Neo.bet Quick Facts

Website Neo.bet
Betting Options Pre-match, live, outright
Support Email, chat
Owner Greenvest Betting Ltd.
Founded 2018
Headquarters Malta
License Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license
Languages Offered: [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG]
Games Available: [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME]
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods
  • Excellent odds
  • Seamless mobile app
  • Quick withdrawals & deposits
  • Wide range of traditional sports to bet on
  • Superb bonuses
  • Low number of available esports to bet on
  • Low number of supported payment methods
  • Lack of 24/7 support
  • Excellent odds
  • Seamless mobile app
  • Quick withdrawals & deposits
  • Wide range of traditional sports to bet on
  • Superb bonuses
  • Low number of available esports to bet on
  • Low number of supported payment methods
  • Lack of 24/7 support


Esports betting has become a lucrative and entertaining activity for fans of esports, fans of betting, or both! And, the primary (and arguably only) method of betting on esports involves the use of esports betting operators – bookies for short. Neo.bet is one such bookie.

In this Neo.bet review, we’ll take a look at what this bookie offers punters, including betting markets, odds, available esports tournaments to bet on, supported esports games, customer support, mobile optimization, and much more.

Registration Process 5/5

Neo.bet has done a great job with the registration process, making it as easy as it can be for new users. You can register either with your email address or with your phone number. Registering with your phone number might be a better choice since you’ll automatically activate 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for increased account security.

Neo.bet Registration Screenshot
First step of the registration process

One thing we really liked about the Neo.bet registration process is the existence of ‘Settings’ in the first step of the process. You can basically set these as you like, even before you register your account, and they’ll be applied to your account once you finish creating it. This is the first instance we’ve seen of such a feature which is a huge plus.

Neo.bet Registration Screenshot
2nd step of the registration process

The 2nd step will have you enter your country first, and then it’ll lead you through the rest of the process (inputting your name and address, choosing the settings you want, and applying the Starter bonus to your account).

Keep in mind that Neo.bet may not be available in your country due to various laws and regulations. It’s best to check this before you attempt to create an account.

Overall, a simple, quick, and easy process without any issues along the way.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options 3.5/5

The Neo.bet depositing and withdrawal process is relatively straightforward and simple. All you have to do is set up your preferred payment methods and select the one you want to use. After that, you’ll probably have to wait some time (the duration of which depends on the chosen payment method) to withdraw your funds. Let’s take a look at what options Neo.bet offers:


There are 8 primary methods of depositing your funds, including:

As you can see, some popular payment methods that punters use for betting are missing from this list, including PayPal, cryptocurrencies (ie. Bitcoin), and others. Still, this is a good selection of payment methods seeing how the vast majority of bettors use them.


When it comes to withdrawing money from Neo.bet, things are a little bit different. For starters, here are your options:

  • Visa (1-3 Days)
  • Mastercard (1-3 Days)
  • MuchBetter (instant)
  • Skrill (instant)
  • Neteller (instant)
  • Bank Transfer (1-3 Days)

You get two fewer withdrawal methods compared to deposit methods, namely PaySafeCard and Sofort. Unfortunately, this also means you have only 6 withdrawal methods which simply isn’t enough, especially compared to other bookies. Luckily though, most punters use credit cards, Skrill, and Neteller anyway so there’s that.

Open Account Offer 5/5

While Neo.bet’s welcome offer might not be the best in the world, it’s still superb compared to what some other bookies offer. In fact, you can get two different bonuses when registering your account which is seldom seen with other bookies. You can get the Starter Bonus which gives you a 200% deposit match up (up to €50) and the Pro Bonus which gives a 100% deposit match up bonus (up to €100). Overall, one of the best we’ve seen!

Sportsbook Promotions 4.5/5

When it comes to sportsbook promotions, most bookies offer a wide range of them, strewn across esports betting, casino games, and other forms of gambling entertainment. Well, Neo.bet does things a bit differently.

Neo.bet Sportsbook Promotions Screenshot
Neo.bet sportsbook promotions

There are essentially two types of promotions. The first one is a run-of-the-mill referral program. Get a custom link that you’ll send to your friends and if they register through that link, you’ll get a €50 reward (with some terms that need to be fulfilled).

The other is Bonus Chips. For this, all you have to do is keep betting and you’ll earn Chips for placing your bets. You can then exchange these Chips for additional bonuses and rewards. Refer to the Neo.bet Bonus section for more info.

Pre-Match Offer 3.5/5

  • Great odds
  • The biggest esports tournaments are available for betting
  • Supports betting on the most popular esports games

Betting Options

When it comes to betting on Neo.bet, you’ll find that there are a couple of well-known betting markets spread across 5 (soon to be more) esports games.

The standard betting markets that you can bet with on Neo.bet include money line (match-winner), money line for a given map/round (not the entire match), total (over/under), and correct score.

As for the games themselves, Neo.bet currently supports betting on CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, VALORANT, and Call of Duty. While this selection isn’t close to what other bookies are offering, it’s still a good selection between the most popular esports games out there.

Here’s an example of what your betting choices would look like for the BLAST Premier CS:GO tournament.

Neo.bet Odds Screenshot
Example of available betting markets on Neo.bet

The five betting markets that are clearly visible are just one part of all the available betting markets. You can access additional betting markets for each event by clicking on the number near the team names (in this case, it’s the ‘+36’ one).

Unfortunately, because Neo.bet hasn’t been in the esports betting game for long, their overall selection isn’t as good as it can be. The betting markets, while numerous, still aren’t as rich as what you’d find on other bookie websites. And the number of available esports games to bet on is subpar. However, what makes Neo.bet a great betting choice are the odds.


Neo.bet, while slightly behind other bookies in terms of offers and betting markets, is one of the best bookies when it comes to odds. Neo.bet takes great care in creating their odds which is evident by looking at some pretty strong team matchups.

When the teams are similar in strength, you’ll find that the odds are more than balanced for each option. This is especially true for outrights so no matter what you bet on, the amount you can potentially win is bigger than what you’d get with some other bookies.

Cashout & Bet Builder

Neo.bet offers cash-out and stop-loss options for punters no matter what they choose to bet on. This is excellent for people who don’t want to micromanage all aspects of their betting account.

On top of that, you can also use their bet builder to create a betting slip with multiple bets on it. The betting slip will only win you cash if all the bets are correct, so in essence, these are perfect for more experienced bettors who want to up the risk and their potential rewards.

Neo.bet Betting Slip Screenshot
Example of a betting slip

As you can see from this example, I’ve added 4 different bets which make my total odds 84.5. This means that if I were to bet 10 euros, I would win 845 euros which is a great return on my investment.

You don’t have to do anything special to access the bet builder; simply click on the bets you want to place, and it’ll add them to the bet builder automatically. The bet builder will be visible on the right side of your screen.

Live Offer 3.5/5

  • Great odds
  • Live betting is available

Neo.bet offers a similar selection of betting markets as in their pre-match offer, with some exceptions. Nonetheless, your betting experience won’t differ much, regardless if you’re placing live bets or pre-match ones.

Neo.bet Live Bet Screenshot
Example of a live bet

You can see that there aren’t a lot of available betting markets for this specific bet, but this is due to the game almost being over. Usually, when it’s early in the match, there are more betting markets.

One fairly big downside of Neo.bet is that they don’t have live streams of events that are currently happening. This means that you’ll have to watch the games on one screen and bet on another which can be annoying to some bettors. While this isn’t a huge negative, it is something that should exist on the site. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

Security 5/5

  • Highly secure
  • 2FA available
  • Full MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) betting license
  • Plenty of privacy & security settings

There’s not a lot to say about Neo.bet’s account security because it’s almost perfect. The website itself is highly secure and the risk of losing your account is very low, especially with 2-Factor Authentication enabled.

Neo.bet is also fully licensed by Malta and they’re also transparent about everything they do. You can find all of this information by clicking the links in the footer.

Neo.bet Footer Screenshot
Neo.bet footer

One positively surprising fact about Neo.bet is that they’ve also been licensed by Germany which strengthens their legitimacy and shows that they follow all the rules.

Overall, there are no issues with Neo.bet’s website security.

Service and Customer Support 4/5

You can usually expect superb customer support from most legitimate bookies because it’s in the best interest of you both to fix any issues that may arise. On Neo.bet, you can expect live chat support from 7:30 AM to 11:59 PM CET.

This is a slight issue for people who bet between 12 PM and 7:30 AM because you won’t be able to get any live customer support.

You can also write them an email if you need an answer that isn’t urgent enough and if customer support isn’t available at that moment.

Neo.bet Customer Support Screenshot

As you can see from the screenshot, the customer support window is clean and has all the information you need to get assistance. You can also look at their FAQs for quick answer to commonly-asked questions.

Design and Usability 4/5

  • Quick website speed and response times
  • Mobile-optimized
  • User-friendly
  • Available Languages: English, German

Neo.bet’s website features a somewhat cluttered design with a couple of contrasting elements that may cause confusion for people who are visiting it for the first time. It does feature the well-known ‘slider bar’ with a list of available sports and esports to bet on, but we didn’t really like how the rest of the website looked.

Neo.bet Home Page
Neo.bet home page

As you can see, the primary focus of the home page are the available bets at the moment. However, the huge banner at the top is a bit distracting because the red and blue boxes move from right to left (they’re animated). We believe this information could have been displayed in a more visually-pleasing and space-efficient manner.

Other than that, Neo.bet’s website is relatively easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. The top left of the website has buttons that lead you to different betting-related pages and categories, while the top right has buttons for contacting support and accessing your account.

If you keep scrolling down, you’ll eventually reach a section that has some important information related to Neo.bet, and even further down you’ll find the footer (which we mentioned earlier in the article).

Overall, the website design is nice and has all the necessary features, but it does need a bit of polish to make it even better.

Mobile 5/5

The biggest standout feature of Neo.bet compared to other bookmakers is its mobile app. And while the website itself is optimized for mobile devices, the app provides a ton of value to punters due to its design and amount of features.

You’ll easily be able to access all your favourite esports games to place bets on. Everything is streamlined – as an app should be. You can get their app on your Apple or Android device.

Other Products 4/5

While Neo.bet’s esports selection isn’t as vast as it should be, their traditional sports options are numerous. There are more than 20 sports listed on the site which means most people will find exactly what they want to bet on.

However, Neo.bet doesn’t offer any casino games or luck games which will deter bettors who like to pass the time playing these. Nonetheless, there is still plenty to do on Neo.bet’s site and if you’re into esports betting – this bookie is a pretty good choice.

Summary 4.5/5

Neo.bet might not be everyone’s cup of tea and they might not be one of the most popular bookies out there, but this is primarily down to experience. It’s evident that their foray into esports has been recent and we’re sure that they’ll upgrade and enhance the overall user experience for bettors who like esports betting.

But, because of their reliability and legitimacy, you can’t go wrong if you try them out.

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Neo.bet FAQs

Neo.bet is a betting website that also supports esports betting. They’ve been around since 2018 (when they received their full gambling license) and have relatively recently started their foray into esports. Neo.bet has excellent odds and some superb bonuses.

Neo.bet has been active since 2018 when they received their MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) betting license.

Yes! Neo.bet is fully licensed (by the MGA) and is completely transparent about what they do and offer. They’ve also been licensed by Germany which gives them even more legitimacy in the betting world.

If you’re just starting out, match-winner and similar simple bets are your best options. These are easy to understand, don’t have a lot of choices (either team A or team B will win), and can be easy to win.

That depends on how successful you are and what your betting goals are. Keep in mind that betting can be addictive – always be mindful of this fact and learn to know when to stop. In terms of whether it’s financially worth it – it’s a good past-time activity but should not be treated as a source of full-time income. After all, gambling requires strategy and luck to win – and the only thing you can control is your betting strategy.

Through our in-depth guides and reviews, we are focused on providing the best insights into esports betting.

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