CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Semifinals | Astralis vs mousesports Predictions

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FaZe getting kicked out straight off the group stage after just 2 matches was something nobody could predict. After getting beaten by mouz and fnatic, NiKo and others were off to the airport. Now, the spotlight is turning towards CSGO ELEAGUE PREMIER 2018 semifinals with Astralis and mouz playing in the first one. It's going to be a tough match, that's for sure! But, before venturing deeper into CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs mousesports predictions, we will first check out the main stats of both of these teams!

CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs mousesports Predictions | Stats

Teams Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo mousesports Counter Strike Global Offensive CSGO Team Logo
World ranking 1st 4th
Form W W L W W L L W L W
Total maps played 573 1202
Won 371 675
Draw 1 4
Lost 201 523
Win ratio 64.7% 56.1%
Best map win rate Mirage, 69.2% Mirage, 62.5%
Worst map win rate Cobblestone, 20.0% Inferno, 50.7%
Head to head 10 9

Who is going to win?

Astralis vs Team Liquid – Key Match Recap

All Astralis players displayed a fine array of skills in their Winner' Match against Team Liquid in Group A. They had a wonderful start on Nuke going up 7-0 but then went through a mid-game crisis. The first half lead went Team Liquid's way with an 8-7 lead. Unfortunately for nitr0 and NAF, their teammates just weren't up to par in the second half. device and dupreeh stood their ground and went on to take the W in a brilliant fashion. The second map was even worse for TL. Even though EliGE finally started doing himself justice, it wasn't enough to get a proper result. dupreeh and device were just too strong for the opposing team, resulting in an uncontested 16-7 victory for Astralis. Can their top fraggers repeat the same against mousesports? We'll get to see that pretty soon!

mousesports vs Fnatic – Key Match Recap

Another thrilling contest which could've gone either way. But, in the end, mousesports managed to secure their placement into the playoffs where they'll be playing against Astralis. mouz entered the match against fnatic as slight favorites but it all quickly went downstream after getting 1-0 behind after the first map. ChrisJ turned up for the occasion with aggressive positioning and a couple of great flicks. Play of the match was definitely suNny's quad kill with an mp9 on inferno. Both teams showed great map control bud fnatic was forced to make desperate pushes way too many times. In the end, even that wasn't enough for mouz to win the first map. Fnatic had a chance to win it all with 2-0 and 14-11 score but they choked and managed to lose 16-14. After that, it seemed as though there's no return… and there really wasn't. True, fnatic did manage to get from 11-4 to 11-9 but it was all for nothing as they suffered a 2-1 loss and got themselves eliminated.

CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs mousesports predictions

If I were to say it's going to be a close one, it would definitely sound like a proper cliche. But I can't help it – CSGO ELEAGUE Premier 2018 Astralis vs mousesports predictions really are as tough as they get. Knowing both Astralis and mouz, they'll most likely want to face it off in their best map – Mirage. As you can see, Astralis are slightly better at it than mouz, but it's blade of grass type of difference if you ask me! If I were you, I wouldn't go into any total maps bets just to stay on the safe side. Both of these teams can snowball and easily take the W with 2-0. Still, I'm expecting a tough match on all maps and would give Astralis a slight edge over mouz, just because they have just 3 losses in last 31 played matches. Crazy!

Who is going to win?

Written by: Pavo

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