StarCraft II World Championship Series 2013 (WCS)

Together with its partners (the Korean eSports Association (KeSPA), OnGameNet, GomTV, Major League Gaming (MLG), Turtle Entertainment and Twitch) Blizzard Entertainment announced a few weeks ago the start of the StarCraft II World Championship Series 2013 (WCS). This news series is a huge progress compared to the tournament system before and should bring SC II as an eSport to a whole new level.

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The ongoing popularity of SC II led to an immense number of different SC II leagues, tournaments and events all over the world. Due to this there were a lot of thrilling matches going on in the past, but the system was also very confusing both for the players and the fans.

To improve the situation Blizzard Entertainment and its partners created the StarCraft II World Championship Series, a consistent and connected series of events and tournaments with a standardized scoring system, which involves the most important SC II competitions.

The new WCS should guarantee a thrilling series of events for fans to follow throughout the year.

Process of the WCS

The SC II World Championship Series 2013 consists of three simultaneous regional leagues (Europa, America and Asia). The WCS 2013 itself is divided into three seasons (four seasons next year), that last from 4. April 2013 untill 8. November 2013 and are closed by thei WCS Global Finals that will happen on the BlizzCon 2013.

In each season there will be contests in each of the three regions over the course of a few weeks. At the end of these contests, the winning players of their region will compete against the winners of the other regions in a big seasons final. The season final will alternating take place in one of the regions and six players from that region will compete against five players from both other regions.

The participating players earn scores during the seasons. After the last seasons final the best 16 players of the year have the opportunity to compete in the Global Finals during the BlizzCon for the StarCraft II World Champion title.



To make it easier for the fans to follow the WCS, all matches of the series will be streamed on one StarCraft II Channel on TwitchTV.


WCS official Website

All info on what going on in the WCS can be found on the official WCS Website:


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