Battalion 1944 is not a new game. It kicked off on Kickstarter all the way back in February 2016, with the initial release dating back to 23 May 2019. Just recently though, the game went from costing $15 to being completely free to play. This is bound to attract a lot more players in the coming weeks, which is going to impact the game’s overall popularity and Battalion 1944 betting demand. For starters, here’s a list of bookmakers that are likely to feature Battalion 1944 bets once the first big esports events are up.

Best Battalion 1944 Betting Sites

  1. bet365
  2. Rivalry
  3. Betway
  4. Pinnacle
  6. 1xBet
  7. GG.BET
  8. MyBookie
  9. Arcanebet
  10. 22Bet

How to Bet on Battalion 1944?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this piece there are no ongoing or upcoming Battalion 1944 esports events you could bet on, but with the game going F2P (Free to play) not that long ago, the player count is only going to keep on growing, which could attract demand for some competitive (read esports) action.

That said, if you’re interested in how to bet on Battalion right now, the answer is no – you can’t. Should that change, we’ll be sure to update this piece with all the latest information.

What is Battalion 1944?

As mentioned earlier, Battalion 1944 is a 2016 Kickstarter project that got released in May 2019. Just recently, though, the game switched to a F2P model and aims to attract more players than ever before.

As for the actual game, Battalion 1944 is an action-packed WW2 first-person shooter with insanely short time-to-kill mechanics. It’s played on relatively small maps that draw roots to old-school Call of Duty iterations. If you’re a 90’s kid, you ought to give this one a try – it will give you a proper trip down memory lane!

How to Play Battalion 1944

To start playing Battalion 1944 (AKA Battalion Legacy) simply open the game’s page on Steam and click on that shiny Play Now button. You’ll be taken to the download section (around 16GB). Once everything is ready, simply click on the game’s desktop icon (or launch it directly from Steam) and you’re good to go.

Once in the game, click on play and you’ll be taken to the Server Browsers. From there, you can join one of the available servers.

There are two game modes:

  • Search and Destroy – Standard 5v5 competitive game mode with bomb plant/defuse mechanics similar to those of Valorant and CSGO.
  • Team Deathmatch – the classic team deathmatch game mode; the team to reach 75 or the team with the most kills after the match is done is the winner.

Types of Battalion 1944 Bets

Even though the game’s betting market still isn’t that popular, we can expect to see the following bets once esports bookmakers kick things up a notch:

Live Betting on Battalion

Alongside standard match-winner bets, chances are we will have access to live betting too. Live bets are basically bets you can place on ongoing matches. Considering the current situation in Battalion Legacy esports, if we are to see live betting options, it’s guaranteed to only be for the moneylines.


The only futures we’re likely to see on Battalion betting sites are outright winners. As the name suggests, these bets are all about predicting the winner of the given event. Nothing more and nothing less!


I know it’s difficult to believe that online esports bookmakers will feature special Battalion 1944 bets, but it is a possibility. If the game’s esports scene takes off following their switch to F2P, we might see a large betting demand… and we all know bookies are quick to react to these sorts of things.

Is Battalion Available on Consoles?

Battalion was supposed to come out not just on Steam but on consoles too. But, after six whole years of development and the breakup with Square Enix, it’s now official that Battalion Legacy won’t be released on consoles.

Battalion 1944 is pretty much a spiritual successor of Call of Duty 2. The atmosphere and the graphics are just what everyone remembers of how CoD 2 was like back in the days… but with modern graphics, of course. The gameplay is similar, but it’s not exactly the exact replica. Battalion Legacy has its own mechanical characteristics that make it stand out from CoD 2.

When it comes to comparisons with other popular FPS games these days, I guess it’s most similar to new Call of Duty games. Gunplay mechanics at their most basic are somewhat similar.

Comparisons with Rainbow Six result in two totally different FPS subgenres. Battalion’s Search and Destroy game mode can be compared to those of VALORANT and CSGO, but time-to-kill and other mechanical elements are worlds apart.

Battalion 1944 Esports Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, Battalion 1944 esports tournaments aren’t really that popular. Their numbers are in a downward spiral, though. The last big events were back in 2019, which tells you a lot about the state of the matter in terms of Battalion 1944 esports scene.

But, considering the fact the game just went free to play and is bound to have a sudden influx of new players, its addicting competitive gameplay is bound to attract interest in the esports side of things. With it, betting demand is bound to come next.

At the time of writing, there weren’t any new Battalion 1944 esports events scheduled. But that could change in a matter of weeks.

Battalion 1944 Esports | Summary

What’s there left to be said about Battalion 1944 esports potential and the game itself? Now that it’s free to play, we’re bound to see it reach its full heights. But, considering the level of competition in the FPS esports genre right now, becoming free to play might not be enough to make a push for the big lights.

Gameplay-wise, Battalion 1944 is an awesome game. It brings forth a healthy dose of nostalgia for CoD 2 and similar old-school first-person shooters. However, one does not live on nostalgia alone.

To become the next big thing in FPS esports, Battalion 1944 will need a lot more than solid gameplay and that good old nostalgia feeling, I’m afraid.

Now that Square Enix has been dropped, Bulkhead Interactive will have to work extra hard to fulfill their game’s potential. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure, but we’re talking about experienced game devs here. If someone can do it, it’s them!

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Battalion 1944 Betting FAQs

Battalion 1944 has recently got its name changed to Battalion Legacy and it got its final major update not that long ago. It’s now a full-release game that you can get on Steam for Free.

Well, not really. First of all, these two games couldn’t be more apart aesthetically. Battalion is set in the World War 2 whereas CSGO is set in modern times. Gameplay-wise, they’re totally different too. Yes, both games are played in small formations, but their in-game objectives and core mechanics are worlds apart.

So yeah, in short, Battalion is in no way similar to CSGO.

Even though it used to be a $15 game, Battalion Legacy adopted the F2P (free to play) model just a few days ago. That’s why it’s currently trending – that’s why more people than ever before are trying out the classic WW2 team fight experience.

Battalion doesn’t just have Search and Destroy which is going to be the game’s main competitive mode, but Team Deathmatch as well. The latter might not be as popular as the former, though it’s bound to find popularity among the crowd, sooner or later.

Well, it’s difficult to say, really. The best old-school CoD games like CoD 2 and CoD4 are hard to beat in terms of raw popularity and charm. We’re talking about iconic games that shaped an entire generation. Even though Battalion 1944 has a good community and continues to grow, it still has way too big shoes to fill to even be put in the same sentence with the above-mentioned duo.

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