EA FIFA Esports betting

FIFA is the most famous football simulation in the world. The game was published under publisher Electronic Arts (US) by developer EA Canada (as EA Sports). What should be new to many is that the first title was published back in 1983 under the name „FIFA International Soccer“. Over time, the game experienced its graphic and performance renaissance and is now playable on a variety of platforms. The most popular ones are still: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, iOS and Android. A little later than the competition, EA has now discovered the potential of eSport for itself and is currently investing diligently in the professional FIFA eSport market.

EA FIFA Football The essentials in brief

  • Another new edition of the world famous football simulation and we look at the potential of FIFA 19 eSport betting
  • The various bookmakers for FIFA offer you league, tournament, single game and special bets (e.g. team x wins at least one card)
  • bet-at-home offers the most attractive eSport bets for FIFA

FIFA 19 – Your betting tips for secure eSport bets

EA FIFA Esports betting

Unfortunately, the well-placed FIFA bet requires a lot of prior knowledge (similar to the other niche sizesHeartstone and Starcraft II ). We recommend a more or less detailed analysis of the players. FIFA is and will mostly remain a 1v1 sport, so take your time and find out everything about the player. Does the player show continuity or rather sporadic top performance and above all how were the last games. Relevant forums provide you with all the relevant information, but usually a look at the individual player page is enough. Here is a summary of the most important points:

  • Analysis of the last 5 games
  • Last game against the spec. opponent
  • Overall performance of the player in the season
  • Goal difference in the last 5 games
  • Comparison of play style

Top bookmakers for FIFA football esports betting

EA FIFA Esports betting

Besides the ESL and the FIWC, FIFA does not have many international stages for their tournaments. So far, the bookmakers have only provided us with bets and odds for the major annual tournaments. In the German-speaking countries  bet-at-home and of course Betway should also be mentioned. As always, we will keep you up to date shortly before the tournaments and will provide you with all the information. Here are the top 2 bookmakers for FIFA betting:

How is FIFA played in general?

As most of you know, FIFA is the most famous football simulation on the planet, maybe even in the galaxy. Most games are still played in the classic 1v1 or 2v2 duel. The newer versions now even allow an 11v11. FIFA follows the official football rules and tries year after year to become even more realistic.

FIFA – football clubs in eSports

Associations in Germany

RB Leipzig FIFA eSport

RB Leipzip eSports team logoEverything should get better with the new sponsor Red Bull. After the club had one success after the next in the Bundesliga, RB Leipzig would now like to invest diligently in the eSport sector. The journey into the eSport universe began with the professional player Yasarlar, and we will be excited to see how RB Leipzig eSport will perform in the next few years.

Werder Bremen FIFA eSport

Werder Bremen Esports Team LogoWerder Bremen fans can look forward to it. The traditional German club has founded its own eSports club since July 2018. The club now wants to play an active role in the league for FIFA 19. Classic football also sees its chance to convey the values ​​of Werder Bremen to digital sports fans. The two professional players Mohammed „MoAuba“ Harkous and Michael „MegaBit“ Bittner are on the starting line-up for Werder Bremen.

VfB Stuttgart FIFA eSport

VfB Stuttgart Esports Team LogoIn July 2017, VfB decided to invest in the digital eSport league as well. Founding player Marcel „Mault“ Lutz was allowed to represent the club as an international FIFA pro gamer. Two new additions were announced for 2018/2019. Lukas „Lukas_1004“ Seiler will join the ranks of professional players. The second young player is Niklas „nik-lugi“ Luginsland and is a real role model for many FIFA players. Despite his physical impairment, he shows top-level sport and inspires hundreds of thousands of young FIFA players.

Herta BSC FIFA eSport

Hertha BSC Esports Team LogoHertha BSC would like to further intensify its eSport presence for the new FIFA 19 season. The club is setting new standards with its first own eSport academy. Young players are specifically recruited here and trained for the club. The club also has a great deal of responsibility, as 14-year-old players are recruited and also deserve a holistic education. We'll see whether the commitment will pay off and how Hertha BSC will finish in the next ESL championships.

FC Schalke 04 FIFA eSport

Schalke 04 eSports team logoSchalke 04 should be known to all Germans, the traditional club continues to write a positive success story followed by some season bankruptcies. Schalke 04's esports franchise extends to Fifa as well as successful involvement in League of Legends. They have signed top players in both fields and we will hear a lot more about S04 over the next few years.

Wolfsburg FIFA eSport

Wolfsburg eSports team logo

Wolfsburg was one of the first major European football clubs to venture into the esports universe. David Bytheway, who made Wolfsburg big at FIFA, was a stroke of luck. Wolfsburg's focus is currently still on FIFA, but there are rumors of a willingness to expand.

International clubs

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG eSports team logo

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the major football clubs in France with already signed players such as Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani. It was also one of the first French football clubs to get involved in eSports. With their announced return to eSports in 2016, the management has steadily expanded the game pool. PSG is currently involved in DotA 2, Rocket League and Fifa.


Ajax eSports team logoAjax eSports franchise was launched in September 2016. Even just before PSG issued the press release. Her engagement currently extends to 5 professional FIFA players who play the tournaments under the direction of Edwin van der Sar (Ajax's head of eSports).

Manchester City

Manchester City eSports team logo

Manchester City recently got a huge investment boost that took them to the top of the Premier League. They also invested in eSports after it became known that their archenemy and league competitor (Manchester United) were also planning to form an Overwatch team. But it stayed with the announcement and Manchester United has not yet set up a specific franchise.

PSV Eindhoven

PSV eSports team logo

Perhaps the club is worth an introduction to all non-passionate football fans. PSV Eindhoven is a Dutch football club that first stepped onto the digital eSports field in August 2016. The club probably became famous with the 2017 tournament in the Philips Stadium, which crowned the team's first professional FIFA player.


The Valencia ESport franchise will go down in history as the club's fiasco. Long before the actual press conference, the information has been „leaked“ to the public by whatever means. Nevertheless, the leadership was not discouraged by this setback and Valencia eSports has always been involved in Summoner's Wars, Clash Royale, Hearthstone and of course Fifa.

Top 5 bookmakers in comparison

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