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  • We introduce you to the potential of Starcraft 2 eSport bets and show you which betting options are offered by the bookmakers
  • The various bookmakers for Starcraft 2 offer you league, tournament, single game and special bets (e.g. team x wins at least one card)
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The real-time strategy game Starcraft II was published by Blizzard Entertainment in the summer of 2010. Within the first 48 hours , the game sold more than 1.5 million copies . The sales of Starcraft 2 surged in the first 3 months to over 3 million copies sold. A separate eSport league is implemented in the game ,which is divided into bronze league, silver league, gold league, platinum league, diamond league, master league and grand master league. In the middle of March 2013 the 2nd part of the eSport spectacle called „Heart of the Swarm“ was released. The addon, which is specifically dedicated to the Zerg breed, was originally scheduled for the turn of the year 2012/2013 and was eagerly awaited by many eSport fans. Although the add-on „Heart of the Swarm“ was at the forefront of the top sales figures for eSport games in 2013, the eSport scene of Starcraft 2 could not develop as strongly as that of other games in the following years. Bets and odds are also offered in 2018 for all major and important tournaments.

Starcraft II Icon Top 3 bookmakers for SC2 eSport bets 2018/2019

Here are our top 3 selections for the best Starcraft 2 eSport bookmakers. The three nominated betting providers not only offer the best odds, but also score points in general, such as customer satisfaction and payment method support.

Starcraft II Icon How is Starcraft 2 played?

Esport Starcraft 2The aim in the multiplayer mode of Starcraft 2 is to destroy the enemy base and all units of the enemy or the opposing teams. This is achieved by building one or more bases with the resources you have collected, in which units can be produced. All units have different values ​​in terms of their combat strength, speed, etc. and in many cases can be upgraded or improved. In addition, there are mercenaries who can be hired by the players in special buildings. Many of the units in Starcraft II have special abilities, which further contribute to the comprehensive tactical dimension of the eSports game. The game is played either 1v1 or in teams, whereby the highest league, the Grand Master League, is currently only available for the 1v1 game mode.

Starcraft II Icon Starcraft 2 eSport bets on league games and mega-tournaments

Neben Spielen wie League of Legends oder DOTA ist es auch bei Starcraft 2 möglich, bei Turnieren oder auf Ligaspiele Wetten zu platzieren. Momentan werden bei den Wettanbietern auch eSport Spiele der Global Starcraft 2 League oder für die Intel Extreme Masters im Wettprogramm angeboten. Da der eSport Sektor, wie die meisten Sektoren im Internet, sehr schnelllebig ist, ist diese Aufzählung nur eine momentane Bestandsaufnahme und erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit.

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Starcraft II Icon SC2 – Welche Wetten werden angeboten

  • Outright bets: The classic way of placing esports bets comes with outright bets. Here you only have to decide on a tournament winner or match winner and you are often confronted with a prematch quota.
  • Handicap: We recommend handicap bets to experienced eSport bettors. The stake won is immediately placed on the next bet and so the profit can be multiplied.

With the great work on the game Starcraft 2, Blizzard has contributed greatly to the development of the eSports sector and thus deserves a place of honor in the world of eSports.

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