CSGO Shuffle owners earned several millions USD on skin gambling

CSGO Counter Strike LogoWith the fuss regarding CSGO skin gambling sites is in its full flow, future of Counter Strike Global Offensive as a globally popular eSport in on the line.

After the biggest skin gambling site, CSGO Lounge, had to be closed after Valve issued them the cease and desist letters, it became pretty clear that Valve means business when it comes to the entire CSGO Skin gambling thing. With the fall of the biggest giant, there is no doubt that things will drastically change for Counter Strike as a professional eSport.

When you combine the fall of CSGO Lounge together with the new evidence that came to surface regarding CSGO Shuffle’s profits and the involvement of James “PhantomL0rd” Varga, you got yourself a real problem that Valve perhaps, failed to see when initially deciding to send out their cease and desist letters. Could it turn out that Valve did more damage to itself (and its most popular game – CSGO) than to the organizations and people that were responsible for minor gambling in the first place?

PhantomL0rd CSGO Gambling

When it comes to more recent news regarding this problem, lots of new evidence are coming to surface, claiming that OPskins had almost a $million worth of skins/money on its servers. There’s even more to it: a prominent scene gambler with the nickname “cAre” was chatting with one of the backed developers of CSGO Shuffle, saying that “they” have made a little less than $3 million since the start of their operations. This makes me wonder – in addition to minor-gambling issue (the issue which started this whole gambling sites crusade over the internet) were some of these sites also involved in fraudulent activities and cheating their customers / gamblers out of their money? We still cannot know for sure, but in the upcoming weeks we are surely to be presented with an official statement regarding these newly found evidence. Take a look in our esports betting sites section and find out more about reliable CS:GO betting sites and bookmakers.

There’s been yet another twist regarding James “PhantomL0rd” Varga’s future. If you don’t know, both him and his girlfriend Victoria Weeks AKA Dinglederper, went completely off the grid starting on July the 16th. With their twitter profiles shut down and being offline / unresponsive on all other forms of social media, people are starting to speculate that the law got them good. Many people who have worked with them in the past are now worried that they, somehow, might be connected to their fraudulent activities and are afraid of being “called in” as well. With this in mind, there are new evidence coming to surface claiming that PhantomL0rd sent $100K to both cAre (prominent gambler on the site) and Joris (CSGO Shuffle backend developer), each getting $50K. This could mean that there were more than 3 parties connected in the fraudulent activities behind these gambling sites and that some professional CSGO teams could be involved as well.

In addition to this, PhantomL0rd’s girlfriend Dinglederper also faces accusations of being involved with cAre as well. There are reports claiming that cAre asked her to pay him out $250K which she supposedly owed him for posting online betting predictions. Although these speculations / evidence is still yet to be confirmed, we will make sure to keep you updated on the future of Dinglederper (because we know that’s the most important thing to you at the moment J), mostly because there’s a big chance both her and her boyfriend (PhantomL0rd) will have to face their share of jail time because of all these accusations and evidence that has been flowing to surface in the last couple of weeks.

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