

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CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 already had a bunch of surprises throughout the group stage. However, the situation is finally unveiled and we're approaching to the semifinals with just 2 more days to go. With that being said, all semifinals participants have already been decided so today we will be taking a closer look into the first semifinal matchup between mouz and NaVi. So, without any further adue, let's kick it right off by inspecting the stats for both of these teams after which we'll investigate the actual CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Navi vs Team Liquid predictions!

CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 NaVi vs Team Liquid Predictions | Stats

Teams Natus Vincere Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Team Liquid Team Logo Counter Strike Global Offensive
World ranking 2nd 6th
Form W W W W W L L W L W
Total maps played 1180 875
Won 689 510
Draw 13 0
Lost 478 365
Win ratio 58.3% 58.2%
Best map win rate Mirage, 62.7 Cache, 65.6%
Worst map win rate Cache, 23.1% Nuke, 38.1%
Head to head 3 3

Who is going to win?

NaVi vs mouz – Key Match Recap

A match with extremely high tensions from the very start. Both teams showed great use of utility but mouz was simply on top of their Inferno late game. With an impressive number of ties and lead changes throughout the first map, great trades, and teamwork in general, mouz managed to secure a 1-0 with 16-14 on the board. NaVi seemed overly confident getting into the match and unfortunately, they've paid a high price. However, they managed to turn things back to square 1 after a great display on Train. Third map it is! Mirage, to be more precise.

Even though mouz showed great positioning they just didn't have the economy to support it. NaVi was off to a great start, looking to close it all off in the first half. However, mouz went on a huge win streak and finished just one round below NaVi. S1mple was getting some crazy shots on the record, displaying great mid control on T side. They've won the pistol round thanks to a clever flank and, in the end, secured their place in the playoffs with 16-11 final score.

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Team Liquid vs mibr – Key Match Recap

We've seen both teams battle it out twice in this tournament already. As you all know, Team Liquid went 4-0 across both matches and looked confident enough to go through to the semifinals. But how did they manage to do so? Especially considering what a tough match they had against Astralis. Well, one thing is for sure – Team Liquid wasn't at all phased with the outcome of that match and went swinging on all fronts vs mibr. mibr players were overly focused on saving their awps while losing rounds that it resulted in a pretty bad halftime score for them on Cache. They couldn't pull themselves back together and Team Liquid secured the 1st map W. Similar thing happened on Overpass as well.

At moments, it seemed as though mibr players completely forgot about a certain part of the map. This, of course, resulted in marvelous flanks coming in from TL, securing the series win with quite the style. Team Liquid did lose 3 out of 4 pistol rounds in the match which could be a problem coming into the match against NaVi. On the other hand, TL showed composure, great teamwork and marvelous map control throughout all 3 matches so far. If they can keep up the pace I'm sure they'll be worthy opponents to NaVi.

CSGO ELEAGUE PREMIER 2018 NaVi vs Team Liquid Predictions

Approaching the business end of the competition, only the best of the best CSGO teams have stayed in the competition. Some of you will argue with that statement considering the likes of FaZe already out of the story… but realistically, the 4 teams who have qualified for the playoffs really are the best teams at the moment. Emphasise on at the moment! As far as CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Navi vs Team Liquid predictions are concerned, it really could go either way. NaVi, once again, has played just 2 matches which can be a double-edged sword. They are well-rested and surely had plenty of time for pre-match analysis… But then again, Team Liquid had an extra competitive match to “warm up” before this one. eSports bookies are well in favor of NaVi and I believe they're actually right. S1mple and co look like a slightly better team at the moment, but I don't expect a stroll in the park for them. In all honesty, call me crazy but here's my prediction –  NaVi to win and over 2.5 maps!

Who is going to win?

Written by: Pavo

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