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The bets and odds for the PGL Major in Kraków are available. 16 teams will be battling for the prizemoney of incredible $1,000,000, making it one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments. 8 teams, the “legends” were directly invited by placing in top 8 at the last Major. 8 teams, the “challengers”, had to earn their spot by grueling qualifiying rounds. It will be exciting to see who the “Legends” are going to be this time. Now every participating team is known and the spots are already filled and the tournament can begin. At the same time bet365, as the first esports betting site, has released different bets with different odds. And if bets for the whole tournament are not your flavor, maybe the bets on the matchups between teams is more your style.

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Above are the odds for the individual matchups between teams. There are three bets available concerning the tournament as a whole: the outright winner bet, the reach the final bet and the region of the winner bet. Let's look at them in more detail. If you are unsure how betting on CS:GO works at all, please read here.

To Win Outright

The most known bet for sure. The team you should bet on is the one you think is most likely going to win the whole tournament at the PGL Major Kraków. There are favorites in Astralis and SK Gaming and even FaZe is not far off. These teams have been in really good form in recent times. Of course, underdogs can always play a phenomenal tournament and end up winning, but that is mostly an outlier.

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Region of Winner

For everyone unsure on who to bet as the grand winner, this bet is for you. In the region of winner bet you only place your bet on the region from which the winner will stem from. This makes it a lot easier as there are only three regions in Europe, North America and the CIS-Region participating. Europe is the favorite here and the CIS-Region is playing the underdog with North America firmly placed in second place.

csgo pgl major krakow bet365 region of winner betTo Reach the Final

This is the bet for you if you want to win big. As you can place your bet on two teams here it is possible to win twice. All you have to do for what is to correctly predict who the two teams going up against each other in the grand finale will be. Who wins in the end does not matter for this bet, just the two teams playing in the finale.

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