CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Grand Finals | Astralis vs Team Liquid Predictions

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Yes! We're here guys! The last CS:GO major this year is almost up and the only remaining match to see is the ultimate one. Grand finals of CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 will feature 2 best teams in CSGO competitive scene at the moment. Even though it's highly debatable, I still firmly believe that either one of these two teams is worthy of taking the ELEAGUE victory at the end of it all. Who will have it though? Who will bring home that impressive 1st place prize and who will go home with that sour taste in mouth? Looking for eSports betting predictions on who will win the grand finals matchup? Well, all that can be found below in CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs Team Liquid predictions!

CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs TBD Predictions | Stats

Teams Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo Team Liquid Team Logo Counter Strike Global Offensive
World ranking 1st 4th
Form W L W W W L W L W W
Total maps played 573 875
Won 371 510
Draw 1 0
Lost 201 365
Win ratio 64.7% 58.2%
Best map win rate Mirage, 69.2% Cache, 65.6%
Worst map win rate Cobblestone, 20.0% Nuke, 38.1%
Head to head 24 8

Who is going to win?

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Astralis vs mouz – Key Match Recap

Astralis did not have a particularly tough job against mouz. It's true, even though the scores won't show that off at the very first glance. mousesports had 2 somewhat successful comebacks on both maps but they all ended up with a 2-0 defeat. In the first map, they were reset a total of 3 times in the first half alone, yet they still managed to crawl back to a solid 6-9 result. They were down 3 rounds and were close to taking the pistol round but Astralis wasn't having any of it. With a great flank, they retook the plant site and strolled cemented their pistol round win.

Gla1ve was doing himself lots of justice throughout the entire matchup. Great alertness, map control and, needless to say, great frags. Magisk did a good job with his deagle but so did the rest of his teammates. double AWPs weren't a cost-effective buy method for mouz as they got eliminated 2-0 by Astralis who are now looking even mightier than before the start of this match.

NaVi vs Team Liquid – Key Match Recap

First of all, I would like to touch a very sad topic. As some of you who have watched the livestream already know, Team Liquid TACO's father sadly passed away. All our thoughts go to TACO and his family in these sad times, but something has to be said about TACO. You see, instead of taking the time to mourn his loss, TACO showed great strength and loyalty and didn't want to miss the opportunity to play in the ELEAGUE semifinals. True, his first map wasn't all that good or even close to his standards… but in the toughest of times he was there for his teammates and I'm sure they will never forget that.

Dust 2 went in favor of Team Liquid after a great contest and Overpass wasn't much different either. 9-6 was Liquid's lead on the half but NaVi managed to get just 3 more rounds by the end of the match. A superb output from everyone on Liquid's team… and kudos to TACO for a quick 3K late game in a clutch situation. Well, that's it as far as key match recaps are concerned. Now we'll take a closer look at ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs Team Liquid predictions! It's going to be a tough call, that's for sure…

CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs Team Liquid predictions

Well guys, it's time for the business end of this article. Tomorrow, Atlanta is going to be on fire since their own “homegrown” Team Liquid is playing in the grand finals against Astralis. Realistically speaking here, Astralis are big favorites in this matchup. They just looked so much in control in their game against mouz that I simply can't see them fall behind. Not even with the home advantage being heavily on the side of Team Liquid. Yes, Team Liquid are playing amazingly well… but it has to be said that Natus Vincere wasn't all that good in their match against TL. Not trying to desecrate Team Liquid's victory, but it was clearly noticeable they weren't on top of their game. Not even S1mple, who did manage to get a couple of important frags, but still performed mediocre at best when looking at the grand scheme of things.

With all that in mind, as far as ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs Team Liquid predictions are concerned, I just can't go against Astralis. While I do believe Team Liquid has a shot at winning this. They have the home court advantage; they have been playing well over the past few games… I still don't believe that's enough to beat Astralis. The Great Danes will want the big W here and I am confident in their ability to take it!

Who is going to win?

Written by: Pavo

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