Best RoV Pro League Betting Guide – Winter 2022

RoV Pro League betting is common among fans of the popular MOBA game, Arena of Valor, and with the upcoming Winter 2021 tournament just around the corner, chances are you’re going to want to get in on the action.

Read on for the best tips when it comes to the latest Arena of Valor Pro League betting opportunities!

Best RoV Pro League Betting Sites

  1. 1xBet
  2. bet365
  3. GGBet
  4. Betway
  5. Pinnacle
  6. Vulkanbet
  7. Energybet
  8. Bethard
  10. 22Bet

RoV Pro League Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

When it comes to RoV esports betting (also known as aov betting), check out our beginner’s guide below. But first, follow our step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Play Arena of Valor yourself to familiarise yourself with gameplay and rules
  2. Register for a free account at one of our recommended RoV Pro League esports betting sites
  3. Read up on the participating teams and players thoroughly
  4. Research relevant tournament statistics and prior results
  5. Find the most favourable odds and place your bets accordingly

RoV Pro League Betting Odds

Before placing any real money bets on the RoV Pro League, it’s essential to find an esports operator that provides the most favourable odds. Comparing odds should be part of your pre-betting research, so you can make sure each bet is a value bet ie. a bet with the best odds that will give you the maximum possible payout.

Here’s a list of the most popular outright odds to look out for when teams are competing in RoV Pro League matches:

  • Score betting – The final score of the tournament
  • First Round Winner – The team that will win the first round
  • Second and Third Round Winner – The team that will win the 2nd or 3rd round
  • Match Winner – Which team will win any given match
  • First Blood – The team (or player) to kill off the first member of an opposing team
  • First Turret – The team to take down the first enemy turret
  • First Objective Secured – The first team to fulfill one of the game’s objectives like killing Dark Slayer
  • Most Damage During the Game – The team or player who will cause the most damage to their opponents

RoV Pro League Betting Tips & Predictions

The tournament is now in its 8th season, with a total of 8 leading esports teams taking part in the duel that kicked off on August 20. Our intel tells us that Buriram United Esports, dtac Talon and PSG Sports are currently some of the favourites to win.

Buriram United Esports Team

(Image: 388Esports)

When it comes to esports predictions for AoV pro league betting, you should start off by considering pre-match analysis which includes factors such as the tournament’s and participating teams’ history. Additionally, always check the current strengths and weaknesses of the players. Moreover there are other aspects that could influence the trajectory of the game, such as any recent position changes.

One last thing to keep in mind before betting on RoV Pro League is the stats. Numbers never lie, so make sure to research essential data about teams and players regarding kills, assists, deaths and other information that might make or break a team’s chances of progressing.

Popular Bets for RoV Pro League

Given the rich storyline of the game, there are currently many different bet types that can be placed during the RoV Pro League. Check out a few of the most popular ones below.

First Blood Betting

When referring to the first blood bet in esports games, the winner is the team that kills off the first member of their opponent’s team during a match. This provides a significant advantage to the winning team in the early stages of the game.

Best betting sites to use for First Blood betting: bet365

Round/Map Winner Betting

Some game modes in Arena of Valor are held over different rounds or maps. This type of bet enables you to wager on which participating team will be victorious in any one of the game’s rounds or maps.

Best betting sites to use for Round/Map Winner betting: Betway

Most Damage Dealt Betting

It’s always intriguing to bet on which team or player that causes the most damage during an esports tournament. Bet on who you think will cause the most damage, either on a player such as Marksmen and Assassins, or a team.

Best betting sites to use for Most Damage Dealt betting: 1xbet

Outright Tournament Winner Betting

Naturally, you can also bet on the team that will take home the first-place title and trophy. Betting on the outright tournament winner is a risky wager, but it can pay off well if you guess correctly. With so many factors affecting the outcome, it’s not an easy prediction to make.

Best betting sites to use for Outright Tournament Winner betting: 22bet

Tournament Structure for RoV Pro League

The RoV tournament is organised by Garena Thailand and split into 2 rounds, the group stage and then the play-offs. The former is in full swing and it’s played up until the 3rd of October. During the group stage teams compete in best of 5 format, and are handed 1 point for each win. The top 4 teams advance to the play-offs.

The Play-offs are played in a double elimination bracket, where the 1st and 2nd teams from the group stage play in the upper bracket, and the 3rd and 4th in the lower. All games are played in a Bo7 format. As a fan you will be able to witness four of the leading esports teams in the world, battling it out for a share of the shared prize pool money — a whopping ฿10,000,000.

Here’s a closer look at how the tournament is divided:

Group Stage

  • All matches are played in a Bo5
  • Any possible tiebreaker matches will be played in a Bo3
  • Each match win = 1 point
  • Best 4 teams make it to the Playoffs


  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • 1st and 2nd ranked teams play in Upper Bracket Finals
  • 3rd and 4th ranked teams play in Lower Bracket Semifinals
  • All matches played in a Bo7
  • Global Ban-Pick Rules is used in all matches

Rov Pro League Betting Participating Teams

The RoV Pro League is closing in and up till now 8 teams have competed for the 4 seats that awaits in the Play-offs. One of the teams that have played like a sharm is the Hong Kong based Arena of Valor team, dtac Talon Esports. With six straight wins the team has already taken a place in the play-offs.

Currently you will find Valencia CF eSports in second place of the group stage with 4 wins and 1 loss, and Bacon Time in the third with 4-2 in wins and losses. The final spot for the play-offs at the moment is PSG Esports, but teams like Buriram United Esports, which is also one of the favorites to win the whole tournament, eArena, and King of Gamers Club all still have a chance to advance. With 2 wins and 4 loses these teams have some serious battling ahead of themselves.

Last in the RoV Pro Leage group stage is Force Gaming. With only 1 win and 6 losses, it's been a bit of a disappointment as many betters placed bets on which team would reach the play-offs.

History of RoV Pro League

It all started when company Tencent and League of Legends developers, Riot Games, almost joined forces to create the first mobile version of LoL in 2015. However, the collaboration never went through since Riot Games claimed that the MOBA game would not play well on mobile devices. This led Tencent to go their own way and develop the first, Eastern version of Arena of Valor, known as Honor of Kings. The game was later westernized in order to move away from its numerous similarities to another popular MOBA, League of Legends.

Following Arena of Valor’s huge success with international esports players, the first RoV Pro League tournament took place in 2018. It was held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, with a prize pool of $149 848 and almost 35,000 viewers. The tournament is now in its 8th season.

RoV Pro League Past Winners

Tournament Edition Winning Team Date Winnings
RoV Pro League 2021 Summer Bacon Time 2021-04-04 $191,968
RoV Pro League 2020 Winter Talon Esports 2020-10-11 $193,208
RoV Pro League 2020 Summer Buriram United Esports 2020-04-26 $184,984
RoV Pro League Season 4 Buriram United Esports 2019-10-12 $196,950
RoV Pro League Season 3 Toyota Diamond Cobra 2019-04-07 $188,089
RoV Pro League Season 2 Bazaar Gaming 2018-10-20 $110,531
RoV Pro League Season 1 IT.City Bacon 2018-04-01 $92,371

RoV Pro League Key Stats

  • Series: RPL
  • Organizer – Garena
  • Total prize pools – $1 964 406
  • Peak viewers – 240 841
  • Time watched – 52 613 643 hours
  • Air time – 877 hours
  • Venue – Thailand

RoV Pro League Betting FAQs

What are the best betting sites to bet on for Rov Pro League Betting?

Nowadays, you’ll find numerous esports operators that offer RoV betting. In order to choose a trustworthy site with the best odds, we suggest taking your pick from our list of best betting sites above.

What is RoV?

RoV is the abbreviated term for Realm of Valor, also known as Arena of Valor, a popular multiplayer online battle arena game developed for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch devices. The game was released in 2016 and has since gone on to become one of the most popular mobile video games in the world, giving rise to multiple esports tournaments such as the RoV Pro League.

Where can I find Rov Pro League betting tips?

Simply read through our comprehensive betting guide to find out more about the latest season of the RoV Pro League, including the participating teams, helpful betting tips, odds and predictions.

Is betting on Rov Pro League legal?

While the RoV Pro League is held in Thailand, betting on this tournament is legal in most of Europe as well as other countries such as Canada and India, too. However, the legality of esports betting in some countries, such as the US, is a grey area.

Is RoV the same game as League of Legends?

While it’s true that the two MOBA games share many similarities, Arena of Valor was made to undergo some changes after its initial release as League of Kings. As a result, Tencent released the Westernized version of the game that we know today as Arena of Valor.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

When considering the worldwide success Arena of Valor has experienced since its launch, it’s no wonder the popular MOBA game has given rise to numerous esports tournaments, with leading teams battling it out for first place. As one of the biggest esports events being held in 2021, esports fans will definitely enjoy throwing their hat in the ring and getting in on the action when it comes to betting on the upcoming RoV Pro League.

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