Heroes of the Storm World Championship | HWC 2015

Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015 LogoThe 2015 HWC series of tournaments will culminate into the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. Blizzard has added Heroes of the Storm into the BlizzCon tournament line-up. Heroes of the Storm will be featured in BlizzCon along with Starcraft II, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.
HWC 2015 will feature a $ 500,000 pool of cash and prizes, which will certainly pique the interest of the world’s top teams. The tournament will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, with the top team taking home a prize of approximately $200,000.

Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015 | Facts:

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HotS WC 2015 – Schedule | Starting Times

The detailed schedule of the Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015 Finals at Blizzcon is not available at the moment. Take a look at the 2015 BlizzCon eSports schedule.

Schedule opening weekend (Group Stage):

Dates: 10/28/2015 – 10/31/2015
Start Time: PDT: 1:30 pm / EDT: 4:30 pm / CET: 21:30
Matches Played: Group Stage Play (2 dual-tournament groups)
No teams will be eliminated at the Group Stage (Opening Week). 

Schedule Finals at BlizzCon (Playoffs):

Dates: 11/06/2015 – 11/07/2015
Matches Played: Group Play / Finals

Friday 11/06/2015:  
Group Play
Start Time: 
 PDT: 05:00 pm / EDT: 08:00 pm / CET: 01:00 (next Day)

Saturday 11/07/2015:  Semifinals and Grand Finals
Start Time:
PDT: 10:45 am / EDT: 01:45 pm / CET: 18:45

HotS WC 2015 – Teams

The Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) World Championship will feature the champion teams from these five regions.

  • 1 slot from the Korean Championship
    Team DK HWC team logo small Team DK
  • 2 slots from the European Championship
    Navi HWC team logo small Natus Vincere | Dignitas HWC team logo small Team Dignitas
  • 2 slots from the American Championship
    Tempo Storm HWC team logo small Tempo Storm | Cloud9 HWC team logo small Cloud9
  • 2 slots from the China Championship
    Team YL HWC team logo Team YL | eStar Gaming HWC team logo smalleStar Gaming
  • 1 slots from the Taiwan Championship
    GIA HWC team logo small GIA

>> Regional Qualifier Championships Overview

Heroes of the Storm World Championship HWC 2015 Quallifiers

Bets, Odds and Betting Sites for the HotS World Championship 2015

More Information on HOTS-HWC 2015 betting will be available soon. It is expected that most of the major esports betting sites will offer odds and bets. For more general info about HOTS betting click here.

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Live-Stream Heroes of the Storm World Championship | HWC 2015 LiveStream

You can watch how the tournament unfolds via their Twitch HOTS live-stream



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