CS:GO World Cyber Arena 2016 – Tournament Overview

World Cyber Arena 2016 - CSGO Tournament LogoEarlier this year, WCA 2016 (short for World Cyber Arena) has announced that they will be expanding their markets onto Counter Strike: Global Offensive as well. The main event will feature a total of 10 teams, coming from 9 seperate national and regional qualifiers. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 3 Chinese teams
  • 2 Southeast Asian teams
  • 2 European teams
  • 2 North American teams
  • 1 Wild card team

4 teams are already known while the rest of them will have to secure their place via their regional or national qualifiers. With this in mind, let's jump straight to action and see what does World Cyber Arena 2016 has to offer to CS: GO fans out there!

This is an archived CS:GO tournament!
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Counter Strike GO Icon World Cyber Arena 2016 | Facts

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  • Organizer: World Cyber Arena
  • Location: Yinchuan, China
  • Prize pool: ~$208,000
  • Start Date: 12/09/2016
  • End Date: 12/13/2016
  • Maps: Cache • Cobblestone • Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Train • Overpass
  • Number of teams: 10, 9 via regional qualifiers and 1 wild card


Counter Strike GO Icon Groups and format

No information regarding the official format for this tournament has yet been released. Keep in mind that this is the very first edition of WCA CS: GO tournament and we cannot know for sure how will it be organized. But, we can still speculate that the 10 competing teams will be divided into 2 groups with most likely first 2 advancing into the semifinals. Of course, these are mere speculations and we will update this section of our article as soon as WCA releases an official format statement. Until then, we can only speculate!

Counter Strike GO Icon Groups and standings

1. Tyloo CSGO Team Logo TyLoo 0-0
2. Vici Gaming Cyber Zen CSGO Team Logo VG.CyberZen 0-0
3. Team Immunity CSGO Team Logo Team Immunity 0-0
4. G3nerationX CSGO Team Logo G3nerationX 0-0
5. EDward Gaming CSGO Team Logo EDward Gaming 0-0
Schedule / Results
1. Epsilon eSports CSGO Team Logo Epsilon eSports 0-0
2. iGame.com CSGO Team Logo iGame 0-0
2. Team Innova CSGO Team Logo Team Innova 0-0
4. Born of Fire CSGO Team Logo Born of Fire 0-0
5. JYP Gaming 0-0
Schedule / Results

Counter Strike GO Icon Teams and players

  • Tyloo CSGO Team Logo TyLoo: Mo, DD, fancy1, somebody, Attacker.
  • Vici Gaming Cyber Zen CSGO Team Logo VG.CyberZen: Savage, tb, advent, zhokiNg, LOVEYY.
  • Epsilon eSports CSGO Team Logo Epsilon eSports: draken, REZ, freddieb, BARBARR, kalle.
  • JYP Gaming: xevR, kaze, aimaNNN, acAp, pzKiD.
  • Born of Fire CSGO Team Logo Born of Fire: bottle, Artill, 333ed2k, KingZ, KuckerZ.
  • G3nerationX CSGO Team Logo G3nerationX: KHTEX, mch, kNg, caike, bit.
  • Team Innova CSGO Team Logo Team Innova: bdz, del1n, cpx, hey you, Bauer.
  • Team Immunity CSGO Team Logo Team Immunity: James, deStiny, bURNRUOk, Gratisfaction, gazR.
  • EDward Gaming CSGO Team Logo EDward Gaming: sPiNacH, Surge, wjw, 813, gas.
  • iGame.com CSGO Team Logo iGame: SAGGERTON, sAw, Twista, xseveN, ZOREE

Counter Strike GO Icon Betting odds comparison

If you are looking to bet on CS:GO matches at WCA 2016, you will not be surprised when we inform you that there are still no odds or matches available. When all competing teams are known and the official tournament schedule is released (probably somewhere at the start of December), we will update this section of our article.

Counter Strike GO Icon Prize pool

As we already stated in the facts list of this tournament, the total prize pool is $200,000. To be more precise, the total announced prize pool of WCA 2016 is ¥1,350,000 which is roughly $208,000. Given the fact that there's still more than 1 month till the start of this tournament, it comes as no surprise that the official prize pool breakdown has not yet been released. Once it is, we will happily update this section with all relevant information.

Counter Strike GO Icon Livestreaming

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