WESG 2017 Grand Finals Betting Odds And Tournament Overview

WESG 2017 LogoWorld Electronic Sports Games have a special charm and there is no point in denying it. National teams all around the globe have already battled their way through the qualifiers and some of them have already booked their spot on the main event. Some still have to prove themselves as there are 2 more regional qualifiers to be played until all remaining teams are decided.

WESG 2017 promises a lot. With a plethora of top-tier teams and whopping $800,000 in prize money for the winner ($1,500,000 total prize pool), there surely won't be any lack of motivation. Another reason to look forward to this CS: GO tournament is the fact that it's going to be held in Changzhou. More precisely, in Changzhou Olympic Sports Center which is an astonishing venue capable of fitting 38,000 people inside. Driven by that, let me introduce you to the other key facts regarding WESG 2017 Grand Finals tournament!

WESG 2017 Grand Finals Tournament Facts

Tournament Type: Offline

Locations: Changzhou

Venue: Changzhou Olympic Sports Center

Format: Group Stage + Single Elimination Bracket

Total Prize Pool: $1,500,000

Start/End Date: 12.03.2018/18.03.2018

Teams: 32


WESG 2017 Grand Finals Betting Odds and Bookies

Before jumping to the WESG 2017 Grand Finals betting odds comparison, it's time to say a couple of words about the most notable bookies and their expected betting options. As always, the grand 4 is leading the charge and they're expected to release betting options for this tournament as soon as all qualifiers are done and dealt with. So, there's no need to worry about missing the bets as there's still plenty of time to go by.

WESG 2017 Grand Finals Betting Odds Comparison

Considering not all regional qualifiers are finished yet and not all participants are known, it is reasonable to see no betting wagers or odds being available at this point in time. However, after both WESG 2017 Americas and Asia Pacific Finals come to an end, I am sure first betting options will start emerging online. If I had to guess, I'd say somewhere around the second half of February… but don't take my word for it just yet. Instead, make sure you come by this article frequently as it will be updated with the latest info on  WESG 2017 Grand Finals betting odds.


WESG 2017 Grand Finals betting odds are now available!

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