CS:GO Star Ladder – Season 12

To all you gamers and gaming fans out there hold on to your seats! Star Ladder is coming down with an exciting tournament of the 12th edition of the Star Series games!

16 qualified teams will be seen in a “game off” in the StarSeries XII. Their online stage is dated to continue till March 8th while finals are due on March 27th, 28th and 29th 2015.

You can look for anything you’d want to know about this tournament. The information is tabled into contents.

Format – Star Ladder – Season 12 – CS:GO

The top two teams are going to placed directly to the second group stage
Third places of each group are going to disqualified by the last chance qualifier
Best of 3 maps (B03) are going to played in the matches of this group.

The second group stage will be made up of 2 groups in which there will be 4 teams playing
The groups in the third places quarters will qualify for the playoffs
The matches of this group will be played best of 3 maps (B03)

After any 4 teams who will be qualified for the playoffs, the single will be single elimination.
The winner of the playoff will be directly entered through the Finals in Star Series lan
The teams eliminated in the playoffs will have a last chance qualifier. The matches of the playoffs will be played best of 3 maps (B03)

The format for the last chance qualifier is yet to known.

Prize Money and Prize Fund- Star Ladder 12 – Counter Strike 

The prize money for the 12th edition Star Series games, Star Ladder tournament will be US $ 35,000

These prize funds for travel accommodations and hotel costs

1st place – $18,000 + $2,000
2nd place – $9,000 + $2,000
3rd place – $5,000 + $2,000
4th place – $3,000 + $2,000
5-6th places – $1,500 + $2,000

Schedule and Venue –

Their online stage is dated to continue till March 8th while finals are due on March 27th, 28th and 29th 2015. The finals will be held in Ukraine, at Kiev’s Cyber Arena.
Teams, Groups and Phases –

The eight teams to participate are:

Group A             Group B                    Group C                  Group D

Nip                         Virtus.pro                           Na ‘ Vi                     LDLC

dignitas                 Hell Raisers                       Titan                         fnatic

Epsilon                   ex-CPH Wolves                x6tence                       GPLAY

GGWP                     PENTA Sports                  dAT Team                   unu.Ain


First Phase:


  Group A

Teams Solomid   VS       Epsilon

Teams Solomid   VS       GGWP

Nip                         VS       GGWP

Nip                         VS       Epsilon

Epsilon                   VS       GGWP

Nip                         VS       Team Solomid


       Group B

Virtus.Pro         VS         PENTA Sports

Virus.Pro           VS         Dignitas

Hell Raisers       VS         Dignitas


         Group C

Na’ Vi           VS       x6tencs

Titan             VS       x6tence

Na’Vi           VS       Flipsid3

Titan             VS       FlipSid3

FlipSid3       VS       x6tence

Titan             VS         Na’Vi

Group D

EnVyUs               VS           GPLAY

EnVyUs               VS         CPH Wolves

CPH Wolves       VS         fnatic

GPLAY                 VS           fnatic

GPLAY                 VS           CPH Wolves

Fnatic                   VS           EnVyUs


Second Phase:

   Group A

Titan             VS           Hell Raisers

Nip               VS           EnVyUs

Titan             VS         EnVyUs

Nip                 VS         Hell Raisres

Nip                 VS         Titan

Hell Raisers   VS           EnVyUs


Group B

Team Solomid               VS             FlipSid3

Virtus.Pro                       VS             CPH Wolves

Team Solomid               VS             CPH Wolves

Virtus.Pro                       VS              FlipSid3

Team Solomid                VS             Virtus.Pro

FlipSid3                           VS             CPH Wolves



Two winning teams from the four teams will compete with each other and then we’ll have a winner!

Maps –







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