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IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) Season 10 - LogoAfter an exciting finish to ESL Barcelona, the top teams around the world, including a first time ever team from Mongolia(The MongolZ) in a big stage, will compete for a $250,000 prize pool in the CS:GO IEM Katowice 2016. Valve have also recently announced that their majors will start having a $1,000,000 prize pool starting with Counter-Strike MLG Columbus. This tournament (ESL Katowice) will serve as the training grounds for teams in preparation for the biggest prize pool CS:GO has ever seen. Expect thrilling matches, dark horse upsets and out of this world highlights from JW who has been playing out of his mind.

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Counter Strike GO Icon Button CS:GO IEM Season X Katowice | Facts

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  • Date: 3/2/2016 – 3/5/2016
  • Location: Katowice, Poland
  • Prize Pool: $250,000
  • 12 teams (8 invited teams, 4 qualifiers)
  • Format: Group Stages – Round Robin, Single elimination bo3
  • Valve Major: No
  • 6 variants of tickets sold. More ticket information can be found here

Counter Strike GO Icon Button Tournament Winner – Prize Pool

Prize Pool Results CSGO IEM Katowice 2016

Counter Strike GO Icon Button Teams

Fnatic CSGO Team Logo fnatic Team Virtus Pro CSGO Team Logo Virtus.pro Natus Vincere CSGO Team Logo Na’Vi
Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team LogoLG E-Frag CSGO Team Logo E-frag The MongolZ CSGO Team Logo MongolZ
Team Envyus CSGO Team Logo EnVyUs Team Astralis CSGO Team Logo Astralis FaZe CSGO Team Logo FaZe
Ninjas in Pyjamas CSGO Team Logo NiP Mousesports CSGO Team Logo mousesports Tempo-Storm-CSGO-Team-Logo Tempo Storm

CS:GO Betting Odds – IEM Katowice 2016

Most online esports betting sites are already offering various Counter-Strike betting odds for the Intel Extreme Masters – Season 10 – Katowice 2016. Below you can find the Outright Winner odds for the tournament, click on the link beneath to show all available bets like Match Winner, To Reach the Final, Group Winner and several Handicap betting odds. For more general betting information take a look at our CS:GO betting sites overview.

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Counter Strike GO Icon Button Groups and Standings

Group A Standings
1. Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team Logo Luminosity Gaming 12p
2. Fnatic CSGO Team Logo Fnatic 12p
3. Natus Vincere CSGO Team Logo Natus Vincere 9p
4. Mousesports CSGO Team Logomousesports 6p
5. Ninjas in Pyjamas CSGO Team Logo Ninjas in Pyjamas 6p
6. The MongolZ CSGO Team Logo The MongolZ 0
Group B Standings
1. Team Astralis CSGO Team Logo Astralis
2. Tempo-Storm-CSGO-Team-Logo Tempo Storm
3. Team Virtus Pro CSGO Team Logo Virtus.pro
4. FaZe CSGO Team Logo FaZe Clan 6p
5. E-Frag CSGO Team Logo E-Frag 3p
6. Team Envyus CSGO Team Logo Team EnVyUs 3p

Advance to Semifinals
Advance to Playoffs for Semifinals

Eliminated from tournament

Counter Strike GO Icon Button Match Schedule – Format

Each team in their respective group will face each other (round robin) and the winners of each group will head straight to the semifinals. The second and third place finishers will also play each other to decide who goes to the semifinals. Once the semifinalists are confirmed, teams will face each other in a single elimination bo3 series.

Quarterfinals – 03/04/2016

Quarterfinal #1: Tempo Storm CSGO Team Logo Tempo Stormvs.Natus Vincere CSGO Team Logo NaVi     1   2  

(Friday 4, 04:30 PM PST / 07:30 AM EST / 13:30 CET )

Quarterfinal #2Fnatic CSGO Team Logo Fnaticvs.Team Virtus Pro CSGO Team Logo Virtus.Pro     2   0  

(Friday 4, 06:50 PM PST / 09:50 AM EST / 15:50 CET )

Semifinals – 03/04/2016

Semifinal #1: Natus Vincere CSGO Team Logo NaVvs.Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team Logo Luminosity     0   2  

(Friday 4, 10:10 PM PST / 01:10 AM EST / 19:10 CET )

Semifinal #2: Fnatic CSGO Team Logo Fnaticvs.Team Astralis CSGO Team Logo Astralis     2   1  

(Friday 4, 01:30 PM PST / 04:30 AM EST / 22:30 CET )

Grand Final – 03/05/2016

Grand Final: Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team Logo Luminosityvs.Fnatic CSGO Team Logo Fnatic     0   3  

(Saturday 5, 09:00 PM PST / 12:00 AM EST / 18:00 CET )

Full Match Schedule and Results of the Counter-Strike IEM Katowice 2016 Tournament >>


Fnatic vs Virtus.proI have only watched two Virtus.pro games including the one against EnVyUs. Seeing as how horrid all their losses are, Virtus.pro is still an extremely volatile team. They are playing with the home crowd and they are still performing horrendously. Even their wins aren’t that nice as how EnVyUs almost pulled a comeback against them after seeing EnVyUs get decimated by Astralis and get upsetted by teams like Tempo Storm and E-Frag sooner after the game. Not much to say about fnatic. They are pretty cocky when they play and they call it their confidence boost. They are still the best team next to my sleeper pick, which is LG, and they had a few slumps in their game and take over in an instant. They had a great comeback against NiP even winning the match where NiP looked like they had the game in hand and especially that round where they could have forced the game to OT. fnatic will be back on track in this best of 3 series against a slumping team.

My odds: 30% – 70% in favor of fnatic
My bet: Skip

Natus Vincere vs Tempo StormNa’Vi looked like they were going to have a disappointing run in the group stages. They managed to win a close one against NiP which was the decider for the last spot for Group A. Na’Vi are not looking like one of the top 2 favorites to win this tournament (odds wise). I still see that it's due to the fact that Group A is just a hellish place to be put in. Put NiP or mousesports to group B and could very well take that last spot replacing Virtus.pro for the playoffs. With that being said, this could swing the odds a little in favor of Tempo Storm. Tempo Storm have been lucky at the same time performing more than what is expected from them. Hen1 has been phenomenal lately. I still see Na’Vi bulldozing through the series and put Tempo Storm in check throughout the series.

My odds: 80% – 20% in favor of Na’Vi
My bet: Medium Na’Vi

Luminosity Gaming vs fnaticI guess it all comes down to the favorites to win the title (fnatic) and my sleeper pick (LG). Olof is such a beast for fnatic getting huge picks against Astralis in the semi-finals and they finished Astralis off in an astounding fashion with a 16-7 scoreline. I was curious to why Astralis chose to begin with T in inferno. You obviously want to put the pressure on the opponent with a good CT side but they probably trusted their T side more. Fnatic put a stop to every Astralis hit and put up a solid defense every single round and ended the half with a 11-4 lead. Fnatic took the game convincingly and look on form enough to get their revenge against LG. The only loss fnatic had was against LG in the round robin stages. Both teams played really well in my opinion and LG was able to take the match. It is in the round robin stages so it is questionable for fnatic since they usually don’t play 100% through the start and are just looking to hit their stride. FalleN came up huge against their matchup against Na’Vi in the semifinals along with that insane 3v1 clutch. FalleN is making his case as the top AWPer in CS.


My odds: 51% – 49% in favor of fnatic

My bet: Low/medium LG (assuming the odds are good)

*There will be two matches played simultaneously throughout the round robin stage

Counter Strike GO Icon Button Team Previews

Fnatic CSGO Team Logofnatic – The swedish powerhouse team is on ‘god’ mode right now, winning their last 13 games played which includes teams like Astralis and EnVyUs not to mention that they are also on a 5 straight tournament streak. They dominated ESL Barcelona winning the last 8 matches of the event. Although the finals match with Astralis was an extremely close series being decided by a crucial round where ‘dennis’ clutched a 2v1, fnatic still had 2 lives left to work with. Ever since their roster change, removing pronax then adding dennis, they have been to the finals every single event they are in which is reminiscent of the old NiP days. In my opinion, no one will ever beat fnatic if Olof, JW and dennis continues to remain on form not to mention KRiMZ and flusha whose average play are already better than most players out there.

Team Astralis CSGO Team LogoAstralis – The best danish squad in CSGO looks to be the only major threat to fnatic. They will be favorites facing any other team not named ‘fnatic’ with their current form. kerrigan is playing exceptionally well and looking at the team’s match history, removing every fnatic matchup, they are wreaking havoc and looks unscathe every single match they play. They have been playing for a very long time with this roster so it’s undeniable that they have the best chemistry in CS. It will come down to how on form they are since they lost so many games to fnatic recently.

Luminosity Gaming CSGO Team LogoLuminosity Gaming – The Brazilians have cemented themselves as the best team in NA for quite some time now. They haven’t lost a single map for the whole month of February. You can disregard this statistic with the argument that those wins came from facing NA teams in Liquid and compLexity. We all know what Luminosity Gaming are capable of and, in my opinion, have been working the hardest to get to that top level. Their players can flat out frag out of their minds from time to time and combined with their slow pace, they are a dangerous squad and will be my sleeper pick to win the tournament. Although we have rarely seen them in action this February and fnatic are just on another level right now, I am counting on them to create surprises this tournament.

Counter Strike GO Icon Button Prize Pool Distribution

Place USD
1st $100,000
2nd $50,000
3rd-4th $22,000
5th-8th $10,000
9th-16th $2,000

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