William Hill and Downtown Grand partnership starts eSports betting in Nevada (US)

William Hill Esports LogoHuge news is coming from Las Vegas, Nevada. News that could shape up the entire future of eSports betting in the States. On 16th of November, there was a hearing from the Governor's Gaming Policy Committee, which has allowed William Hill to offer wagers on IEM Oakland tournament in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. The Gaming Control Board has also accepted the agreement, paving the pathway of eSports betting in Nevada. It might seem like a small step forward, but it's a big one for the entire industry in the United States.

Big news for the entire eSports betting industry in the USA

William Hill, together with Downtown Grand, has already made quite the impact on the eSports betting scene with the IEM Oakland tournament wagers. From this point onward, things could only get better as the Governor, Brian Sandoval, has big plans for Nevada and eSports betting. Here is what he had to say about the announcement:

“This announcement is a major step toward ensuring Nevada becomes the e-sports capital of the world. By embracing this unique opportunity and incorporating innovation and technology into our gaming industry, we’re expanding the potential of one of our oldest industries.”

There is no doubt that William Hill's partnership with Downtown grand was a jackpot for both companies. Together, they managed to turn the odds in their favor and offer eSports betting to a relatively big US audience. Here's what William Hill's CEO, Joe Asher, commented on the official William Hill's article:

“A lot of work has gone into bringing eSports to the Nevada betting market and we thank the Governor and his Gaming Policy Committee, the Gaming Control Board and Seth for all of their efforts to keep Nevada at the forefront of the gaming industry.  William Hill always tries to offer the most innovative and largest wagering menu and this reflects our commitment to innovation.”

What could this lead to?

Downtown Grand and William Hill partnershipJudging by his comment, it seems pretty certain that both William Hill and Downtown Grand have big things in store for us. Still, the question is – whether they will hurry up with their plans and offer them as soon as possible, or wait a bit longer for the industry to grow. The latter seems more convenient for both parties. As you all probably already know, eSports betting industry is expected to grow significantly in the course of the next couple of years. Both companies will have plenty of time to come up with great business plans and solutions without worrying about the industry crashing. Needless to say, betting on eSports in Nevada has got great foundations. Being operated by 2 big giants, there is no doubt that their future will be bright! And finally, fingers crossed that this will lead to great things for both eSports and eSports betting!

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