CS:GO IEM Oakland betting odds – Bet365 has the best ones!

CSGO IEM 2016 Oakland LogoNow that all 12 teams that will be participating at CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland 2016 are known, eSports betting fans are slowly (but surely) raising the hype in expectation of the tournament. This comes as no surprise since the tournament is just around the corner. The main event officially starts on November 19th and lasts a total of 2 days. The LAN qualifiers in Costa Mesa, California, were nothing short of brilliant. With that in mind, the expectations for the main tournament are set sky high. Still, we will see what kind of matches await us – there will surely be a couple of nail biters out there, that's certain!

 How to bet on IEM 11 Oakland?

If you are looking for eSports betting websites that feature CS: GO Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland, then you will be lucky when we inform you that there are several of them. Bet365, one of the biggest eSports bookies in general, has a wide variety of special bets. In addition to that, they feature solid odds. Still, other well-known bookmakers will feature IEM 11 Oakland as well. eSports betting websites such as BetwayPinnacle and Bet-at-Home are always worth giving a shot. Despite that, Bet365 has a huge (and I am not even exaggerating)  variety of special bets. With this being said, let's take a closer look at them with a quick analysis.

Bet365 bets and odds

Let's start off with the Outright Winner bets. As you can see in the picture down below, the clear favorite is once again SK Gaming. With odds of 3.50, this bet looks more than solid as a standalone opportunity. Closely followed by NaVi at 4.00, it's pretty certain that folks at Bet365 predict these 2 teams battling head to head for the first place. We will find out on November 19th, when the Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland begins, if they were right… or terribly wrong.

Outright Winner Betting Odds CS:GO IEM Oaklandcheck current odds at Bet365 >>
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Following up on the Outright Winner bet, in the picture below you can see the odds on Region of Winner bet. No questions about it – Europeans teams were clearly favorite here. The most interesting thing about this bet is the ridiculous odd on the Chinese team Tyloo, which sits comfortably at 501. Funny enough, the same odd is for Tyloo to be the outright winner. Basically the same bets.

Region of Winner Betting Odds CS:GO IEM Oakland

There is also a special To Reach the Final bet, featuring all teams in virtually the same order as was the case with the Outright Winner bet. The clear favorites are again, SK Gaming, NaVi and NiP. With Tyloo having 201 odd on reaching the final, we wonder are there some of you brave enough to try this…

Reach the Final Betting Odds CS:GO IEM Oakland

check current odds at Bet365 >>
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Besides these 4 types of bets, Bet365 also features the following: Winners Group, Match Winner 2 Way, Round Winner 2 Way – Map 1 and, of course, standard group stage betting followed by the playoffs.

In the picture down below you can see the odds for the first group stage matches:

Group Betting Odds CS:GO IEM Oakland

All things considered, there is no doubt that Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland is going to be one heck of a tournament. Some of the best CS:GO teams are competing which means we are in for a couple of shockers. Interesting enough, betting on these matches should be fun too. We are certainly going to witness a couple of great matches, that's for sure!


Written by: Pavo

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